Chapter 170: Cold Sweat

Zu An finally snapped out of it. “What decision?”

“Help me break free of my seal. I’m the only one who can deal with Zhang Han here.” There was a hint of majesty in Mi Li’s voice.

“Oh~” Zu An finally came to a realization. “So, you lured me to pluck that Evanescent Lotus in order to create a distraction with those dead spirits so that you can make use of this opportunity to flee, is that it?”

“Is there a problem here? It’s only normal to make use of all resources in one’s possession,” replied Mi Li.

“Since you’re that formidable, why don’t you break free of your own seal to deal with Zhang Han? Why must you go about it in such a roundabout manner?” retorted Zu An.

“Ignorant! This seal was constructed by Ying Zheng using the power of his dynasty! How could it be broken that easily?”

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“But I don’t know whether what you said is true or not, and based on what I’ve heard, you’re even more terrifying than Zhang Han. In my opinion, those who need to be sealed off are usually the most tyrannical villains. If you’re actually a bad person, wouldn’t I be placing myself into greater danger by saving you?” 

Despite Zu An’s words, he was already more or less convinced by Mi Li by now. After all, all of the details she provided fitted in with the history he knew.

“What about the 200,000 Qin soldiers who are innocently killed and sealed under the lake? Do you think that they’re tyrannical villains?”

Zu An was rendered speechless. 

“Besides, you don’t have any choice. Once Zhang Han finishes dealing with those dead spirits, that woman over there will be killed without a shred of doubt.” Mi Li continued pushing her point on. 

Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan and Qiao Xueying were baffled to see how Zu An was talking to himself, only to jolt in astonishment when a mysterious feminine voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

“W-who is talking?” Qiao Xueying scanned her surroundings warily.

Chu Chuyan was alarmed too, but she felt that this voice sounded familiar. She had a vague impression of hearing it in her semi-conscious state earlier on.

“Stop looking around. You won’t be able to find her. You can think of her as the owner of this ancient mausoleum,” explained Zu An.

“The owner of this mausoleum…” Qiao Xueying’s face paled. If even the general was strong enough to plunge them into despair, she couldn’t fathom just how powerful the owner would be.

“Ah Zu, don’t agree to her request for my sake. There’s already no point in me living on in my current state. You should quickly escape with Snow instead.” The sharp-witted Chu Chuyan figured out right away that the feminine voice was trying to spur Zu An into doing something by using her plight as bait.

At the same time, she also realized that it was futile to persuade Zu An here. She had said such words innumerable times along the way, only to no avail. So, she quickly turned to Qiao Xueying and said, “Snow, in view that I’ve treated you well over the years, hurry up and take Ah Zu away! Otherwise, it’ll be too late once the black-armored general returns!”

Qiao Xueying was hesitant. She couldn’t bring herself to abandon Chu Chuyan, but her logical mind was telling her that she couldn’t do anything here anyway. After all, they couldn’t even break the rope tying Chu Chuyan down.

“Hurry up and leave!” shouted Chu Chuyan anxiously.

Qiao Xueying bit her lips. She decided to abide by the young miss’ wishes and flee with Zu An. However, at that very moment, the feminine voice sounded once more, “You feel that it’s meaningless for you to live on because you used a forbidden art and ended up devastating your ki meridians, turning into a cripple. I have a way to make you recover and even rise to a higher level.”

Chu Chuyan was stunned. One must know that she had always been a lofty figure in Brightmoon City, and losing her cultivation was a huge blow to her. There was no doubt that Mi Li’s offer was extremely tempting to her, but she eventually chose to turn it down. “There’s no need for that. Snow, hurry up and take Ah Zu away!”

However, Zu An asked deeply, “Do you really have a way to make her recover?”

“Of course!” replied Mi Li proudly.

“What is it?” 

“Do you take me for a fool? How could I possibly tell you right now?” Mi Li snapped impatiently.

“Very well, I’ll agree to your request. I’ll unseal you, but in return, you must save her.”

With things already coming to this point, he decided to gamble once more.

Chu Chuyan was horrified to hear that. “Ah Zu, calm down and don’t listen to her trickery. Snow, what are you doing? Why aren’t you taking him away?!”

Qiao Xueying shook her head and said, “Young miss, even though I’m not fond of Zu An, I have to admit that he really has guts this time around. This is a rare chance for your recovery; it’s worth taking this bit of risk. At most, we’ll just die together.” 

I don’t really want to live anymore anyway… And as for Zu An, his existence itself is a plague to the world. His death would be a blessing to all living beings! Hmph!

Seeing that the two of them had made up their minds, Chu Chuyan knew that she wouldn’t be able to talk them out of it. She was touched by their gesture, but she wasn’t the type to say any sentimental words.

“What does it take to remove your seal? Do I just have to pluck out a talisman or something?” asked Zu An.

“How could it be that easy?” replied Mi Li. “Back, in order to seal me, Ying Zheng set up this Soul Suppression Seal in order to ensure that I’ll never able to reincarnate. Zhang Han was the supervisor of this mausoleum, so he knows how powerful the formation is. So, he, together with Xiang Yu, made use of the power of this formation and the Evanescent Lotus to construct a pseudo Soul Suppression Seal to curb the 200,000 dead spirits.

“The pseudo Soul Suppression Seal is, after all, a fake, so you were able to release it easily just by plucking out the Evanescent Lotus. However, the one that has sealed me off is different. If you wish to remove the seal, you’ll have to destroy the seal’s Human Seal, Earth Seal, and Heaven Seal.”

Zu An was amazed. “Wow, you sure lived a tragic life. Aren’t the two of you a couple? Looks like he really hates you a lot.”

“Shut your mouth!” Mi Li’s tone was quite sharp. Zu An’s words had dredged up some of the terrible memories in her mind.

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“How am I going to help you without speaking?” Zu An harrumphed. Is this the attitude someone asking for a favor should have? “What are those seals you speak of, and how can they be released?”

Mi Li fell silent for a long while before she said awkwardly, “I… don’t know.”

“???” Zu An.

“Big sis, you don’t even know what the seals are and how they can be broken? Are you toying with me here?” Zu An was frustrated.

Mi Li was equally frustrated too. “Do you have no brain? Who in the world would let the person they are sealing know the way to overcome the seal?”

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Zu An was amused by the small amount of Rage points he had just received. Looks like she’s feeling a little embarrassed about this too.

“If I really want to deal with an enemy, I wouldn’t go through the trouble just to seal him; I’d have just killed him outright. Speaking of which, isn’t it weird that he went through so much trouble just to keep you down here? Isn’t it much easier to just kill you to end things there?” asked Zu An.

“Who said he didn’t kill me?” replied Mi Li.

Zu An felt a chill ran down his back. A sudden realization struck him, causing his tone to become much more courteous than before. “That means that you’re currently…”

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