Chapter 222: No Wonder He’s So Weak

“???” Zu An.

Unable to believe what he had just heard, he asked once more to seek clarification, “What did you say?” 

“My mother carries prejudice for you, so there’s no way she would allow you to treat my older sister. So, I knocked her out,” explained Chu Huanzhao. “I used chloroform.”

Zu An’s face darkened. “How in the world did you manage to get your hands on that kind of stuff?”

“Well, I got them for entertainment purposes. Besides chloroform, I also have laxatives, aphrodisiacs, and many others. You don’t know how fun it was to play with those maids and servants back then. It’s just a pity that they began avoiding me soon after, running frantically as soon as they see me,” remarked Chu Huanzhao regrettably.

It was only then that Zu An remembered that this lass was a demon. When he first transmigrated into this world, Chu Huanzhao sent a dog to chase him all around and whipped him up good. He had clearly taken those to his mind, though their recently improving relationship had changed his perception of her by a fair bit.

“I took a huge risk to help you, so you better make sure you treat my big sister!” Chu Huanzhao swung her fist furiously as she stared at him with a not-very-threatening expression.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me!” said Zu An with a nod.

It just so happened that Cheng Shouping returned at this moment and said, “Young master, I’ve got what you asked me. Ah, the Second Miss is here too?”

Chu Huanzhao ignored Cheng Shouping and walked straight to Zu An side, craning her neck over to see the items that Zu An got. “What are these?”

“These are the key items to save your older sister’s life,” said Zu An as he quickly packed them up after checking them. “Let’s go. We need to make haste.”

“Young master, what are you planning to do? Is there anything I can do to help?’ Cheng Shouping revealed a fawning smile.

“There is,” replied Zu An.

“What is it? Feel free to ask anything of me. I’ll be more than willing to brave through a mountain of flames for you!” Cheng Shouping patted his chest as he gave his promise. 

It looks like I’ve really gotten on the right boat this time around. Given how close the Second Miss is to the young master, even if the First Miss abandons him in the future, he can still hook up to the Second Miss and continue mooching off the Chu clan.

“Shut your mouth and head back to your room,” said Zu An. Chu Chuyan’s current state was a confidential secret in the Chu clan. If news were to leak and the other clans learned of this matter, it would pose a disastrous blow to the Chu clan. Given Cheng Shouping’s leaky mouth, there was no way he would tell the other party this matter.

“Consider that done!” Cheng Shouping didn’t look disappointed in the least. He zipped his mouth up and obediently marched his way back to his room.

Chu Huanzhao was still panicking a moment ago, but Cheng Shouping’s response brought a smile to her face. “That study companion of yours really is an interesting guy.”

Zu An was also surprised to see how obedient he was. “I guess he has been struck down by life too many times that he’s finally learning to tone it down.”

The two of them rushed over to Chu Chuyan’s room. There were some guards at the entrance of the room who tried to stop them. However, when they saw that it was Chu Huanzhao, they stepped aside and allowed them to pass. 

Zu An was deeply displeased. What’s with this? I, the young master of the Chu clan, am here to visit my wife, but they are only allowing me to pass on Chu Huanzhao’s account?

There was no one in Chu Chuyan’s room, not even a maid at all. There was only Qin Wanru lying unconscious by the side of the bed, seemingly deep in sleep. Her figure was much more voluptuous compared to Chu Chuyan and Chu Huanzhao, but oddly enough, she didn’t appear plump.

Looking at her moving profile, Zu An had to admit that she was indeed blessed with good looks. It was just a pity that her mouth was even worse than Snow’s.

Zu An felt that Huanzhao was really brave for leaving her mother unconscious all alone here. Wasn’t she afraid that something would happen to her mother while she was gone?

“Where’s Physician Bao?” asked Zu An as he took a look around.

“I drove him away. Since he doesn’t know how to treat my big sister, he’d just be a waste of space here.” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed.

“Are you sure it isn’t because you’re afraid that he would notice that you’ve drugged your mother?” asked Zu An skeptically.

Chu Huanzhao’s face reddened a little as she exclaimed, “That’s just part of the reason. Aiyo, let’s not bother with the details now, alright! Hurry up and treat my big sister!”

Chu Chuyan’s faint voice sounded from the bed at this moment. “Huanzhao, is that you?”

Chu Huanzhao quickly rushed over to her side and pulled the curtains aside. There was no outsider at the moment, so there was no need for them to hide anything. “Big sis, it’s me.”

A chilling frost immediately gushed out as soon as the curtain was parted. Chu Chuyan could be seen lying on the bed with a pale face. 

When she saw Zu An, a hint of redness crept onto her cheeks as she remarked, “You… are here too?”

Zu An nodded. “Don’t worry, I can save you.”

Chu Chuyan shook her head and said, “I know my own condition the best. Haa, if only I knew that things would turn out like this, I wouldn’t have eaten the Evanescent Lotus. It’s a waste on someone like me. If you had eaten it instead, you would have been nearing the fifth rank by now.”

Zu An sat by the edge of the bed as he tucked her hair to the side and said, “Don’t worry. I was able to save you from the dungeon despite being on the verge of death, so naturally, something of this level won’t faze me.”

Chu Huanzhao was a little surprised to see this. She knew her older sister wasn’t the type to allow a man to get so close to her, but she wasn’t reacting at all to Zu An’s touch. Did something happen between the two of them that I don’t know of?

Chu Chuyan thought about how she was saved in the dungeon, and her heart immediately began pounding hard. However, it aggravated her wounds a little, and she started coughing right away.

Zu An quickly helped her up and patted her back softly to soothe her discomfort.


Chu Chuyan spat out a small mouthful of blood that was filled with bits of ice. Even the warmth of her blood wasn’t able to melt those ice fragments, and they emanated a chilling air.

Chu Huanzhao’s eyes immediately reddened upon seeing that. “Big sis!”

“I’m fine. I’ve been in this condition for quite some time now,” said Chu Chuyan as she forced out a smile. She suddenly noticed Qin Wanru lying unconscious next to her and exclaimed in horror, “What’s wrong with mother?”

Chu Huanzhao wiped off her tears and explained in embarrassment, “Well, no matter what I said, she wouldn’t allow brother-in-law to treat you, so I… I knocked her out.”

“You knocked her out?” Chu Chuyan immediately straightened her body, which sent her into a fit of coughing once more.

Chu Huanzhao protested indignantly, “What else could I do? She simply doesn’t listen at all!”

“…” Chu Chuyan.

She looked at her little sister with a complicated look on her face as she asked, “Why are you so confident that he would be able to save me, even going to the extent of…”

Chu Huanzhao bit her lips and replied, “I feel like all of you have been misunderstanding him. He’s not a person to lie about such serious matters. He didn’t lie about being confident at the Clans Tournament, and I don’t think that he’s lying about this either. Big sis, you should believe a little more in him too.”

Zu An was moved to hear those words. Ahhh, my sister-in-law is really the best. It’s only due to your presence that the Chu clan doesn’t feel that cold.

Seeing how agitated her younger sister was, Chu Chuyan sighed deeply and said, “I believe in him too… but let’s move mother to the wooden bed over there so that she can lie down. It wouldn’t do to leave her here.”

Chu Huanzhao pushed Zu An forward and said, “Brother-in-law, I’ll be leaving it to you.”

She had a small figure which made it inconvenient for her to carry Qin Wanru.

Zu An wanted to say that it was inappropriate, but Chu Chuyan wasn’t saying anything about it either. On top of that, the two sisters seemed to be secretly exchanging words with one another.

So, he reluctantly walked over and carried the unconscious Qin Wanru up. As she had completely lost her consciousness, it was much harder to hold her up properly. Fortunately, this was the world of cultivation and Zu An’s strength had far surpassed that of any ordinary man. 

He could have never told otherwise, but Qin Wanru’s body was actually incredibly soft. Vaguely, he could smell the scent of roses coming from her.

Zu An recalled having read about some research on the internet in his previous life that women who preferred rose-scented perfume tended to be more sexually active.

That would explain why Chu Zhongtian always had eyebags and looked weak. With such a wife, he’d probably be constantly sapped of his energy.

That being said, perhaps due to her being his mother-in-law, Zu An was unable to harbor any lustful thoughts toward her at all. To be honest, while carrying her to the side, the thought of dumping her onto the stone-cold floor did cross his mind. He could understand why Qin Wanru was prejudiced toward him, but nevertheless, that didn’t mean that he could accept her treating him like this. 

However, upon remembering that Chu Chuyan and Chu Huanzhao were right behind him, he eventually decided against it.

He casually placed her down on the wooden bed before heading back to Chu Chuyan’s side.

“Brother-in-law, how are we going to treat my big sister?” asked Chu Huanzhao anxiously.

Zu AN was just about to speak up when he suddenly remembered something and remarked sheepishly, “Regarding that… I need to discuss it privately with your older sister first.”

Chu Huanzhao was first stunned for a moment before she pouted in dissatisfaction. “Are you trying to get rid of me after all I’ve done for you here? That’s too much!”

Zu An scratched his head awkwardly. “It’s not that I’m trying to get rid of you, but there are some things which your older sister doesn’t want others to know of.”

Those words made Chu Chuyan’s heart skip a beat as she realized what Zu An was getting at. Her face began blushing furiously, but she tried her best to keep a straight expression as she said, “Huanzhao, help me guard the room. Alert us if anyone tries to enter.”

Seeing that she was reluctant to leave, Chu Chuyan added, “What if father happens to return and sees that you’ve knocked out our mother?”

They had been sisters for many years, after all. She knew how she could curb her younger sister.

“He has already headed to the neighboring city, so how could he possibly return that quickly,” murmured Chu Huanzhao. However, she was still unable to shake off the worry of her father returning in advance, so she headed outside to keep watch.

After her younger sister left, Chu Chuyan turned to Zu An and said, “So, how do you intend to save me?”

Zu An stared at her intently and said, “Actually, you already know the answer deep down.”

Chu Chuyan’s face quickly reddened as she averted her eyes. “That won’t do. Definitely not!”

“Why not? It’s not our first time anyway…” replied Zu An.

Chu Chuyan turned her face aside. By this moment, her redness had extended even to her neck. “No means no. It’s not the same as the previous time… If you try to touch me now, I’ll kill you!”

Despite her severely weakened state, her cultivation was still present. As a pinnacle sixth rank cultivator, she was definitely more than capable of killing Zu An in a heartbeat, though it would surely worsen her condition, bringing her a step closer to death.

“Do you hate me that much?” asked Zu An with a frown.

“It’s not because I hate you, but… but… I’m just not prepared…” Chu Chuyan was flustered, not knowing how to explain this. “Anyway, it just won’t do now!”

Zu An could tell that she would surely cause a huge ruckus if he were to force the matter.

Fortunately, he had asked for an alternative in advance. “Forget it, I still have another way out of this. If you still aren’t willing to go along with me for this, there would be nothing I can do anymore.”

“What way?” asked Chu Chuyan anxiously. I’ll be fine with anything as long as it isn’t the embarrassing thing we did in the underground palace. 

Zu An took out a gleaming silver needle and replied, “Acupuncture. I’ll use a special method to stimulate the acupoints in your body so as to release the frost bit by bit.”

Chu Chuyan frowned in doubt. “If it’s that simple, there’s no way Physician Bao wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“You’re right. In fact, I’m the only one in the whole world who is able to do this. Anyone else who tries to do the same will only be harming you,” replied Zu An.

“Why is that so?” asked Chu Chuyan with a frown, not comprehending the basis of Zu An’s confidence.

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