Chapter 403: I Have Money

Sang Hong gestured for the physician and the other attendants to leave. Then, he asked, “Qian’er, how do you feel? Is there anything wrong with your body?”

Sang Qian shook his head. “No, I feel pretty good. I feel as strong as a bull.”

“That’s good. That brat’s medicine really is miraculous.” Sang Hong was amazed.

Sang Qian’s voice grew downcast. “Dad, are you really going to let that brat and the Chu clan go?”

He’d clearly heard the agreement between the two of them.

Sang Hong smiled but didn’t say anything. Sang Qian panicked. “Dad, if those salt permits are back in the Chu clan’s hands, that means those mysterious experts were most likely sent by the Chu clan! I was injured so severely because of them. Zu An himself might even have participated in that attack!”

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 444 Rage points!

Zu An noticed these Rage points flood in as soon as he left the Sang clan. It seemed he had saved an ungrateful wretch. Annoyed, he took the chance to squeeze Zheng Dan a few times as revenge, which made him feel better.

Meanwhile, in Sang Qian’s bedroom, Sang Hong shook his head and said, “I already carefully investigated the incident that took place that night. Those mysterious people weren’t from the Chu clan. They might be from a devil sect instead.”

“Devil sect?!” Sang Qian was shocked. He clearly understood the meaning behind these two words. He remained silent for a long time, then finally said, “Even if the Chu clan wasn’t directly behind this, the fact that the salt permits ended up in the Chu clan’s hands means that it has to be connected to them somehow. The two parties have probably been colluding with each other for a long time.”

He began to grow agitated. “Dad, did you try to convict them of the crime of colluding with a devil sect?”

“Any claims involving a devil sect is a huge matter. Without any proof, it’s best not to inadvertently alarm the enemy.” This was how Sang Hong was. He would rather refuse to make a move if it’s results weren’t guaranteed, but when he did strike, it was certain to be fatal.

He’d believed that his plans to deal with the Chu clan were more than adequate, yet that brat Zu An managed to foil everything.

“Are we really going to just let them go like that?” Sang Qian really found it hard to accept such an outcome. Seeing how close his father was to giving in, he thought of a plausible reason. “Dad, don’t forget that you are here on the emperor’s orders! You’ll be punished for sure if you don’t complete this mission!”

Seeing how worked up his son had become, Sang Hong’s head started to ache. His son was excellent in every way, but he was just too impulsive. If he had his younger sister’s cool-headedness and wit, Sang Hong would have much less cause to worry.

He was worried that all this excitement would be detrimental to his son’s injuries. He quickly said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already made some arrangements. Chu Zhongtian will have quite a show waiting for him once he gets back.”

“What do you mean?” Sang Qian grew curious when he heard what was being implied.

Sang Hong smiled. “I made arrangements for those jailers to ‘accidentally’ leak out scandalous rumors between Zu An and Qin Wanru. Chu Zhongtian will surely be furious once he hears them. No matter how magnanimous he is, he will most likely grow hostile towards Zu An.”

Sang Qian’s eyes lit up, and he gave his father a thumbs-up. “Brilliant! Ginger really is spicier the older it is!”

Sang Hong stroked his beard. “Besides that, I also prepared a huge gift for them…”

Sang Qian was in complete admiration of his father. He always thought that his father was too careful, and seemed to be scared of every little thing. Now, however, he understood just how perfect his father’s grasp of timing was, and how vicious he could really be.

There was still one matter that worried him. “Father, didn’t you make a vow that you wouldn’t trouble the Chu clan or Zu An anymore? Wouldn’t this incur the wrath of heaven?”

A deep and profound expression appeared on Sang Hong’s face. “There’s plenty of wiggle room when it comes to oaths like that.”

His son had a dumbfounded look on his face. Sang Hong sighed. If his daughter was here, she would’ve immediately understood what he said. His son was still sorely lacking in this area.

However, this was his only son after all, so he took the time to explain patiently. “The oath I made stated that I wouldn’t go against the Chu clan anymore from then on. However, I did all those things before I made the vow, so it doesn’t violate it at all.

“Besides, I’m convinced that the Chu clan will definitely be finished this time. So there’s nothing for me to do anymore.”

Sang Qian burst out in laughter. “I admit defeat! Dad, you are truly awesome!”

Sang Hong suddenly said, “I thought at first that dealing with the Chu clan was but a simple matter. However, there were so many disruptions to my plans, and all of them tied to Zu An’s appearance. That kid is quite talented. Once the Chu clan falls, I am actually interested in taking him in. If Qian’er can accept it, I would even make him my son-in-law.”

Sang Qian’s smile froze instantly. He objected right away. “Dad, how can you make such a joke? How can some dirty mutt from the streets be worthy of being my brother-in-law? My little sister is such a great beauty as well! Why would she ever fall for someone like him?!”

Sang Hong frowned. “You cannot let yourself be blinded by hate. You should learn to see the strengths of your enemies as well.”

Sang Qian snorted. “Whatever, I don’t care. I will never acknowledge a brother-in-law like him. Little sister has so many admirers in the capital. Why would she need someone like him? Besides, he’s already the Chu clan’s drafted son-in-law.”

Sang Hong laughed. “You do make some sense. We’ll talk more about this later. If my suspicions are correct, he probably won’t agree to this either.

“By the way, let’s settle your marriage with Miss Zheng over the next few days. Almost everything has already been prepared. We wanted this to be an omen to chase away bad luck, since your condition was still extremely unstable. However, now that you’re better, we can turn this wedding into a celebration instead.” In Sang Hong’s mind, Zheng Dan really was the Sang clan’s lucky star. This had come about merely as a superstition to ward away bad luck, but they had really ended up making it through this ordeal. His son had recovered!

He wanted to complete this marriage as quickly as possible, to make sure this luck held.

Sang Qian’s eyes lit up. "Okay!”

Zheng Dan was beautiful and graceful. Her reserved and conservative temperament had always left him enchanted.

He’d wanted to devour her a long time ago, but she had never let him even touch her. This left him with an itch that went unscratched.

Wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted with her once they got married?

He felt a mysterious sense of excitement when he imagined himself pressing down on that graceful and reserved woman.

Zu An made his way back to the Chu Estate to report on the results of his negotiations with Sang Hong. Qin Wanru said excitedly, “According to the news we received from Yue Shan, Zhongtian has already been released! He should be home in a few days.”

“I offer my congratulations to Madam ahead of time,” Zu An said with a smile. “Madam hasn’t gotten much sleep these past few days. You can finally rest easy.”

Qin Wanru gave him a complicated look. “All of this was thanks to you. Chuyan didn’t choose the wrong person after all.”

At the same time, she was rather surprised. It wasn’t that unexpected for Chuyan to have excellent judgment, but why was little Huanzhao always bragging about how great he was as well? That seemed really strange.

“By the way, when is Chuyan coming back?” Zu An couldn’t help but ask. They were newlyweds, so they shouldn’t be spending so much time apart.

“She’s wrapping up things on her side as well,” Qin Wanru replied. “She should be able to return in a month or so.”

“A month?” Zu An’s heart sank. He had to sleep all alone for another month…

Zu An headed straight for the Unvoiced Residence after leaving the study. He had already moved all of his things over.

Old Mi was already dead, so he didn’t have to put on an act anymore. He would just sleep in Chu Chuyan’s fragrant bed!

No one else in the estate found this shocking. Zu An had done so much for the Chu clan this time around, and he had proven his strength as well. No one doubted his status as the young master anymore.

He lay on Chu Chuyan’s bed and held up the recording mirror that he’d borrowed from Qin Wanru. He placed a call to Chu Chuyan.

The mirror was soon connected to its counterpart. The image of an icy beauty appeared on the surface. Who else could this be but Chu Chuyan?

Chu Chuyan gave a start the moment she saw that it was Zu An. “Ah Zu, did something happen in the clan? Where’s my mother?”

“There’s nothing wrong at all, everything has been resolved. I borrowed this mirror from your mom. I miss you, my wife.” Zu An moved closer to the mirror and gave it a smooch.

Chu Chuyan’s face turned red. “I’ll be able to return soon. You were all that the clan had to rely on this time! Thank you!”

Clearly, Qin Wanru had already informed her about everything.

“Oh my, aren’t you treating me like an outsider? But…” Zu An changed the topic and said, “If you really want to thank me, then call me a good husband. Call me your dear husband. Please?”

“No~” Chu Chuyan was extremely shy—how could she bring herself to say something like that? Her eyes immediately grew focused. “Hm? Where are you right now?”

“Your room of course.” Zu An shone the mirror around proudly. “See, I’ve already moved all my stuff over.”

“Ah!!” Chu Chuyan’s face grew entirely red. “Wouldn’t everyone in the estate know about us, then?”

“Of course!” Zu An said proudly. “I’ve done so much for the Chu clan, and even bled for the Chu clan. Everyone in the Chu Estate has already acknowledged me! They can see that we are a proper couple now!”

“Hmph, what are you saying? We were always a proper couple,” Chu Chuyan said in embarrassment.

Zu An chuckled. “Who was it that was too embarrassed to let others know before?”

Chu Chuyan’s ice-cold face grew as red as an apple. “All right, all right. The recording mirror uses up a lot of ki stones. Hang up already.”

“I’m not hanging up, I have money!”

Chu Chuyan buried her face in her palm.

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