Chapter 162: I’m Actually An Expert

Zu An’s strength frightened Shi Kun. Despite being at the third rank, the prowess he displayed was not beneath that of a fifth rank cultivator. Other than the fact that he was unable to tap into elemental powers, he was effectively no different from a fifth rank cultivator.

On top of that, the earlier ‘recovery’ was completely incomprehensible to him. Those who could make breakthroughs in the midst of the battles were truly the prodigies of the prodigies; every single one of them would eventually leave the mark in history.

Without a doubt, Zu An was a major threat to him which he had to stifle in the cradle right now!

But at the same time, he was worried about all of those weird skills that Zu An had displayed thus far, so he was thinking of making use of these zombies to force them out.

With such thoughts in mind, he said, “Doesn’t Brother Zu have that skill to make others pregnant? Shouldn’t you be able to get out of this quandary by using it on these zombies?”

“Did someone slam a door into your head? Just how dumb must you be to actually think that zombies can get pregnant?” cursed Zu An.

In the first place, these zombies were obviously insensitive to pain, but even if it worked, he only had one use left of ‘Knock-You-Up Eyes’. Given the army he was standing before, it would be meaningless even if he used it.

Shi Kun nearly choked after hearing Zu An’s words. Bloody hell. If even a man can get pregnant, why can’t a zombie do the same?

However, the experience he had with labor pains earlier on was so traumatic that he didn’t want to talk about it before his goddess and lackey, so he could only bottle his anger up inside.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for +456 Rage!

Zu An naturally knew that Shi Kun wouldn’t help him, and he was just intending it as a casual remark. He was trying to think out of the box to see if there were any means he could resort to in order to resolve the situation before him. Unfortunately, no matter how he racked his brain, he was unable to figure out a solution.

These zombies are simply too hard to deal with. If only I have light elemental magic that novel protagonists usually wield… Hm? Wait a moment, light?

Zu An suddenly remembered that he had drawn a bizarre flashlight earlier on. He had no idea what it was used for, but it had the ability to emanate light in the presence of light. Could its light possibly be effective against the undead?

It felt like a waste to spend a use of the flashlight to verify his conjecture, but desperate situations called for desperate measures. He had to try everything possible.

There’s no use keeping all three uses of the flashlight if I died anyway.

So, the breather he got while weaving amidst the zombie swordsmen, he stabbed his spear onto the ground and summoned the Magical Flashlight.

It was fortunate that even though he was in the midst of a mausoleum, the walls of the cavern, for some reason, emanated a faint luminescence. That was also why he could see his enemies and fend against them for so long.

Not too far away, Shi Kun and Qiao Xueying had been keeping a lookout on the happenings over on Zu An’s side. When they saw him tossing away the weapon in his hand, the two of them were shocked.

Shi Kun wondered if Zu An had finally crumbled to the pressure and decided to give up here. 

On the other hand, Qiao Xueying was more worried about Chu Chuyan. As for Zu An… for some reason, she thought that he was like a persistent cockroach that continued grasping onto life no matter how dire the situation was. She had a feeling that he would still be standing even after she passed away.

Soon, the two of them saw Zu An taking a short stick out of nowhere. Realizing that he was up to something, they made sure to keep a close eye out on him. They knew that he was a person with many mysterious means up his sleeves, so they couldn’t help but wonder if that short stick was his trump card.

Meanwhile, Zu An was feeling utterly jittery. The zombie swordsmen were already charging toward him whereas he didn’t have a weapon in hand anymore. If the Magical Flashlight didn’t work as well as he thought, both he and Chu Chuyan would be goners today.

With his heart thumping in trepidation, he switched on the flashlight. 

Overwhelming light poured forth, nearly blinding Shi Kun and Qiao Xueying.

While there was some luminescence in the mausoleum, it was barely faint enough for one to see. When the ‘short stick’ in Zu An’s hand suddenly lit up, for a moment there, they thought that they were staring at the sun in the eye.

The zombie swordsmen fared even worse against the light. They let out miserable screeches as they desperately tried to back away. Those who were closest to Zu An even began smoking up.

Zu An was delighted. The Magical Flashlight was indeed useful against the undead! He noticed that the zombie archers in the distance were in the midst of nocking their arrows, so he quickly aimed the flashlight in their direction.

No matter how fast an archer’s arrow was, there was no way it could have been faster than the speed of light. Under the scorching brilliance of the flashlight, the zombie archers shrieked in horror as they tossed aside their bows, covered their eyes, and ran away.

Chu Chuyan was baffled by what she was seeing. The scene before her transcended her common sense. It was one thing for this ‘short stick’ to be able to light up, but who could have thought that the zombies would be afraid of its light?

While light did have a curbing effect on zombies, it wasn’t at such an exaggerated degree.

Delighted by the amazing effect of the torchlight, Zu An delightfully cast the flashlight on the zombie soldiers all around him, mocking them, “Heh, why don’t you come here? Weren’t you acting all smug earlier on?”

Where his light shone, the zombies fled. It felt almost like a shepherd dog herding sheep.

He aimed his flashlight here and there, and soon, the zombie soldiers were forced to retreat to the two corners.

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You have successfully trolled Zombie Swordsmen for +6 +6 +6… 

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Zu An was overjoyed. These zombie soldiers contributed a small number of Rage points each, but there was practically an army of them right in front of him. It all added up to an incredible sum.

Shi Kun was dumbfounded. “What is that in your hand?”

Zu An sighed deeply and said, “Since things have already come to this point, I shan’t continue my act anymore. I’m actually a light element cultivator, a hidden expert of this world.”

“…” Chu Chuyan.

“…” Qiao Xueying.

“…” Shi Kun.

To hell with light element! Is there even such an element in the world?

Besides, someone like you actually claims to be an expert? Hell! Who was the one who was chased around like a headless chicken earlier on?

“Brother Zu, you should have brought that item out earlier!” Shi Kun wondered if he could snatch that item over. No matter how he looked at it, it was clearly a powerful artifact.

Zu An shrugged casually. “I forgot about it.”

Due to his shrugging action, the flashlight ended up casting its brilliance on the zombie soldiers on the right side of the cavern, inducing them to shriek in pain.

You have successfully trolled the Zombie Soldiers for +6 +6 +6… 

Shi Kun was rendered speechless. How the hell can you forget something like this? Do you know how desperately I’ve been fighting all this while? I even lost most of my lackeys! Yet, you’re trying to get away just by saying you forgot about it?

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for +999 Rage.

“What can I do? I have too many skills on me that it’s hard for me to keep track of them all,” replied Zu An with a helpless tone.

“…” Shi Kun.

Listen to what that shithead is saying! Damn it, I really want to sink my fist into his face!

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for +334 Rage!

However, given the current circumstances, he had no choice but to suppress his fury and squeeze out a smile. “Since that’s the case, may I trouble Brother Zu to drive the zombies away so that we can explore the depths of the cavern? I feel that there are great treasures hidden in here. Let’s bury the hatchet, and I’ll let you have the first pick of whatever we find inside. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Zu An.

Chu Chuyan immediately tried to stop him, only to see Zu An herding all of the zombies toward Shi Kun’s side in the next moment.

Shi Kun’s face warped in horror. “Brother Zu, what do you mean by this?”

“With Brother Shit’s formidable skills, I believe that dealing with those minions shouldn’t be an issue with you. I shan’t embarrass myself here,” replied Zu An with a smile.

He returned Shi Kun’s words back to him.

“Alright, I’ll be making a move first.” With Chu Chuyan in his embrace, Zu An waved his hand and walked away coolly.

“…” Shi Kun.

“…” Zombie soldiers.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for +999 Rage!

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