Chapter 195: Wood Elf

The notion that she would actually fall in love with a mere ant left Mi Li feeling utterly frenzied.

Zu An made use of the opportunity where she was doubting her own tastes to drive the Primordial Origin Sutra in order to heal his wounds. He had to say that his body was indeed much more resilient now that it had been tempered by the primordial ki. 

In the past, had he suffered such a powerful blow, his chest would have been burst open by the sword ki a long time ago. Whatever organs that were in his chest should have been reduced to meat paste by now.

Yet, there was only a deep, gaping wound in his chest at the moment. Make no mistake, it was definitely a fatal wound, but it was recovering at a visible rate.

It wasn’t easy for him to pull the sword out of his chest. Hearing the scraping sound between the sword and his ribcage, Zu An couldn’t help but fall into a wistful daze as he thought about how frightened he would be if such a thing had happened to him in his previous life.

At the same time, he wondered if Chu Chuyan’s sword might be infected with tetanus—that would have been horrible. However, considering his current constitution, he reckoned that it would be hard for that kind of disease to get him down.

“W-what are you doing?!” Qiao Xueying’s shocked voice sounded from not too far away. She had rushed over to take a look upon hearing the commotion by the doorway.

What she saw really frightened her. Zu An was sliding down the cavern wall with a trail of blood behind him. Vaguely, she saw him holding onto a familiar-looking bloodied sword.

Isn’t that Chu Chuyan’s Snowflower Sword?

Qiao Xueying quickly rushed over to support the limp Zu An. From close-up, he could see just how terrifying his wounds were. She instinctively reached into her robe to grab a bottle of medicine to treat him, but she belatedly realized that she had already used up everything in the earlier battle.

“Miss Chu, are you out of your mind?!” Qiao Xueying glared at ‘Chu Chuyan’ in anger. “I know that it might be hard for you to accept what had happened earlier on, but it was done all in order to save you. You need not go to this extent, right?!”

Zu An was surprised to see Qiao Xueying standing up for him. He remarked with a helpless smile, “The one who tried to save me earlier is killing me now, and the one who tried to kill me earlier is saving me now. This world sure is a funny place.”

Qiao Xueying glared at Zu An sharply. “You are in the mood for jokes even after suffering such a severe injury?”

“I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Zu An could feel her softness of her body, and it made it hard for him to associate her with the woman who had been trying to kill him all this while.

Qiao Xueying was stunned. All this while, she thought of Zu An as a despicable man who was afraid of death, but he was surprisingly calm in the face of his demise. In comparison, another person who always kept a refined appearance before him turned out showing his ugly side in the face of death.

Mi Li looked at the duo before her as a mocking smile crept on her lips. “I didn’t think that someone as lowly as you would be fancied by so many women.”

Pricked by those words, Qiao Xueying immediately pushed Zu An to the side and exclaimed, “Who fancies this fellow?!”

Zu An, on the other hand, looked gleeful with how things turned out. He shrugged casually and said, “What can I do about this? I’m handsome and well-cultured. No woman who has come to know me is able to resist my charm. Big sis empress, you might have also fallen in love with me too, or else why would you say those words of jealousy?”

“…” Qiao Xueying.

“…” Mi Li.

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“You’re courting death!”

Mi Li waved her sleeves, and a sword tens of meters long burst forth.

“Be careful!” Zu An immediately prepared to dodge right after saying those words. He held Qiao Xueying in his arms and rolled a few rounds on the ground before managing to dodge that attack.

A deep sword gorge appeared from where Mi Li was standing all the way to the wall where the two of them were leaning on just a moment ago. It looked almost as if the world had been severed into two.

Qiao Xueying was flabbergasted. “T-this…”

She could hardly believe what she was seeing. Having been with Chu Chuyan for a long time now, she was more aware than anyone else just how talented the latter was. There was no way the other party could be this powerful!

Zu An quickly explained to her, “Be careful! She isn’t Chuyan anymore. She has been possessed by Mi Li!”

“What?!” Qiao Xueying quickly turned to Chu Chuyan in shock. That would explain why the other party was behaving so unusually. “Did Miss Chu…”

Zu An quickly shook his head and replied, “Chuyan is still fine. It’s just that her soul has been suppressed for the time being, leading to her losing control over her body.”

Mi Li placed her hands behind her back and assessed Zu An in interest, “Despite your low cultivation, your eyes are quite sharp.”

“Of course! You haven’t seen my true capabilities yet. With time, you’ll come to see the wide extent of knowledge I boast. I can even let you have a taste of the ‘secret arts’ of those Japanese masters!”

“Japanese? What is that?” Mi Li was perplexed as to what Zu An was saying, but she wasn’t that interested either. “With that bit of skills you have, there’s no secret art you can possibly bring out that would impress me.”

It was then that she paused for a moment before asking, “Though I do have a lingering doubt in my mind. How do you know my name right from the start?”

There was no way Zu An would reveal the existence of the Keyboard to her, so he replied, “Didn’t I tell you that I’m Ying Zheng’s reincarnation? From the moment I heard your voice, your name surfaced right at the top of my head.”

“Like hell I’ll believe that!” Mi Li harrumphed as she flung her sleeves furiously, sending another burst of sword ki toward Zu An.

“Be careful!” Qiao Xueying immediately pulled Zu An to the side in order to dodge the attack.

Yet, who could have known that Zu An would try to pull her in the other direction to evade the attack, resulting in them offsetting each other’s strength. Their bodies were jolted backward before crashing back into one another, resulting in them stopping on the spot.

“…” Zu An.

“…” Qiao Xueying.

However, what was even more surprising was that the burst of sword ki suddenly divided into two and diverged from the two of them. It seemed like Mi Li had learned from her previous lesson and aimed her attack in prediction of where they could have evaded. It was this stroke of coincidence that led to them being stuck on the spot, thus dodging Mi Li’s sure-kill attack.

“…” Mi Li.

Zu An burst into laughter. He looked at the woman in his embrace and remarked, “Wow, we were actually able to dodge even this attack. It looks like you really are my star of fortune.”

Qiao Xueying quickly shoved him off before glaring at him with a reddened face.

“Please, look at the occasion, won’t you! Why the hell are you acting like a coy young lady at a time like this?” Zu An was rendered speechless. “Besides, I can’t feel anything from that airplane runway of yours! If anything, I only feel your ribcage jabbing at me. You’re nothing compared to big sis empress!”

Those words went against his conscience a little. It was true that Qiao Xueying had a slender frame, but she wasn’t that small as to really be considered flat. At the very least, she was bigger than Chu Huanzhao.

“…” Qiao Xueying.

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She had no idea what an airplane runway was, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what Zu An was driving at. Naturally, there was no woman who liked having her body criticized, regardless of whether it was big or small.

Mi Li thought about everything that had happened while she was recuperating from her wounds. It was true that this wasn’t her body, but still, she was experiencing it all from a first person perspective… 

And as if that wasn’t enough, Zu An was bragging about it before another person.

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“I’ve never seen anyone as hateful as you before. Since you want to die that much, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Right after saying those words, a black circle suddenly formed in front of her, swiftly manifesting innumerable swords out of ki. Then, like a machine gun, the swords shot toward the two of them with frightening momentum.

“Holy shit!” Zu An’s eyes nearly popped out. The entire area was filled with sword ki that there was no way for him to hide at all!

It was not that he had never seen flying swords before. Back in the Clans Tournament, Yuan Wendong had used his metal elemental powers to control multiple swords at once, and Shi Kun also had his wind blades too. However, those were nothing in comparison to what he was facing at this very moment. The sheer pressure exerted by those swords was enough to leave him in despair.

This woman is really intending to end my life!

“Be careful!”

Qiao Xueying quickly rushed in front, and her hair began growing like crazy, forming a thorny shrub in a split instant. At the same time, countless green leaves gathered to form a barrier before them.

The blades stabbed right into the shrub, gradually whittling it down. It grew thinner and thinner before dissipating away. Following that, the sword ki advanced on to the green leaves barrier, which lasted for only three breaths before collapsing too.

Determination flashed across Qiao Xueying’s eyes as she pushed Zu An away while resolving herself to be pierced through by the sword.

“Snow!” shouted Zu An.

Qiao Xueying was torn into countless pieces by the ravaging sword ki right before his eyes.

“You actually killed her!” Zu An’s eyes reddened in fury as he glared at Mi Li hatefully.

“What are you screaming for? She isn’t dead yet!” Mi Li harrumphed as she glanced sideward.

Tens of meters away, Qiao Xueying’s body gradually appeared, but her face had turned pale.

It was then that Zu An remembered that she had a life preservation skill named ‘Moon’s Reflection’ or something. She had used it to deal with the Poisonous Prick back then.

“Are you alright?”

Zu An rushed forward to inspect her body.

“Don’t touch me!” Qiao Xueying swatted his hands away coldly.

“It’s good that you’re fine, it’s good that you’re fine.” Zu An breathed a sigh of relief.

“We might be fine now, but it doesn’t look like it’ll stay that way for long.”

Qiao Xueying’s complexion looked horrible. She felt that a lifetime’s worth of bad luck had suddenly assaulted her. She was first betrayed by Shi Kun, then she used her most precious Half Life’s Fate, and now she had squandered two uses of Moon’s Reflection here, a skill which she could only use three times in her whole life!

Just what in the world did I owe this fellow my previous life?!

Mi Li looked at her in interest. “So it’s the secret art of the Elf Tribe, Moon’s Reflection. Judging from the skills you have used thus far, you must be a wood elf.”

Zu An was stunned. He assessed Qiao Xueying closely and asked, “You’re an elf?”

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