Chapter 244: Getting Too Worked Up

On the second floor, Xie Xiu’s handsome face had gone completely red.

Xie Daoyun was covering her mouth, desperately trying to contain her laughter as she rocked back and forth on her seat. It took a while for her to finally recover her composure. “Ah Xiu, I always thought that you were extremely shameless by constantly provoking other girls. But today, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in terms of shamelessness, you are a mere junior.”

Xie Xiu said in annoyance, “Don’t try to stop me! I am going down to have a proper talk with him! Being inferior to him in other aspects is something I can endure, but how could I possibly lose to him in terms of handsomeness?!”

He recalled the scene from the dungeon again, and it was clear that there was one area in which he could never hope to compare. How could he tolerate losing in other areas as well?

“Who is stopping you?” Xie Daoyun blinked her eyes, her face full of amusement. “Hurry up and go, then. Everyone in the hall can be the judge of who is the more handsome between the two of you.”

“There’s no way I could end up as the loser!” As he took in the sea of people below, Xie Xiu’s handsome face burned up. “Big sis, you’re learning from bad examples.”

Xie Daoyun’s face reddened slightly. “Isn’t it because I’ve hung around guys like you for too long? All of your dirt is rubbing off on me.”

All those who knew what Zu An and Xie Xiu looked like were dumbstruck. Just where did this fella get his confidence from? He dared pretend to be the young master of the City Lord’s Estate in front of so many people?

You’re just a puny little drafted son-in-law, so stop thinking you’re all that!

Only Wei Suo gave him a big thumbs-up. “As expected of this humble one’s boss! No wonder you have won the hearts of so many exceptional beauties!”

“You know nothing! It’s because of his…” His big brother Wei Hongde cut himself off with a strangled croak. His expression became extremely ugly.

Damn it, I’m thinking about it again!

“Because of what?” Because Wei Suo was too weak, he hadn’t entered the dungeon. Everyone else who had entered had tacitly agreed to keep events strictly confidential, so not even a well-informed gossipmonger like him knew a thing.

“Nothing. Don’t ask about it.” Wei Hongde said with a huff, turning his attention back to this scene.

Chu Yucheng and the others had grown wise to the red-haired man’s considerable prowess. They didn’t dare recklessly charge at him again, and regrouped at Zu An’s side.

Seeing Zu An’s unconcerned expression, a strange feeling welled up within them. Was this guy too stupid, or was there something wrong with his head? Why didn’t he feel any fear?

After all, in their eyes, this fellow’s strength was far beneath their own.

“Be careful. He might be at the sixth rank.” Wang Yuanlong didn’t know about Zu An’s secrets. He was extremely grateful to Zu An for helping them out, so he felt compelled to warn him. He was worried that Zu An might be in danger because the latter wasn’t reading the situation correctly.

Unexpectedly, Zu An dismissed his warning nonchalantly. “Just the sixth rank? Previously, I fought a grandmaster to a standstill! What is so special about someone at the sixth rank?”

Zhang Han had been at the ninth rank, and Shi Lezhi, at the eighth rank. Not to mention that Devouring Kun that Shi Kun had summoned. He had fought against all of them before.

He wasn’t sure of big sis empress’ cultivation level, but he figured that she was at least at the grandmaster level. The two of them had exchanged several hundred blows. Even though he’d made it through because of the Heiress Ball of Delights, he had still experienced what it was like to fight against an extremely powerful opponent. That was why a sixth rank cultivator really didn’t scare him.

Clearly, no one else shared his thoughts. A strange silence fell across the hall. Then, everyone present erupted into thunderous laughter.

“Did this guy go mad?”

“Fought a grandmaster to a standstill? Who does he think he is?”

“I reckon just a breath of air from a grandmaster would kill him!”

“Forget about a grandmaster, he’s probably never even met a ninth rank cultivator in his entire life!”

Mockery and ridicule erupted from all around him. It was clear that no one believed him.

On the second floor, Xie Daoyun’s beautiful brows drew together in a frown. “Did you guys face a grandmaster in the dungeon?”

Xie Xiu shook his head. “No, but a power greater than the ninth rank appeared within, so there is a chance that he came into contact with it. But a grandmaster… he is probably bluffing.”

Xue Daoyun snorted. “I despise men who lie, let alone those who stoop to such absurd and obvious ones. Not only is he dishonest, but he has no wisdom to boot. He really is a disappointing man.”

Xie Xiu observed a moment of silence for Zu An. His sister was an easygoing and gentle soul, and always treated others in a graceful and dignified manner. He had never seen her castigate someone so thoroughly before.

Pei Mianman, who was in another room, didn’t share her opinion. She exclaimed in surprise, “Did this fellow really face a grandmaster before?”

After all, the two of them had fought fiercely before. Although she’d fought with all of her strength—barring her use of her elemental power—she still hadn’t been able to deal with him.

At that point in time, it seemed that he had just started cultivating.

His strength really couldn’t be judged using conventional means, and so the idea of him fighting against those of a higher rank wasn’t impossible.

However, she still shook her head, dispelling this thought.

Grandmaster? That’s just too absurd.

Chu Hongcai and the others who stood together with Zu An were trapped under the intense stares of the crowd. All of them were completely embarrassed.

If Zu An hadn’t just helped them out, they might have already run far away.

“I never expected the glorious young master Xie to be so arrogant. Grandmaster? Heh.” The red haired man sneered.

In his second-floor room, Xie Xiu ground his teeth audibly.

This was the same as getting kicked while he was already down!

Zu An met his sneer with an equally cold laugh. “I would never hide my name! I already told all of you my distinguished name. Isn’t it only proper that you should reveal your own as well?”

That red haired man said proudly, “I am Xuan Cheng!”

Zu An replied, “Never heard of you.”

He gave his companions around him a quick look. Chu Yucheng, Chu Hongcai, and even Wang Yuanlong shook their heads. They had never heard of this person before either.

“After tonight, my great name will echo through Brightmoon City. Let’s start with you.”

The red haired man didn’t seem angered. He stared straight at Zu An. “Since you claim to have faced a grandmaster, do you dare to endure three strikes from me?”

Zu An gave him a mocking smile, and replied in a leisurely manner, “I seem to remember someone saying that he would have reservations if he were facing either the young miss of the Chu clan, or this humble Xie Xiu.Could you be feeling scared now? Are you deliberately offering me this ‘three strikes’ agreement to give yourself a way out? After all, we all know you can’t afford to offend either me or my father, the City Lord.”

The red-haired man exploded in fury. “Your mom can eat dogshit!”

A loud noise came from upstairs, as if a teacup had been smashed.

Xie Daoyun’s face was entirely red. “This bastard dares to curse my mother!”

On the other side, Xie Xiu rolled his eyes. “Sis, aren’t you getting too worked up? I am right here. The one down there is Zu An.”

“Of course I know that!” Xie Daoyun grudgingly acknowledged that her reaction had been a little excessive. However, she continued stubbornly, “But that guy doesn’t know! He thinks the one he is talking to is Xie Xiu, and yet he still cursed his mother. Isn’t that the same as humiliating our mother?!”

Xie Xiu was completely stunned. Was that really the way this worked?

No wonder he could never understand it when the girls he was courting became upset.

Zu An noticed some Rage points coming in, and his expression grew serious.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 444 Rage points!

Chen Xuan?

His mind was immediately shaken. Chen Xuan, Xuan Cheng!

Xuan Cheng should be Chen Xuan’s alias.

He recalled Chu Chuyan warning him about a Great Bandit Chen Xuan, who operated outside Brightmoon City and plundered the merchant caravans plying the trade routes. The Chu clan’s caravans had been robbed multiple times by his gang.

Because of his high cultivation and elusiveness, they had never been able to completely eradicate them.

Why is this fellow suddenly so brazen, even daring to enter the city? Also, why does no one here recognize him? His red hair is so conspicuous!

Zu An was momentarily puzzled, but he quickly recovered his composure. This fella is rumored to be extremely vicious, so he must have silenced all those who have seen him. This would explain why nobody recognizes his appearance, and also why he dares to strut about in the city so openly.

“You’ve succeeded in angering me. I wanted to leave you with your life out of respect for City Lord Xie. However, since you don’t treasure your life at all, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Chen Xuan was always wild and arrogant, and never hesitated once he made the decision to kill someone. So many irritating things had already happened to him since he’d entered the city, and now, this fellow even dared to provoke him? He was way past his boiling point. So what if he was the young master of the City Lord Estate? He couldn’t care less right now!

“Why is this place suddenly so lively today?” A soft and gentle voice cut through the tension. It was beautiful enough to soften even the hardest heart.

“It’s Lady Qiu!”

“Lady Qiu!”

Everyone in the Immortal Abode began to cheer. They immediately turned their attention towards the second floor, losing all interest in the fight between the two boorish men.

Even the previously-cautious Chu Hongcai couldn’t resist turning around, his eyes completely entranced.

The red-haired man—who had, just a moment ago, been hollering murderous threats—also looked towards the second floor. He wanted to see for himself which gorgeous chick this pretty voice belonged to.

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