Chapter 415: The Wedding

“What a slick talker!” Sang Qian sneered. This guy really never gives up a chance to tease a girl!

But Miss Xie is from a distinguished clan, and she would clearly despise such crass… methods.

Somehow, Xie Daoyun looked extremely shy right now! Sang Qian grew more and more annoyed. What the hell is wrong with these girls? Do all girls like this type of shit?

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian 412 Rage points!

Zu An was a little surprised. What’s up with these sudden Rage points? Are you jealous that I’m more popular than you?

Of course, he didn’t mind them at all. In fact, the more points the better!

“So, what does young master Zu have to say to us?” Sang Hong looked at the Red Cloak Army soldiers behind Zu An and roughly assessed their numbers.

“I believe Sang Qian was lying on his bed like a dead dog not too long ago.” Zu An deliberately glanced over at Sang Qian while saying this.

“Dead dog?” Sang Qian was so angry he wanted to draw his blade, but he couldn’t find the hilt of his sword despite reaching for it several times. He belatedly remembered that it was his wedding day, and he obviously wasn’t carrying a weapon with him.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 666 Rage points!

Sang Hong held him back to prevent him from acting recklessly. He was worried that his son might ruin everything.

Zu An continued, “It was you who begged me to save him, and you even agreed to many conditions. Among them, you agreed that the Chu clan would not be your enemy anymore, and that you would take no further action against the Chu clan. Is that correct?”

Sang Hong smiled. “I believe there must be some sort of misunderstanding. I have always admired Brightmoon Duke’s character, and our relationship with the Chu clan has always been good. Why would I act against the Chu clan?”

The expressions of everyone around them became very strange. This was the perfect example of lying through your teeth! 

Seeing Sang Hong’s apparently friendly smile, Zu An cursed him in his heart for being a wily old fox. “Lord Sang cannot cannot alter a promise no matter how slick your tongue is. After all, you made a vow. Are you not afraid that you would suffer heavenly wrath by going back on that vow?”

Sang Hong put away his smile. “Indeed, I did make such promises. I have also kept my promises, and have not gone back on my word.”

“You haven’t gone back on your word?” Zu An became furious. “Then why are Liu Yao and the Imperial Guard here conducting an investigation? I know that you were the one who bribed Chu Tiesheng back then, and you obtained the Chu clan’s account book from him. This was what you used to entrap the Chu clan!”

Personally, he was quite curious. Sang Hong had violated his oath, after all. Why hadn’t he suffered the wrath of heaven?

After all, more than one person had told him about the severity of violating an oath.

This was something held dear by everyone in this world. All of them feared the so-called wrath of heaven.

Why hadn’t Sang Hong suffered this heavenly wrath?

He himself had no idea what this heavenly wrath was. He wondered if he had to expose this to the world before the heavens would do anything.

That was why he’d come all the way here and started this commotion.

The crowd erupted into a clamor when they heard what he said. Even though the upper classes of Brightmoon City knew all about the Sang clan’s intentions, most of the lower-level clans weren’t aware of the details. Now that they had heard this, all of them were equally shocked and excited. They were all curious to see how the Sang clan would respond.

This marriage ceremony really was worth coming to, and they counted themselves fortunate to be able to witness such a huge drama unfold.

Sang Hong wasn’t as flustered or angry as Zu An imagined he would be. He replied calmly, “Please consider the amount of time between Chu Tiesheng taking your account book and you healing Qian’er. Back then, I vowed that I wouldn’t act against the Chu clan anymore, and I’ve abided by that vow these past few days. I’ve only been focused on preparing for my son’s wedding. As for the investigation by the Imperial Guard, even if I were somehow involved, it was surely something I put into motion beforehand. It doesn’t clash with my oath.”

A smug smile spread across Sang Hong’s face after he said this. Clearly, he looked down on Zu An, and thought very little of his attempt.

Zu An was stunned. What the hell? Even such a thing was considered okay?

Sang Hong looked at Zu An, and his smile became ambiguous. “Is young master Zu satisfied with this reply?”

Zu An’s expression flickered several times. In the end, he sighed and said, “Lord Sang really is good at scheming and plotting. I’m honestly impressed.”

“Young master Zu is too kind with your praise. You are still young, but with your wit, I believe you have excellent prospects as well,” said Sang Hong.

Xie Daoyun was surprised. She sensed great appreciation in Sang Hong’s voice. Why did it sound as if he was trying to win him over?

Far from seeing it that way, Zu An only felt even more disgust when he heard this. Wasn’t he just mocking him for being inexperienced?

He had always been extremely proud of his trolling skills. He was always the one pissing people off and embarrassing them, yet he had ended up falling for this old man’s tricks.

Putting aside their enmity, he really did have to give Sang Hong some respect. This old man had terrifying foresight and a brilliant, scheming mind, and he acted boldly and decisively. His plotting had even brought the massive Chu clan to the brink of annihilation.

At that moment, a different voice spoke. “Since this misunderstanding has already been cleared up, I would like to ask young master Zu to please leave. Do not disrupt my little girl’s important day any further.”

The one who spoke was the Master of the Zheng clan, Zheng Yutang. He looked at Zu An with an unkind expression. After seeing how his daughter had behaved around Zu An the last time, he could tell that something was not right, even though his daughter hadn’t said anything.

Everyone else thought that Zu An had come because of the issues revolving around the Chu clan, but he was worried that it might have something to do with his daughter. That was why he wanted to chase this little fiend away before he caused any further problems.

Of course, he couldn’t be blamed for this. Between the son of a governor and a drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan, anyone would choose the son of a governor.

Furthermore, the Zheng clan was already bound to the Sang clan in many ways. There was no way they could change Zheng Dan’s proposed partner now.

However, Sang Hong smiled and said instead, “Actually, if young master Zu wishes to join the wedding feast, we will still welcome you.”

Zheng Yutang wanted to say no, but it seemed inconvenient to say so, since his own daughter was the reason for it. He could only swallow his words and go along.

Zu An said with a laugh, “Lord Sang is too kind. I won’t refuse the offer.”

Sang Qian’s expression became ugly. He obviously didn’t want to see this guy at his wedding! However, since his father already gave the offer, he couldn’t refuse Zu An now. The best he could do was to turn around with a snort, and head back inside.

His reaction did not go unnoticed by Zu An. Oh? He seems pretty unhappy.

As such, he said, “Miss Zheng is my student after all, and young master Sang is getting married to Miss Zheng. Shouldn’t you greet me respectfully the next time you see me?”

Sang Qian ground his teeth and kept walking.

Sang Hong shared his son’s feelings, and even Xie Daoyun was left speechless.

Sang Qian pretended not to hear anything. He hastened his steps, his face as dark as a thunderhead.

Sang Hong was also worried that something else might happen if he stayed out there any longer, so he quickly headed back inside as well. His heart was filled with incalculable regret. Just why did I have to say that he could stay?

Zu An let out a deep sigh. “I fear that Miss Zheng won’t be at all happy once she gets married…”

Everyone whipped their heads around to look at him. Who said this sort of thing at someone else’s wedding? Then again, considering his grudge with the Sang clan, it wasn’t all that surprising.

“Why?” Xie Daoyun couldn’t help but ask.

Zu An explained, “I spoke so loudly, yet young master Sang didn’t hear me. Doesn’t that mean that there’s something wrong with his ears? Divine Physician Ji told me that the cause of such an issue, especially when one is so young, is most likely a weak kidney.”[1]

“A weak kidney?” Xie Daoyun’s face went red. As someone who was well read and knowledgeable, she naturally knew what this signified.

Sang Qian staggered and almost fell. He was so angry that he turned around and made ready to assault Zu An.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 811 Rage points!

Sang Hong pulled him back. “Calm down! He’s taunting you on purpose. Today is an important day for you. Don’t complicate matters any further.”

“But that bastard keeps strutting around with that smug look! I’m about to go crazy!” Sang Qian’s face was entirely red.

Sang Hong consoled him. “Don’t worry, the Chu clan will be finished soon. He won’t be able to act this cocky for long.”

Sang Qian gritted his teeth. “I will skin him alive and make him regret being born into this world!”

Sang Hong frowned. He actually admired Zu An’s talent and wanted to take him under his wing. However, if his son harbored such a severe grudge against Zu An, there would be no point in forcefully trying to win him over. I’ll think about this later.

After the earlier turmoil, the wedding program began to move more quickly.

Eventually, someone shouted, “The bride has arrived! The bride has arrived!”

Everyone turned their heads to look. A woman dressed in the bright-colored clothes of a new bride slowly walked over, escorted by a maid.

Even though there was a veil over her face, it was still obvious from her gorgeous figure that she was an incredible beauty.

Zu An recognized Zheng Dan from a single look. After all, he was familiar with every part of her. She seemed a little more voluptuous than before, more mature, and a large part of that was because of him.

A smile subconsciously spread across Sang Qian’s face when he saw Zheng Dan. Hmph! Zu An, all you can do is make empty boasts! Soon, I’ll be the one with a beauty in my arms, while you can only watch jealously from the side.

He quickly walked forward and held onto the end of a red silk ribbon. Zheng Dan held the other end. Just like that, he led the bride inside.

Zu An felt a slight impatience when he saw that the two of them were about to conduct the wedding rites. Why wasn’t the thing that he’d prepared here yet?

1. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, having a weak kidney refers to someone being too sexually active, and being impotent as a result.

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