Chapter 234: Retaliation

Ji Dengtu immediately grabbed his collar. “What did you do to Xiaoxi?”

“Big bro, calm down, calm down.” How could Zu An have anticipated such a reaction? He immediately cried out in injustice. “I didn’t do anything to her!”

“Then why are you making me ask her if that thing of yours has healed or not?” A dangerous glint shone in Ji Dengtu’s eyes. His usual, sloppy demeanor was nowhere to be seen. 

“She asked me about it, so I told her everything that happened!” Zu An was completely stupefied. Do all fathers become like this when other men approach their daughters? Do they just presume that they will all act like hungry pigs presented with cabbage?

Only then did Ji Dengtu’s expression ease. However, he immediately thought of something that made his brows shoot up again. “Why would you two be talking about such matters?”

“Miss Ji is a naturally kind person. After all, isn’t it normal to show concern for a friend?” Zu An tried to peel the divine physician’s hand away from his collar. “Besides, she has always studied medicine earnestly. When presented with such a difficult case, she would obviously be interested in the treatment method.”

After saying this much, his temper began to flare. “How could you have the nerve to bring this up? If Xiaoxi hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known that your seal-lifting pill was just haphazardly put together! You didn’t even know if it would work or not!”

This allayed the last of Ji Dengtu’s suspicions. He loosened his grip and said with an embarrassed chuckle, “I didn’t tell you about that because the psychological aspect of treatment is also extremely important. On top of that, I had seventy- to eighty-percent confidence in the medicine working…”

He slowly trailed off, his voice becoming quieter as his self-belief waned. 

Heh! Zu An sneered. Like I’ll believe you! Old bastard, you really are something. If my body hadn’t undergone that Primordial Origin Sutra’s tempering, I would’ve been completely scammed twice over!

“Please don’t be so angry,” Ji Dengtu chuckled, “Aren’t you all fine now? I can tell that your vitality is brimming, and your Sea of Yin Pulse far stronger and steadier than the average man’s. Shouldn’t you be happy instead?”

Happy my ass! However, in reality, Zu An was a little scared. This guy measured my pulse in the brief moment he grabbed my collar… This level of medical expertise really is frightening.

Ji Dengtu suddenly put away his smile. “Even so, stay further away from Xiaoxi in the future. You’re not allowed to get close to her anymore,” he said seriously.

“Why?” Zu An was stunned. Ji Xiaoxi was cute and kind, and she treated him well. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

“There is no ‘why’.” Ji Dengtu snorted. “I didn’t mind the two of you being friends before because your thing was useless. Now that it’s working fine, there’s no way I’ll let you harm my precious daughter.”

Zu An’s eyes flew wide open when he heard the word ‘useless’. Could you not be so direct…

Ji Dengtu looked at him with a strange expression, adding, “Besides, you even wrote that type of book. Your head is definitely filled with trash. How could I possibly feel at ease knowing you’re around my daughter?”

Zu An just stared.

I’m being bloody wronged here!!! Wasn’t it you who wanted to read those types of books? I didn’t even author those books!

“Let’s stop talking about such gloomy matters.” Ji Dengtu changed the topic, looping his arm around Zu An again. “Let’s not let such things come between men like us… by the way, when can I get part two of Principal Gao’s story from you?”

“The second part of that story is temporarily unavailable.” Zu An said through gritted teeth, “But there is another story available. Do you want it or not?”

“Ah… there is no part two?” Ji Dengtu’s face was filled with disappointment. “Is the new story as good as that other one?”

“It is, it’s definitely even more exciting and wonderful. I guarantee that you’ll feel things you’ve never felt before.” Zu An had a rather strange smile on his face. Back then, for the sake of receiving Ji Dengtu’s treatment, he’d prepared several books in reserve to cater to his tastes.

There were all sorts of different books. He just didn’t know which one this fellow would like.

Who would’ve thought that a single story of Principal Gao was enough to do him in? As such, he hadn’t been in a rush to give out any of the other books.

Now, however, a special opportunity finally presented itself.

“Even more exciting and wonderful?” Ji Dengtu’s eyes lit up. He demanded impatiently, “Where is it? Hurry and give it to me, give it to me!”

“Wait here for a bit.” Zu An quickly ran back to his room. He fished out a green-covered book from the chest beneath his bed, an evil smile spreading across his face.

He rushed back to Ji Dengtu, who was looking about anxiously, constantly pacing about like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“Here.” Zu An tossed the green booklet into his hands.

Ji Dengtu’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t resist taking a peek. Zu An immediately stopped him. “Go read it by yourself when you get home. It won’t be good if you get caught reading this in the Chu Estate”

His words made sense to Ji Dengtu. If he got worked up while reading, there was no way he could do anything to himself in such a public place. It would be much better if he slowly enjoyed it in his room. Once he was in the mood, he could close the curtains, and then…

Ji Dengtu looked like a man who had just obtained a priceless treasure. Zu An sneered inwardly. This work is a bit special… the color of its cover reflects its contents. [1]

While some of these elements were present in books like the one he had previously given to Ji Dengtu, the focus was still on the main girl and the side chicks. It was enough just to substitute one of those side chicks or the main girl with someone familiar. The male lead was but a pitiful tool.

However, this book was different. It was written in the form of a traditional novel from start to finish, completely from the male lead’s perspective, which compelled the reader to imagine himself in his place. Once he was sucked into the lush green plot, it would be too late for him.

As the plot unfolded, and the numerous intimate possibilities began to grow and develop, the reader would find his excitement aroused, leaving him throbbing in anticipation of his fantasies being fulfilled… only to be hit in the face with wave after wave of green-tinted shame.

Apart from a few freaks who found such a story satisfying, most ordinary people who read this would be completely depressed. For some, it could even cloud their minds permanently, like a kind of mental impotence.

It’s all Ji Dengtu’s own fault for bullying me just now. This’ll teach him a lesson.

He could already see the depression and lack of faith in the world that would surely engulf Ji Dengtu’s face after he finished the book. He subconsciously smiled at the thought.

“Brat, what are you laughing about?” Ji Dengtu looked at him suspiciously.

“It’s nothing. I was just happy that my seal was removed.” Zu An explained.

“That’s indeed something to feel happy about.” Ji Dengtu’s relief was palpable. By this time, the two of them had already left the Chu estate. Looking around furtively, he dragged Zu An to a remote corner. “By the way, since you were able to get Qin Wanru’s underwear last time, could you grab another set for me?”

“What happened to the set I got you the last time?” Zu An’s brows furrowed. He really didn’t want to talk about this matter anymore. Previously, Snow had been a hated enemy whom he had thought to get rid of more than once, and so he’d passed off her underwear as Qin Wanru’s. Who would have expected the two of them to grow so close afterwards?

His spirits fell immediately. I really suffered a huge loss this time…

“When I got home the last time, Xiaoxi’s little aunt found out and confiscated it…” Ji Dengtu’s voice was filled with grief. That sister-in-law of his was a horrible person through and through!

“What?!” Zu An looked as regretful as Ji Dengtu on the surface, but he was overjoyed inside. Gorgeous principal, you’re the best! I’ll have to find a chance to properly thank you later!

“Help me look around. If you find another set, I’ll agree to anything you ask of me!” Worried that Zu An wouldn’t take his request seriously, Ji Dengtu patted his chest in a gesture of reassurance. “This Ji Dengtu’s reputation is still worth something! Far too many people want me in their debt, but the disdain I feel towards these contemptible creatures cannot be fathomed!”

Zu An cursed silently. You want me to steal Madam’s personal clothes for you? Won’t I be beaten to death if I’m caught? On top of that, how could I ever face Chu Chuyan in the future?

However, the words this lecher had used finally hit home. “You’ll really agree to anything?”

It seems this fella really has been infatuated with Qin Wanru for too long, he is actually willing to put up so much. If a piece of damn cloth really can be exchanged for that cute and adorable Ji Xiaoxi, then it might be worth the risk.

“Anything.” Ji Dengtu suddenly froze. As if he had read Zu An’s mind, he immediately added, “Except my daughter.”

“Am I really that type of person?!” Zu An yelled immediately. However, it seemed a strange coincidence. How did this fellow end up thinking along the same lines as himself? Could it be that they were the same type of person after all?

“All right. It’s settled, then.”

Not only had he been able to berate Chu Zhongtian, his long time adversary, as if he were scolding a grandchild, he had even obtained a new book and secured such a wonderful deal.

Ji Dengtu’s mood was excellent. He swaggered off with his head high and chest out, walking home like he was the hottest thing on the block.


In contrast to his high spirits, in a study within another of Brightmoon City’s residences, Shi Kun paced back and forth anxiously.

There was a sudden knock at the door. He was usually one to wait patiently as others opened it, but this time, he found himself at the door not a second later. “What is it? Has Elder Shi been found?”

“Not yet. We’ve already checked all possible locations, but there is still no sign of Elder Shi,” his subordinate reported with a grave expression.

“How could this be?” Shi Kun muttered to himself. He staggered backwards a few steps and fell into a chair.

After sending Shi Lezhi out the day before to catch that traitor Qiao Xueying, he had waited patiently in this room. He had been full of expectation, looking forward to enjoying that elf princess for himself.

However, after waiting for a long time without receiving any news, he’d ended up dozing off. When he awoke with a start the next morning, Shi Lezhi had yet to return.

His first reaction was to erupt in anger. He thought that Shi Lezhi had somehow acted  on his own, perhaps even bringing Qiao Xueying to a secluded place to use her for his own pleasure.

After all, Shi Lezhi had brought a Shi family’s special aphrodisiac with him that could make even the purest girl completely lose herself. Snow was such a pretty thing, and so it wouldn’t have surprised him if Shi Lezhi had been unable to hold back.

However, he calmed himself down and cast aside this suspicion. Shi Lezhi had served the Shi clan for many years, and had always remained loyal and devoted. He also understood the price of betraying the Shi clan, and would never have chosen such folly.

As such, the only possible explanation was that something had gone wrong.

He immediately sent out all of the men he had under him, yet none of them could find Shi Lezhi.

“Could it be the Chu clan?” Another subordinate asked. “I heard that an assassin intruded into the Chu Estate last night, and the Chu clan members… killed him.”

1. Green is the color of cuckolding. The Chinese phrase “to wear a green hat” is used to describe a cuckold.

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