Chapter 325: Would You Even Believe Me?

Zu An was completely focused on sending his ki into the tub. He paid no attention to what was happening around him.

Ji Xiaoxi’s small face was as red as an apple. She didn’t know if this was due to the effects of the drug, or her own embarrassment.

Even though his eyes were shut, she had never been so close to a man before.

She felt as if the slightest movement of that hand would be enough for it to come into contact with her.

Ji Xiaoxi brought up something else to hide her embarrassment. “Big brother Zu, is this first miss Chu’s Snowflake Sword?”

Zu An grunted in agreement. “Yeah.”

“Wow, first miss Chu has even taught you the skill she uses to guard her own clan. The two of you really are close,” Ji Xiaoxi said, her expression complicated.

“Our relationship is all right, I guess.” Zu An laughed loudly. “But I’m not the best student, or else I would’ve been able to make ice for you from all the way over there.”

Ji Xiaoxi didn’t know what else to say. This room became quiet.

As the smell of the young lady spread through the air, even Zu An felt like the atmosphere had grown slightly awkward. “Do you feel better?” he asked quickly.

Ji Xiaoxi nodded. “I’m almost recovered. The effects of the drug will go away soon if the water is kept at this temperature.” 

Zu An said in admiration, “Xiaoxi, you really are awesome. I thought that the only way to get rid of the poison’s effects… was to perform the deed eighteen times. But you managed to neutralize its effects so easily.”

Ji Xiaoxi’s face became red. “It wasn’t that easy. I have a certain level of resistance to different types of poisons because of my special constitution. I didn’t ingest too much of the drug, yet I had to take a Heart-calming Pill, and I had to infuse this cold water with many other medicines and soak in it just to barely neutralize the medicine’s effects… Big brother Zu, why do you have such a drug with you?”

Zu An was slightly embarrassed. “It was something I acquired from a defeated enemy. I would’ve just thrown it away if I’d known what it was.”

He began to despise himself as he spoke these words. Find me a man in this world who wouldn’t want this sort of drug!

It’s good to hang on to it even if one doesn’t use it.

Zu An suddenly thought of something. “That’s right, did you throw that bottle away?” 

Ji Xiaoxi shook her head. “I didn’t. Even though it’s a vile drug, it is still big brother Zu’s, so I can’t just throw it away… let me take it out for you.”

She was just about to get up when her entire face grew red. She stopped and said, “Big brother Zu, you absolutely must not open your eyes.”

“Understood,” Zu An nodded. However, the image of her current appearance couldn’t help but appear in his mind.

Ji Xiaoxi stretched her hand out of the tub, reaching for the pile of clothes that were nearby.

However, she was a petite little girl, and she was just unable to reach them.

She stood on her tiptoes so that she could lean further out.

If she had just stepped out of the tub, she would’ve easily reached her clothes. However, she was still a shy young girl, and found it too embarrassing to do such a thing in front of a man, even if his eyes were closed.

At that moment, she suddenly slipped. She lost her center of gravity and fell out of the tub entirely.

“Ah!” Ji Xiaoxi instinctively cried out.

Zu An jumped in fright. He subconsciously reached out a hand to support her.

Oh shit… His hand landed on something soft and warm. Zu An knew that he was touching parts of her that he definitely shouldn’t be touching. He could already imagine the scene of Ji Dengtu chasing after him murderously.

Ji Xiaoxi was also stunned. In a daze, her eyes met his, and her mind went completely blank.

From the side came an exaggerated scream. The two of them raised their heads and saw Chu Huanzhao standing by the bathroom entrance. Her entire body was trembling, and she was pointing an angry finger at them. “You two… what are you doing?!”

Zu An swallowed with difficulty. “Would you believe me if I said that I was just trying to support her?”

“What do you think?!” Chu Huanzhao’s eyes seemed to be shooting out gouts of flame.

Damned brother-in-law! Stinky brother-in-law! Is this how you repay the Chu clan? After this, how dare you face my big sister, or even me?!

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 233…233… 233…

Ji Xiaoxi finally recovered from her daze. However, she didn’t have much experience with such situations, and all she could do was try not to faint from embarrassment.

Zu An quickly brought a set of clothes and draped them over her. “Xiaoxi, stay here and put on some clothes. We’ll wait for you outside.”

“Thank you…” Ji Xiaoxi was extremely grateful for his consideration, but a thought hit her soon after, leaving her stunned. She was clearly the one who had been groped by him. What was she doing, thanking him?

Zu An gave an embarrassed laugh. He hurriedly left the bathroom, pushing Chu Huanzhao out and closing the bathroom door along the way.

“What are you doing here, Huanzhao?” Zu An asked.

Chu Huanzhao sneered incessantly. “I wouldn’t have stumbled upon such an exciting scene if I hadn’t come here! This Ji Xiaoxi always seems all prim and proper—I didn’t expect her to be a vixen who seduces men!”

She raised her voice on purpose, as if she wanted the person in the bathroom to hear her.

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 66… 66… 66…

Zu An frowned. “Huanzhao, you are being too rude.”

Chu Huanzhao sneered. “She clearly knows that you have a wife, but she still seduced you! If she isn’t scared of being disrespectful, why should I be?”

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 99… 99… 99…

Rage points kept flowing in through his System, yet Zu An felt no joy.

“Come on, it’s really not what you’re thinking. I asked miss Ji to help me look into some medicine, and she was accidentally poisoned. She needed to soak in ice water to get rid of the poison’s effects…” Zu An quickly explained.

Chu Huanzhao still didn’t believe him. “What kind of poison needs you to strip completely? An aphrodisiac?”

Zu An’s breath caught. You hit the nail on the head.

However, knowing Ji Xiaoxi’s good reputation, he was embarrassed to admit this. “It’s really not at all what you’re thinking! Even if you don’t trust miss Ji, you have to trust my character!”

Chu Huanzhao blinked. Her anger subsided a bit.

You have successfully trolled Ji Xiaoxi for 22… 22… 22...

She clearly heard what he said.

But Chu Huanzhao wasn’t so easily fooled. “Isn’t her little aunt the principal? Why didn’t she go to her then? Why did she have to take a bath with a man like you?”

Zu An forced a bitter smile and continued with his explanation. “Principal Jiang had something she had to take care of…”

By this time, Ji Xiaoxi had already dressed herself. She quickly exited the bathroom and said quietly, “I’m going home first.”

She rushed off without even waiting to hear their reply.

Zu An sighed. What in the world was this? He didn’t do anything wrong, yet there was such a huge disaster.

Chu Huanzhao was less than impressed by his sigh. “What, are you upset that I ruined your happy time?” 

“I just hate how such a misunderstanding leaves everyone embarrassed. On top of that, she was offended for no reason…” Zu An exhausted a great deal of energy, and just barely convinced Chu Huanzhao that Ji Xiaoxi had really come here to detoxify herself.

A flash of horror struck Chu Huanzhao. “Oh no… what if Principal Jiang secretly makes things difficult for you because of this? Divine Physician Ji cares a lot about her daughter too. What if he comes after you?”

“Miss, isn’t it a bit too late to be worrying about this now?” Zu An said dejectedly.

“How about I go and apologize to her right now?” Chu Huanzhao regretted her excessive display earlier, especially now that she knew Ji Xiaoxi had only ended up like that because she had been helping her brother-in-law look into a poison.

“Forget it. I’ll find another chance to explain things to her.” Zu An was worried that something else might go wrong if these two girls met again.

“I won’t tell big sis about today’s matter then. But if there is a next time…” Chu Huanzhao snorted, and then she bared her adorable fangs.

“There definitely won’t be a next time.” Zu An would definitely get the academy to change his locks.

Chu Huanzhao clearly wasn’t in the mood to sleep after what had just happened. However, she still searched around his residence first.

Only when she didn’t find any suspicious traces of women living here did she finally leave in satisfaction.

Zu An mopped away his sweat. Suddenly, letting his harem argue amongst themselves to earn him Rage points didn’t seem like his brightest idea.

Only when he returned to the classroom and saw the envious eyes of his fellow students did his mood improve slightly.

The day’s lessons passed by quickly. When he finally walked out of the main gates of the academy, Wang Yuanlong’s carriage was already waiting there.

As Zu An and Wei Suo got into the carriage, they suddenly noticed another Wang clan carriage waiting beside theirs.

Zu An was curious. Were they waiting for others from the academy?

Soon afterwards, two beautiful figures walked out from the academy.

One of them was refined and elegant, exuding a hint of tenderness and charm. Who else could this be but Zheng Dan?

Zheng Dan nodded slightly in his direction when she noticed his gaze. “Greetings, fellow student Zu.”

“Hello miss Zheng,” Zu An replied in embarrassment.

This woman, really… it was all ‘husband’ and ‘daddy’ before, yet now she’s acting like a completely different person!

However, he had to give her credit for how well she played her part.

“Are you going to the Four Way Restaurant too?” Zu An asked curiously. He noticed that she was walking towards Wang clan’s carriage.

“Of course. I’m not the only one, big sister Xie is coming as well.” Zheng Dan giggled as she nudged Xie Daoyun, who was next to her.

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