Chapter 401: I Saw Something In You

Too many things had happened recently. The Chu clan had suffered all manner of misfortune, and Zu An had been dragged into a huge conspiracy. He’d almost lost his life.

He was constantly under pressure, and his mind had no time to relax.

Even last night, when things finally calmed down and he tried to get some sleep, he was still woken up in the middle of the night. He was still being hounded, even in his dreams.

Only now, thanks to Zheng Dan showering him with gentleness and affection, were these negative emotions finally laid to rest.

Zheng Dan herself looked like a sunflower that had just been devastated by a storm. “Sorry, I was too rough,” Zu An said apologetically.

Zheng Dan gave him a look of complaint. “You’ve only just realized that?” She put on her clothes and got off the bed. However, her legs buckled as soon as she stood up.

Zu An smiled as he offered an arm to help support her. “Don’t leave! There’s still so much time before the school day ends.”

Zheng Dan tidied up her messy hair while she said, “So many people saw me go looking for you earlier. Wouldn’t rumors spread if I stayed too long?”

After being around her for so long, Zu An was well-acquainted with her nature. They could go as crazy as they wanted to in private, but she cared about her public image, and the honor of her own clan. She would never allow the slightest stain to dirty either of these. Knowing this, he didn’t pressure her further.

“I’ll give you the medicine that Sang Hong wants another day,” Zu An said. He didn’t want Sang Qian to recover that quickly.

Zheng Dan smiled sweetly. “Sure. I’m really leaving now.”

She pulled his face towards her own and kissed him. Then, she left in high spirits.

The instant she walked through the main entrance, however, her happiness instantly vanished, replaced by her usual graceful demeanor. There was no way anyone could tell that she’d just experienced something so wild.

Zu An slept for a bit, and then paid Ji Dengtu a visit after classes were over.

It would’ve been more convenient to look for Ji Xiaoxi, but it didn’t seem appropriate to ask a girl about this matter.

Ji Dengtu’s eyes widened when he heard his request. “I’ve heard about performance-enhancing pills, but I’ve never heard of impotence pills. What kind of weird fetish do you have?”

Zu An’s face darkened. “Stop wasting my time. Do you have them or not?”

Ji Dengtu leaned into his recliner and slowly rocked back and forth. He waved his hand nonchalantly. “Nope. I only save people. Why would I make something stupid like that?”

Zu An’s heart sank. “I’ll pay extra!”

Ji Dengtu’s eyes lit up, and he subconsciously straightened his body. However, after a small hesitation, he leaned back into the chair again. “Stop trying to tempt me. Considering the way I was brought up, I would never ever do something like this. You’re looking at the wrong person.”

Zu An silently took out a book. “Part two of the previous story.”

Ji Dengtu’s pupils contracted, and his expression became serious.

Zu An thought that he was about to get angry, but a big smile blossomed across his face instead. He grabbed the book and said, “I knew I saw something in you!”

Zu An stared at him, speechless. 

Ji Dengtu flipped through the book, tossing a small green bottle over to him. “Three drops, and it’ll do exactly what you want it to.”

Zu An was quite fond of this straightforwardness. “Is the effect permanent? Don’t tell me that the victim will recover after a while.”

Ji Dengtu was clearly displeased by his question. “Are you doubting my skills? How could Ji Dengtu’s medicine lose its effects? Of course it’s permanent! My skills are unparalleled!”

Zu An gave him a look of suspicion. “What were you planning to do with such a drug?”

Ji Dengtu’s face became red. He said angrily, “Of course it was for research! Do you think I’ll take it myself?”

Zu An had a strange look on his face. “Don’t tell me you made it for my father-in-law.”

Clearly, this man’s obsession with Qin Wanru gave him adequate grounds for suspicion.

“Do I seem like that type of person?” Ji Dengtu’s conscience was clearly guilty. “Leave, get out! Stop bothering me. I want to read this book.”

“Huh? Why do you need tissues if you’re just reading a book?”

“You’re the one who wrote these books! Don’t you possess any self-awareness at all?”

Zu An headed straight back to Chu Estate after leaving the Ji Estate. He reported Sang Hong’s offer to Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru had been at a loss as to what to do when she first saw him, but she immediately grew agitated when she heard what he said. “Sang Hong, you despicable person! You actually plotted against Zhongtian even while he was imprisoned!”

Zu An’s tone was grave. “Indeed. We reported the recovery of the missing salt permits a while ago, so they should’ve released father-in-law a long time ago. Sang Hong has definitely involved himself behind the scenes. That’s why I had no choice but to agree. We can only discuss things with father-in-law after we save him.”

“Ah Zu, thank you for everything you’ve done for the Chu clan. I… I don’t even know how to thank you.” Qin Wanru’s expression was terribly conflicted.

“I was only doing my duty.” Zu An chuckled. “Of course, if Madam wants to thank me, then just give Huanzhao to me as well. I think she’s pretty cute.”

Qin Wanru was momentarily dazed, after which her face became entirely red. She picked up a nearby feather duster and began to whack Zu An. “Damned brat! How dare you actually think of such a thing!”

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 66… 66… 66…

Zu An dodged her blows, pleading with her all the way. “Ow, ow! I was joking! Madam, how can you take it seriously?!”

The two of them ran around in circles in the room. The guards outside looked at each other in dismay.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is Madam hitting young master?”

“You just don’t get it do you? Their behaviorr is so unrestrained because they’ve already grown close!”

“That explains it! You guys have really seen through everything!”

After a while, the two of them finally stopped their little chase. Qin Wanru was gasping for air, her chest rising and falling heavily. She was still recovering from a serious injury, and all this activity had clearly tired her out.

Zu An said with concern, “Madam, you were just injured not too long ago. Please don’t exhaust yourself like this.”

Qin Wanru’s face became slightly red for some reason. She snorted. This kid’s movement really is fast. Even though I’m weak right now, I’m still at the sixth rank, and yet I couldn’t even catch up to him in this cramped room! No wonder he managed to escape from a master rank cultivator.

Zu An was worried that she might continue scolding him, so he quickly changed the topic. “What worries me the most right now is that he might still harm father-in-law even if we agree to his offer. What do we do then?”

Qin Wanru said, “I’ll arrange meetings with a few people. There are still some people out there that our Chu clan can count on. I’ll also dispatch Yue Shan to personally oversee things. He’ll keep an eye out from the shadows.”

Zu An exhaled in relief. “That makes me feel much better.”

Qin Wanru seemed a little hesitant. “Your medicine is probably really precious, isn’t it? It can heal even the most severe injuries.”

Initially, she had thought wrongly that Zu An had used his other method to save her. However, when she finally calmed down, she realized what had actually happened. She was experienced, after all, so she could tell if she’d slept with a man.

With all that he had said earlier, she was now even more certain that it was this medicine that had saved her that day.

This brat really is cheeky! He had the nerve to make that sort of joke! I was worried about it for such a long time…

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 3… 3… 3…

Zu An was stunned. Didn’t you just thank me? Why are you getting angry now? Also, can’t you get a little more angry if you’re going to get angry at all? This amount is completely useless!

Didn’t you contribute hundreds of points to me for no reason back then?

Of course, these were just jokes. “Everything is worth it if we can save father-in-law,” Zu An replied.

Qin Wanru opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. In the end, she could only say, ‘Thank you.’

A few days passed. When Qin Wanru had made the necessary arrangements with the prison, Zu An contacted Zheng Dan.

Zheng Dan personally came to invite Zu An over.

Zu An saw the carriage, and went right in. “You didn’t ride a palanquin today. Is it because it’s easier for me to get into a carriage?”

Zheng Dan blushed. She lowered the curtains and quickly said, “We’re going straight to the Sang Estate. You’d better not mess around.”

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