Chapter 221: Bad Daughter

Bao Youlu asked with a smile, “It turns out that the young master knows a bit of medicine too. May I know which divine physician have you studied under?”

Despite his smile, his tone revealed his disdain for Zu An.

Zu An shook his head and said, “I don’t have any divine physician mentor.”

Mi Li immediately protested in his mind, “What do I count as then?”

“You’re my beautiful big sis empress, not my teacher,” replied Zu An.

“That’s more like it.” Mi Li harrumphed. Even though Zu An couldn’t see her expression, he could totally imagine her lips curling up slightly in glee.

Meanwhile, Qin Wanru was already unhappy with Zu An when the latter had to butt in at a moment ago. Unable to take it any longer, she exploded in fury. “If you don’t know anything at all, just step aside and keep your mouth shut! Don’t waste our time here! Zhongtian, you should quickly head to the neighboring city to look for Ji Dengtu. No matter what you do, you have to bring him over!”

“Don’t worry. Our daughter’s life is at stake here, so I’ll make sure to bring him over even if I have to shamelessly beg him. I’ll be leaving the internal affairs here to you then,” replied Chu Zhongtian grimly

Without any hesitation, he flitted out of the room and soon vanished into the night.

Zu An shrugged calmly and walked out too. Qin Wanru frowned a little upon seeing that, but she quickly turned her attention back to her daughter.

“Why did you come out?” asked Mi Li in confusion.

“There’s no way Qin Wanru would trust me no matter what I say, so there’s no point wasting my breath there,” replied Zu An.

“You aren’t going to save your wife anymore?” asked Mi Li teasingly.

Zu An was silent for a moment before replying, “I’ll think of another way out.”

It was then that a beautiful figure suddenly rushed out and exclaimed, “Brother-in-law, wait a moment!”

Zu An turned around to take a look, only to see that it was Chu Huanzhao. His face turned a little gentler as he said, “It’s you, Huanzhao.”

Chu Huanzhao stared at him intently with her large eyes and asked, “Do you really have a way to save my big sister?”

Despite being in a cold war with him earlier on, there was nothing that was more important to her than her big sister’s safety.

“I think it should work,” replied Zu An as he recalled the method Mi Li had taught him. He didn’t think that the latter was fooling him.

“What do you mean by ‘I think’? Will it work or not?” asked Chu Huanzhao anxiously.

“Yes, it’ll work,” replied Zu An affirmatively.

“Very well, I’ll talk to my mother about it then.”

Chu Huanzhao returned back to the room, and soon, loud bickering broke out inside. It was basically Chu Huanzhao insisting on giving Zu An a chance to treat Chu Chuyan and Qin Wanru vehemently rejecting it.

Eventually, Chu Huanzhao ran out with tears in her eyes. She turned to look at Zu An and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you get a chance to save my big sister!” After that, she ran right into the shadows of the night.

Zu An was perplexed as to what she meant by that.

It was then that Qin Wanru marched out angrily and bellowed, “Just what kind of sorcery did you cast on Huanzhao that she’s so sided toward you?”

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Zu An shrugged in response. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Huanzhao is already not young anymore and can come to her own judgment. You’re underestimating your own daughter’s intelligence.”

“I really dislike your slick tongue. I don’t know how you duped our Chuyan back then, but how dare you try to do the same to our Huanzhao? Don’t even dream of it!” Qin Wanru pointed a finger at Zu An as she bellowed furiously. “If I ever find out that you’re getting any ideas on the two of my daughters, I’ll make sure that you die a terrible death!”

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Zu An’s face turned cold. “Are you done speaking yet?”

He was already fed up enough as he was, and this woman still continued prattling on and on, pinning false accusations she dreamed up of on him. He finally had enough of it.

“Y-you…” Qin Wanru was taken aback. She didn’t think that the subservient drafted son-in-law would actually dare to raise his voice at her.

She was just about to rage once more when a maid suddenly exclaimed from behind, “Madame, the young miss is awake!”

Qin Wanru shot a piercing glare at him. “I’ll settle the score with you afterward!”

After saying her piece, she turned around and rushed back into the room.

Meanwhile, Zu An hesitated a bit but didn’t enter. Instead, he asked softly, “Are you sure that chuyan will be fine for the time being?”

“She’s terminally ill, but her condition isn’t that bad as to die within the next two days or so,” replied Mi Li.

Zu An’s heart was finally put at ease. He quickly called Cheng Shouping over and had him gather some medicine he needed from the Chu clan’s medicine vault. Even though the Chu clan was pretty useless in many aspects, at the very least, they had an abundance of resources.

Following that, he got a dummy and started revising what Mi Li taught him.

Despite his high aptitude, he had no experience in treating a patient at all. It was one thing to know some theoretically and another thing to put it into practice. As such, he felt that there was a need to practice in advance.

“What are you doing?” a hoarse voice suddenly sounded out of nowhere.

Shocked, Zu An turned around, only to see Old Mi standing by the doorway.

“You’re here.” Zu An quickly bowed to the other party.

Old Mi glanced at the dummy before asking doubtfully, “Are you learning medicine at the moment?”

“I was just a little curious, so I wanted to give it a try,” replied Zu An sheepishly.

“Are you thinking of figuring out a cure for your seal?” Old Mi revealed a hideous smile. “I heard that you’re on good terms with Divine Physician Ji’s daughter, but don’t get misled by her. Your seal cannot be externally removed. You’re better off focusing on your cultivation so that you can reach Master rank as soon as possible.”

“You’re right, elder.” Zu An had a feeling that he shouldn’t reveal the fact that he had already recovered to the other party.

“I heard that you managed to force the young master of the Shi clan back. It looks like you’ve stumbled upon a fortuitous encounter in the Ursae Dungeon,” remarked Old Mi curiously.

“I was lucky to find an Evanescent Lotus, which increased by cultivation by a bit,” replied Zu An respectfully.

“Evanescent Lotus!” Old Mi’s breathing hastened. “Did you eat it all?”

Zu An shook his head and replied, “I gave most of it to Chuyan in order to save her.”

“Foolish!” Old Mi slapped his thigh furiously as he rose to his feet out of agitation. “Why didn’t you take it for yourself?”

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Zu An was taken aback. He thought that the other party was angry at him for not bringing the Evanescent Lotus, but it turned out that he was angry because he didn’t eat it for himself?

He actually cares so much about me… Could I have misunderstood him?

“Young miss Chu’s ki meridians have been destroyed, and her life was hanging on a thread then. Given that we’re a couple, I couldn’t just leave her to the lurch,” replied Zu An.

“A couple?” sneered Old Mi. “Don’t you know better than anyone else what your relationship with her is like? Is there anyone in this manor who really treats you as a young master of the Chu clan?”

Actually, there is. At least Chu Huanzhao and Cheng Shouping count, right?, thought Zu An. As for Chu Chuyan, to be honest, he wasn’t too sure what she was thinking either. However, since she had allowed him to do it once, she should have somewhat acknowledged him, right?

Old Mi shook his head at Zu An’s naivety and said, “Besides, don’t you know full well how your body is like at the moment? You can’t even do what a man can do, let alone cherish her!”

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“…” Zu An.

Bro, aren’t you being too harsh? If it was me in the past, I would surely be angered out of embarrassment. You’re lucky that I’ve fully recovered, or else I would have definitely held a grudge against you over that.

Seeing that Zu An wasn’t reacting at all, Old Mi lost his interest in scolding Zu An. “Forget it, what’s done is done. There’s nothing I can say that can change things anymore. However, I want you to know that you should prioritize your cultivation. Everything is transient except for true strength. Ah, I heard that Wei Hongde has entered the dungeon too. How is the mission which I’ve entrusted you with going?”

While keeping his expression steady, Zu An replied, “We met up with one another in the dungeon and I bared myself to him. We’re good friends now.”

I consider him as a friend anyway. I don’t care whether he thinks the same or not.

Old Mi’s tightly knitted frown finally loosened a little as he said, “Good. Make sure to keep an eye on his family’s movements. No matter how minor the matter is, make sure to report it back to me. Also, you mustn’t let him know what you’re doing. I believe that someone as sharp-witted as you are should be able to do as much.”

“No problem,” replied Zu An. Out of curiosity, he asked, “However, what should I be keeping an eye out for?”

“Don’t ask questions that you shouldn’t be asking,” said Old Mi coldly. His eyes suddenly sharpened, and with a wave of his hand, the Tai’e Sword flew into his grasp.

Zu An immediately panicked. He would take the Tai’e Sword right away, but there was simply too huge of a disparity in their strengths that he dared not to make a move carelessly.

“It’s really a heaven grade weapon! It’s no wonder why it can slice Shi Kun’s sword into two. It looks like you’ve made significant gains in the dungeon,” remarked Old Mi as he flicked the blade lightly. After that, he casually tossed the sword back and said, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t go so far as to covet your possession.”

What’s yours will eventually become mine anyway, Old Mi thought in his mind.

“Thank you, elder.” Zu An walked Old Mi out before directing a sharp glare at the Tai’e Sword. “What happened to your self-respect? Why the hell did you fly over as soon as he beckoned for you?”

Mi Li’s silhouette rose from the blade, revealing a grim look on her face. “Do you know what’s his current cultivation rank?”

“What is it?” asked Zu An. He had always been very curious about this.

“He’s at the ninth rank,” said Mi Li with a hint of fear. “He isn’t any weaker than Zhang Han.”

“Ah? He’s actually that formidable?” Zu An was dumbstruck. One must know that Chu Zhongtian was known to be the strongest cultivator in Brightmoon City, but even so, he was only at the eighth rank. Yet, a scrawny gardener on the manor was actually at the ninth rank?

However, he soon heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Since you were able to beat Zhang Han up, there should be no need to fear this Old Mi.”

Mi Li looked at Zu An solemnly and said, “You can’t compare the two just like that. I was able to defeat Zhang Han easily because he wanted to die right from the start. On top of that, I’m only a soul at the moment, a severely depleted one at that after having to switch bodies twice. I won’t be a match for him in my current state. So, I advise you not to offend him. I have no wish to die together with you.”

“…” Zu An.

Big sis empress, your thighs are supposed to be extremely thick so that I can clutch onto them for safety! 

Zu An was just about to continue speaking when he heard Chu Huanzhao’s voice from afar. “Brother-in-law! Quick, follow me. We’ll be saving my older sister now!”

A short-haired girl ran to his side, gasping for air. She seemed to be in a rush, having run all the way here.

Zu An looked at her doubtfully. “Your mother allowed me to treat your older sister?”

“Of course not! However, I’ve knocked her out!” Chu Huanzhao innocently revealed an explosive news.

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