Chapter 389: A Missing Little Chick

Zu An’s mind moved at full speed, desperately searching for a way to survive. However, his cultivation was just too far beneath Old Mi’s. Old Mi was still being buffed by the effects of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra as well, which only made the difference even bigger.

He didn’t see any chance of his own survival!

Zu An felt a chill run through him when he thought about how he was about to be possessed.

“Big sis empress, big sis empress! Please save me! We’re both dead if you don’t come out now!” Zu An screamed in his mind.

Unfortunately, there was no reply. It was as if no one was even there.

Of course, Mi Li had told him before that she needed a long period of hibernation in order to undo the effects of the ‘Red Tears of Lady Xiang’. He didn’t know if she was really sleeping, or if she had reached a crucial point of the detoxification.

Screw it, I have to risk it all! I can’t just meekly accept my fate, can I?

Old Mi’s voice came from behind him. “I have to admit that you are remarkably strong-willed. You still haven’t given up, even when faced with such a situation.”

“Old neutered dog, I wouldn’t let you take advantage of me even if I have to die. Why the hell would I give up?” Zu An cursed.

“Old neutered dog?” Old Mi felt his face throbbing with rage. To even bring up this issue with him was taboo! The other party had clearly smacked him in his sore spot.

You have successfully trolled Mi Lianying for 999 Rage points!

“Damned brat, are you tired of living?!” Old Mi stared at him with gritted teeth.

Zu An braced himself and said, “What’re you staring at? Are you going to let me go if I speak nicely? I’m dead anyway. I might as well go all out before that happens! You old, nasty cuckold. You don’t have a dick so you want someone else’s! Your dad should’ve pulled out and squirted onto the wall instead of giving life to you…”

Every single word stabbed deep into Old Mi’s soul. Old Mi’s anger spiraled more and more out of control.

You have successfully trolled Mi Lianying for 666… 666… 666…

“You’re courting death!” He couldn’t take any more of this. He charged murderously at Zu An.

Zu An felt a powerful wind wash over him even before Old Mi had gotten close to him. At the same time, a mysterious pressure seemed to descend from all sides, pressing down against him and robbing him of the ability to control his body.

Zu An was horrified. He immediately used Grandgale to move several zhang away.

Old Mi struck empty air. He was shocked. “Hm? What kind of movement technique is this?”

He had never even seen something like this. There was no way anyone in the Chu clan could have taught this to him either. This skill seemed more profound than even Wei Dan’s zombie leap, which had touched upon the spatial laws.

Zu An was also shocked. He had been confused at first as to why Old Mi hadn’t used these skills in his battle against Wei Dan. He had assumed that Old Mi was feigning weakness in order to catch Wei Dan off-guard.

However, Old Mi’s surprised expression seemed genuine! That meant that he really didn’t know about this skill.

How could that be? They both practiced the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra! Surely his cultivation was much higher than his own as well. Why didn’t he have access to Grandgale or Blue Mallard?

Am I just too much of a genius?

He quickly rejected the thought. Old Mi was surely a genius at cultivation as well, considering how he had reached his level with an imperfect body. There was no way he would have fewer insights than Zu An.

Did the keyboard system unlock some of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra’s secret functions?

Or is it because Old Mi’s body is flawed?

A related thought came to him, and his expression suddenly grew strange. Grandgale, Blue Mallard, or even the remaining phoenix chicks… They were all birds.

However,  Old Mi was a eunuch. He didn’t have a little bird down there.

Is that why…

A smile appeared on his face. The despair he’d felt immediately disappeared. “If you kneel, kowtow to me three times, and call me Master, I might be in the mood to tell you.”

Old Mi’s face darkened. “I don’t know why you insist on provoking me again and again. Rest assured, though, you’ve successfully angered me.”

You have successfully trolled Old Mi for 999 Rage points!

Zu An knew that there was no way to escape. Strengthened by the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, Old Mi’s cultivation and speed were far greater than normal.

The only thing Zu An had going for him was that Old Mi was seriously injured. Right now, he was like those glass cannon bosses from the games he played. If he managed to sneak in a few good hits, he might just be able to beat him.

He thus gave up all thoughts of running away. Instead, he straightened and said, “Do you think I am some worthless soyboy? Come, my sword!”

Zu An gestured towards the empty air, and a sword suddenly appeared in his hand. This was none other than the Tai’e Sword that he’d obtained from the dungeon.

Standing tall, with a sword in hand and cold winds blowing around him, there was even a slight majesty to his appearance.

Old Mi was stunned. He looked carefully at the sword.

Zu An snorted. “Did you see my sword-summoning technique? Are you scared now? I’ve maintained a low profile all this time, but I won’t hold back my trump cards any longer! I am actually also a great master who commands the spatial laws!”

Old Mi snorted disdainfully. “Isn’t that just a spatial ring trick? I didn’t expect a brat like you to have something like that. It seems like you managed to obtain quite a few things from that dungeon.”

He didn’t know about the crimson dragon, so he subconsciously attributed this as part of Zu An’s spoils from the dungeon.

Zu An sneered. “I have far more things in my possession. You’ll soon regret scheming against me!”

Not only do I have spatial storage, I have a strong and beautiful big sis empress by my side! If she were here, she would crush you like an ant!

He called out to Mi Li again and again. Unfortunately, there was still no response.

Old Mi roared with laughter. “The more things you have, the happier I am! Soon, everything you have will be mine! Hahaha!

He moved as soon as he finished speaking, charging straight at Zu An.

Zu An didn’t try to dodge, but rushed towards his opponent as well.

His Sunflower Phantasm had been taught to him by Old Mi, so even if he tried to run, he wouldn’t be successful for long.

Instead, he would use offense as a form of defense. Old Mi was already seriously injured. If he could get a few solid hits in, he might just turn things around.

He had cultivated the Primordial Origin Sutra, which had boosted his constitution and his ability to recover quickly. HIs body was extremely suited to trading blows.

Besides, Old Mi wanted to possess his body, so there was little danger of him inflicting any life-threatening damage.

These two points gave him confidence in facing Old Mi.

Zu An adopted an imposing stance and thrust out his sword. Fine snow fluttered about him.

Sure enough, in the face of his decisiveness, Old Mi grew uncertain. He gave up on his attack, reaching out his hand instead to block the oncoming sword.

“Oh? Chu First Miss actually passed her Snowflake Sword on to you?” Old Mi was astonished. “Kid, you really are quite the playboy, huh?” 

“Hmph! That’s because I am heroic, suave, and talented! Obviously, an ugly eunuch will never experience the perks of a handsome man!” Zu An said. His hand remained steady, and thrust out three more vicious strikes.

He didn’t use the Bixie Swordplay that he had created on his own. Bixie Swordplay was a combination of the Sunflower Phantasm with the Thirteen Forms of Elementary Swordplay. It was great for crushing noobs.

However, it was completely useless against a high level cultivator, let alone someone who employed the Sunflower Phantasm himself.

Old Mi had to be careful not to injure Zu An too badly. Caught off-guard by Zu An’s reckless attack, he found himself in a slight quandary.

He backed away quickly, opening up some distance between the two of them. A line of red was drawn across his fingertip. He had clearly suffered a nick from the other party’s sword qi. However, his expression was one of unexpected joy. “A heaven-grade weapon? No, this is more like an immortal-grade weapon! You really are full of nice surprises!”

Zu An said nothing, but continued to attack.

“I was lenient because I was scared of hurting you.” Old Mi sneered. “Do you really think that I cannot deal with you?!”

He vanished instantly as soon as he said this, leaving only a faint trail of afterimages left behind.

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