Chapter 233: Daughter-Doting Devils

“What do you mean by ‘unnecessary’?” Zu An asked, turned his head towards her.

Qin Wanru’s breath caught for a moment. “You can’t be stupid enough not to know such things, can you?”

Zu An shrugged. “They were both Chuyan’s uncles, so why can't I tell them anything?”

“You told them?” Qin Wanru’s eyes widened in anger.

“I didn’t. I just don’t know why I can’t tell them.” Zu An said. He wanted to take advantage of this situation to figure out what was really going on inside the Chu clan.

“That’s good.” Qin Wanru’s expression mellowed. “This matter concerns our Chu clan’s future, so we have to keep it quiet.”

When Qin Wanru thought about how they would all be living under the same roof, and how difficult it would be for him to avoid contact with the second and third branches in the future, she added, “Even though they are Chuyan’s uncles, they aren’t from the same branch. Everyone has their own considerations, so it’s best to be careful.”

Zu An nodded. “Understood.”

It looks like the three branches of the Chu clan only seem to get along on the surface… but this isn’t too shocking. In a large clan, a clash of interests will make even blood brothers hostile towards each other, and Chu Tiesheng, Chu Yuepo and Chu Zhongtian are only cousins.

The two of them swiftly arrived at Chu Chuyan’s room, which was being guarded by the butler, Hong Zhong.

A flash of surprise crossed Hong Zhong’s face when he saw Zu An accompanying Qin Wanru, but he quickly made it disappear. He stepped aside to allow them to enter.

The two of them walked into the bedroom. Chu Zhongtian was seated slightly away from the bed, a grave expression on his face. Ji Dengtu was on one side of the screen, holding three thin threads that were connected to Chu Chuyan’s wrist. His eyes were closed, and he stroked his beard subconsciously while sensing her pulse.

Bao Youlu stood beside him with an envious expression. This type of suspended-thread pulse-measuring method was something he never had the privilege of learning. As expected of the publicly-acknowledged divine physician!

Chu Huanzhao sat beside her older sister on the other side of the screen, her expression nervous. Even though Zu An had reassured her the previous day, she was unable to fully banish her anxiety.

Chu Zhongtian nodded slightly to acknowledge their arrival, before returning to his own thoughts.

Ji Dengtu turned his head towards Qin Wanru, a cheeky expression on his face.

Qin Wanru’s brows furrowed slightly. However, she didn’t lose her temper, but sat quietly at Chu Zhongtian’s side, gently holding his hand.

When he saw this, Ji Dengtu clicked his tongue, his expression clearly annoyed.

Zu An watched calmly as this mini-drama unfolded. It seems like the rumors of Ji Dengtu pursuing Qin Wanru in his younger years were true! However, Qin Wanru is surprisingly devoted to Chu Zhontian.

This does make sense though. Not only is Chu Zhongtian handsome, he is also a mighty duke, a high-quality man in any world. Even though Ji Dengtu doesn’t look too bad himself, he is a bit too sloppy, and is only a doctor. There’s no way for him to compete with a glorious duke.

Isn’t it obvious who the ladies would pick?

Zu An sighed inwardly. Having a pretty wife means you’ll always be the target of others’ envy! The previous Chu Tiesheng, now Ji Dengtu, even Shi Leizhi from yesterday!

Father-in-law, be careful not to let your backyard catch fire!

Ji Dengtu retracted the three threads. The members of the Chu clan immediately got to their feet and asked, “Divine Physician Ji, how is her condition?”

Ji Dengtu answered, “I’ve just finished my examination of young miss Chu’s pulse. Even though the frost has entered her body and the condition looks hopeless, I can still vaguely sense a hint of vitality. It isn’t as bad as how all of you previously described it to be.”

Zu An noticed Ji Dengtu’s body giving off some sort of radiance as he spoke. Although this fellow always seemed sloppy, it seemed that his aura was completely different when speaking about his specialization. 

Did this scoundrel rely on this side of him to swindle Ji Xiaoxi’s mother back then? Otherwise, it’s really too hard to imagine how the mother of that pretty and lovely Ji Xiaoxi actually ended up with this slovenly lecher!

Speaking of which, Ji Xiaoxi has yet to mention anything about her mother. I didn’t see a lady boss the last time I visited their house, and I know nothing at all about her mother.

“Is that really the case?” Chu Zhongtian actually jumped for joy.

Bao Youlu was skeptical. After all, when he had checked Chu Chuyan’s pulse the day before, she had already been beyond saving. However, Ji Dengtu’s reputation was just too great… There was a moment of doubt, and he slowly lost confidence in his own diagnosis.

Ji Dengtu shot Chu Zhongtian with an annoyed look. “Dumb Chu, are you really doubting my skill in my own field?”

Hearing his past nickname used in front of the juniors, Chu Zhongtian’s face flushed beet red. At any other time, he might have tried to pummel him there and then. However, the health of his own daughter was on the line, so he swallowed his urge to snap back at him. “How should we treat her, then?”

“Don’t celebrate so quickly.” Ji Dengtu’s expression turned solemn. “Your precious daughter’s situation is extremely strange. Even though there is a strand of vitality in her pulse, this life-force seems to lack roots, as if it might disappear at any time. The frost in her body has already permeated all of her internal organs, making it practically impossible to extract through external means. Those areas are far too weak. The slightest mistake from an outsider would leave behind irreversible injuries, and perhaps even end her life directly.”

On the other side of the screen, Chu Chuyan’s expression flickered. What Ji Dengtu said was identical to what Ah Zu had said last night. Just where exactly did this fellow learn all this medical knowledge?

“What if she tries to eliminate the frost herself?” Chu Zhongtian probed. “Chuyan’s cultivation has always been the strongest among her peers.”

His face was full of pride as he said this.

Ji Dengtu snorted. “Dumb Chu, what do you know? Chu Chuyan practices an ice cultivation technique, so her elemental ki is also ice-based. Using cold to fight against cold will only worsen her injuries and speed up her demise.”

Even after being put down by Ji Dengtu, Chu Zhongtian restrained himself. After all, it was his own rotten idea.

Ji Dengtu savored Chu Zhongtian’s constipated expression. He had never felt such a refreshing feeling before. The duke’s face was flushed entirely red, but there was no way for him to refute Ji Dengtu’s admonishment. 

Seeing her husband bullied, Qin Wanru couldn’t help but become upset. She said coldly, “Since we do not know what to do, what does Divine Physician Ji wisely suggest?”

Ji Dengtu’s expression stiffened. With an embarrassed laugh, he said, “This… is something I still have to ponder. However, even if she is treated, young miss Chu’s cultivation is most likely forfeit. At the very least, it will be far more inferior than before.”

“What?!” His pronouncement shocked everyone present. Qin Wanru’s reaction was strongest. “This won’t do, this definitely won’t do. Chuyan has always been the strongest among her peers. If... if…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence.

Ji Dengtu’s expression turned grim. “You need to understand that, with young miss Chu’s current condition, keeping her alive would be the best we can do. Nothing is perfect in this world.”

Bao Youlu echoed his sentiments. “Indeed. It is a pity that this old one’s skills are inferior, and was insufficient to even save young miss Chu’s life. If Divine Physician Ji can save her, that is already far beyond my expectations. Preserving the young miss’ cultivation might be impossible even if a daoist immortal descended upon this room.”

Zu An’s wore a strange expression. He wondered if he should step forward and at least put on some sort of act.

Behind the screen, Chu Chuyan and Chu Huanzhao were both looking at him clearly sharing his thoughts.

Sensing their pleading gazes, Zu An’s chest puffed out slightly.

Forget it, forget it. With big sis empress still asleep, it’s better for me to keep a low-profile. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. I’ll only end up bringing disaster onto myself.

Divine Physician Ji elaborated on a few other noteworthy matters before getting up to take his leave. He still had to ponder over the treatment method.

Even though Chu Zhongtian was full of bitterness, this man had indeed saved his daughter’s life, so he had to see him off.

He never expected that Ji Dengtu would wave a dismissive hand at him. “Just seeing your face makes me irritated. You don’t have to see me out.”

Chu Zhongtian’s face immediately turned darker than charcoal. Beside him, Qin Wanru gently patted his hand in consolation before ordering Hong Zhong to see the divine physician out.

“There’s no need, really. It’s enough if this brat accompanies me.” Ji Dengtu randomly pointed at Zu An.

Everyone in the room was stunned. None of them expected this divine physician to regard Zu An so highly!

Only Zu An alone roughly guessed the real reason.

Qin Wanru’s brows furrowed. She said to Zu An, “Since Sir Ji wants you to see him out, then you should do it properly. Sir Ji is our estate’s esteemed guest, so you must not act carelessly.”

Zu An cursed silently. If you let me borrow two sets of your underwear, he might not even be offended if I spat in his face.

He obviously didn’t dare say this out loud. He merely bowed to show that he understood.. He then looked towards Ji Dengtu. “Divine Physician Ji, this way please.”

“Hmph!” Ji Dengtu wore a proud expression, strutting out in front without a single look at Zu An.

Not long after the two had left the residence, Chu Tiesheng and Chu Yuepo emerged from goodness-knows-where. Both of them greeted Divine Physician Ji fawningly while giving him some precious gifts, trying to ferret out any information they could about Chu Chuyan’s condition.

Ji Dengtu was no fool. He happily accepted their gifts, and rattled off a load of nonsense without actually saying anything.

They left the two of them behind in a confused muddle, completely at a loss as to what Divine Physician Ji’s words really meant.

Zu An was inwardly impressed. This fella takes money without doing any work, yet he can somehow avoid incurring any resentment. Just how many gifts did he receive in order to train this skill?

After noticing that there was no one left around them, Ji Dengtu dropped his cold, prideful demeanor in favor of a flattering smile. He looped an arm intimately around Zu An. “So, my little bro, about that book you wrote last time. Where’s part two?”

“I didn’t write it, I don’t have it, don’t speak any nonsense.” Zu An refuted him directly three times.

“I understand, I understand.” Ji Dengtu put on the knowing expression of a fellow bro. “Your literary skills are so cultured and refined, heheh, if Xiaoxi’s little aunt were to see it…”

Dark streaks appeared on Zu An’s forehead. I’m suffering more injustice than Dou E! If I had known ahead of time that I would run into that gorgeous principal, I would’ve given you something else.[1]

“What happens in the second half? Come on, I need an update! I promise I won’t tell anyone else.” Ji Dengtu pressured him. The book really did get his blood pumping, but it lacked freshness, having been used too many times. He needed some new inspiration.

“I’ll check to see if there’s a sequel when I have the time.” Zu An felt a huge headache coming on. He had planned to stop doing this, but he really didn’t want to offend such a powerful divine physician.

“Hahaha! Good, good. I don’t know how you managed to write such a masterpiece even though you can’t use your thing. Could it be that the more pure the man, the better you are at imagining these things?” Ji Dengtu cackled.

Zu An ground his teeth so hard it hurt.

Where’s my damned knife?

“That’s right, I heard from the Chu clan that you fed the Evanescent Lotus to Chu Chuyan. You were actually willing to part with something like that?” Ji Dengtu had a strange smile on his face. “Did your thing recover?”

“Go ask your daughter, she knows.” Zu An scoffed in annoyance.

Ji Dengtu stopped dead in his tracks.

“What did you just say?!” a maddened voice yelled out.

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 999 Rage points!

A wave of powerful pressure swallowed Zu An, completely immobilizing him.

1. Dou E is the main character in the play The Injustice to Dou E. She was framed for a crime by a jilted suitor, and was wrongfully executed.

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