Chapter 262: Clinging On

“Please come in first.” Zu An stepped to the side and gestured for her to enter. It really would be embarrassing if a passerby saw him standing half-naked outside like this.

Shang Liuyu hesitated, giving his exposed upper body another look. In the end, her curiosity won out. She entered gracefully.

Zu An closed the door and said, “We ran into an assassin on the way to the academy, so my mind was slightly on edge.”

“Assassin? Someone wants you dead?” Shang Liuyu’s beautiful eyebrows drew together in a frown. She couldn’t think of anyone who would be brazen enough to attack him out in the open. After all, he was not just the young master of the Chu clan, but also a teacher at the academy.

“Blackwind Stockade’s Chen Xuan.” Zu An filled up a basin of water, and then he explained what happened while he wiped away the horse blood that was still all over him.

Shang Liuyu turned her head awkwardly to the side, pretending to admire the garden’s scenery. “Blackwind Stockade’s Chen Xuan? How did you end up provoking him?”

“He is brothers with Silverhook Casino’s Mei Chaofeng.” Even though the two hadn’t spent that much time together, Zu An still trusted Shang Liuyu’s character. He didn’t feel like there was a need to hide anything from her.

“So that’s what happened,” Shang Liuyu said in a gentle voice. “I’ve heard Chen Xuan is at the sixth rank. What are you going to do now?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve always been a tenacious fellow. I won’t die that easily!” Zu An said with a smile.

But inside, he didn’t feel that great at all. If they’d fought head on, the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra’s power boost might give him a chance at winning. 

However, Chen Xuan didn’t have any intention of doing that! He’d gone straight for assassination instead. Zu An was lucky to have been alerted by the Rage points this time, but no one knew if his luck would still be that good the next time.

Shang Liuyu pondered a while, then fished out a pendant-like object. “Keep this with you. It might be able to save your life at a crucial moment.”

“What is it?” Zu An thought that it was a jade pendant at first, but after turning it over in his hands, he found that it was much thinner than a normal jade pendant. It’s quite pretty, though. This white object seems to be glowing with a faint blue light.

Shang Liuyu hesitated, then replied, “You can just treat it as a jade pendant. It can help you block a single fatal attack. But remember, it will immediately shatter after blocking this attack, so you will be on your own afterwards.”

“It’s already really amazing, even if it can only block a single fatal attack!” Zu An never expected this little thing to be that useful. He was at a loss for words. He hurriedly tried to return it to her and said, “There’s no way I can accept something so precious!”

Shang Liuyu smiled, but made no move to take it back. “Even the most precious item cannot be as precious as a life. Keep it. I really do not wish to see a rare friend lose his life just like that.”

“Alright, I won’t reject your kindness then. This really is something I need right now.” Zu An put away this ‘jade pendant’. “But I don’t have anything to give you in return at all… do you want money?”

He didn’t have anything precious on him right now. Those heaven-grade ki stones were Mi Li’s, and he didn’t dare to give them away, especially after she had scolded him. He didn’t have any Marrow Cleansing Pills either. Even if he did, Shang Liuyu didn’t even seem like the type who cared that much about cultivating, killing, or stuff like that.

The only things of value on him were banknotes. Otherwise… he couldn’t just offer his body, right?

He didn’t really mind that at all, but it was clear that she wouldn’t agree.

Shang Liuyu smiled faintly. “I’ll pass on the banknotes, but I am indeed a bit curious about what went on in the dungeon. You seem to have changed quite a bit after coming out.”

“No problem!” He smiled to himself. Of course I’ve changed a lot! I’m no longer a virgin anymore! Wait… was she really able to tell?

“Put on some clothes first.” She awkwardly averted her gaze as he stood up. All of that masculinity hitting her in the face was just too much. This fellow seemed so delicate and dainty before, but he’s actually like this without his clothes on.

“Where have my manners gone? Haha…” Zu An was used to going shirtless in his previous world. He was just about done with cleaning up, so he threw on some clothes, then proceeded to tell her everything that happened in the dungeon.

He was quite the storyteller, so his tale sounded exceptionally thrilling.

Of course, he had to leave out some details because of his promise to Mi Li.

Even so, Shang Liuyu was astonished. “Many Brightmoon Academy students have entered the dungeon throughout the years, but all of their experiences added up together still pale in comparison to yours!”

Zu An laughed proudly. “But of course! This just proves that I’m the chosen one!”

“I really like this optimistic version of you.” Shang Liuyu had a gentle smile on her face, which soothed his soul like a comfortable autumn breeze.

Zu An fumbled about his pockets. “Oh, I should return that seashell I borrowed from you the last time.” He suddenly froze up.

Only now did he remember that he’d lent Qiu Honglei his robe last night, and had forgotten to take the seashell out.

Seeing his awkward expression, Shang Liuyu said with a smile, “What’s wrong? Did you accidentally lose it?”

“I definitely didn’t lose it. I just left it in a different robe.” Zu An was extremely embarrassed. “I’ll bring it to you another time.”

“There’s no rush.” Shang Liuyu got up and said, “It’s time for my class, anyway. Let’s catch up another time.”


Zu An watched her figure slowly disappear into the distance. No wonder she has such a great reputation in the academy. How can anyone dislike her?

Zu An had to get to his class too. This time, it wasn’t as a teacher. Arithmetic was only an elective in Brightmoon Academy, after all, so there weren’t that many classes to teach.

Most of his time in the academy was still spent in the Yellow class, listening to the lectures of his ‘colleagues’.

However, just as he reached the door to his classroom, a hint of fragrance tickled his nose. He heard a cold, arrogant yet dignified voice right by his ear. “Follow me to my office.”

The voice carried unquestionable authority. Who dares to talk to me in such a tone?! Aren’t you making me skip my class?

But when he turned around and saw those elegant glasses, the body-hugging outfit, and those stunningly long legs, his expression immediately became obsequious. “Understood, gorgeous principal!”

All of the students in the class popped their heads out of the window when they saw the two of them leaving together.

Among them, Wei Suo’s neck was definitely stretched out the furthest. He gasped. “Principal is wearing nude-colored stockings again today! She seems to be quite fond of this style recently. Why doesn’t she wear some black stockings?”

“What do you know? I think this color looks great,” someone beside him scoffed.

“Pah! Of course black looks the best!” Another student supported Wei Suo.

“If you ask me though, gray is more spicy.” Someone else offered up a different opinion.

The students grew extremely worked up. 

“Um… do none of you like white tights?” said a quiet, feeble voice.

The others all turned around towards him. “Pervert!” they shouted in unison.

Zu An followed behind Jiang Luofu, his eyes glued to her swaying figure. The cadence of her walk was perfect, and only served to enhance her exquisite beauty.

If her stride was even a bit longer, it would have seemed vulgar. Just a little shorter, and it wouldn’t have fully displayed her natural, mature charm.

The principal really is amazing!

Zu An sighed in admiration. He really couldn’t figure out why that pervert Ji Dengtu showed no interest in her.

Please don’t tell me the principal isn’t some crazy crossdresser!

Zu An’s mind froze in fright. He immediately examined her carefully.

After a thorough assessment, he was certain that she was the most outstanding among all women.

This made Ji Dengtu a case worth pondering over.

Lost in his own thoughts, he was startled when he heard Jiang Luofu’s voice. “Close the door.”

“Oh…” Only then did Zu An snap out of his daze. The two of them had already arrived at her office.

Once the heavy door was closed, Jiang Luofu casually kicked off her heels and found a chair to recline into. Her long legs, which drove countless men crazy, were propped up on a stool.

Her skirt was quite similar to the pencil skirts of Zu An’s previous world. It was difficult for her skirt to cover everything.

Zu An really had to applaud her. Although he clearly couldn’t see a thing, endless temptation still lurked within.

“Do I look good?” Jiang Luofu’s teased.

Zu An shivered, and immediately looked away. “I didn’t see anything!”

Jiang Luofu sniffed disdainfully. “Who was it that kept staring at me on our way here, then?”

Zu An’s thick skin immediately activated. He hurriedly explained, “I was studying the respected principal’s gait! Your cultivation is amazingly profound, and even your walking is rich in cultivation insight! I took a few extra glances in the hopes of obtaining a breakthrough in my own cultivation...”

Jiang Luofu couldn’t hold back her laughter. “You really know how to twist words in your favor! What do you think, then? Did you gain any insights?”

Zu An shook his head. “I haven’t studied it enough. If the gorgeous principal is willing to let me observe earnestly for research purposes, I might just be able to come up with some unstoppable movement technique.”

His shamelessness left Jiang Luofu momentarily speechless. “There is no need for that,” she finally said. “The movement technique you displayed during the Clans Tournament is already outstanding enough.”

“No, no, it’s absolutely essential! I am a man who believes self-improvement has no bounds. I cannot let myself become complacent!” Zu An hurriedly changed the topic, worried that she might ask about the Sunflower Phantasm.

Jiang Luofu rolled her eyes at him. “Enough. We have more important matters to discuss. I heard that you were attacked by Great Bandit Chen Xuan on your way here?”

“Gorgeous principal, you have to take responsibility!” When Zu An heard this, he immediately ran over and hugged her legs, bawling his eyes out.

“What does this have to do with me?!” Jiang Luofu said impatiently, resisting the urge to send him flying with a kick.

“It’s obviously because the gorgeous principal killed Mei Chaofeng! Chen Xuan has enough self-awareness to know that he is nothing before you, and so he’s directing all of his hatred at me!” Zu An explained the relationship between Chen Xuan and Mei Chaofeng, and their relationship with the Shi clan.

“No wonder no one could get rid of Chen Xuan after all these years. There was a mole in the upper echelons of Brightmoon City! So it was the Shi clan…” Jiang Luofu was so startled by this information, she forgot to kick him away immediately.

“Is this enough to bring down the Shi clan?” Zu An asked.

That fella Shi Kun really is an annoying prick. He even has such a huge clan backing him! He is way too dangerous to have as an enemy.

“How could it be that easy…” Jiang Luofu was just about to reply, but her beautiful brows came together in a frown. “Have you had your fill of touching me? Let go already!”

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