Chapter 151: Befriend a Rich Man

Zu An nearly burst out laughing upon hearing those words. 

Please, she’s my wife. I’ll hold her hands whenever I want to. What business of it is yours? Aren’t you too narcissistic? You actually want my wife to remain maidenly for your sake?

That obsession of yours is a mental disorder! Go and get yourself locked up in the asylum or something!

Chu Chuyan’s face turned cold. “It’s out of your place to interfere in the affairs of me and my husband.”

Even someone who was as nonchalant as her was getting angry at this situation too. What’s wrong with him? Even Zu An looks far more normal compared to him!

Shi Kun took a deep breath to calm himself before saying, “I thought of you as a fairy descending from heaven, and I was intending to pursue you slowly. However, it looks like my plan isn’t going to work out. If I continue taking my time, another man would only get to you before me.”

By the side, Qiao Xueying felt a little hesitant to speak up. Young master, there’s actually no need for you to worry. Zu An is… But she found herself unable to speak up as she wouldn’t be able to justify why she hid this matter from him in the first place.

Zu An and Chu Chuyan also shot looks of astonishment toward Qiao Xueying too, clearly bearing the same thoughts in mind. They also didn’t expect the latter to hide the fact that Zu An was impotent from Shi Kun.

Zu An nudged his wife and whispered softly, “See? Even though Snow keeps taunting me about that, she still cares a lot for my reputation.”

Chu Chuyan was also perplexed about the situation too. Could these two really be the what ‘loving, quarreling couple’ that Zu An spoke about earlier?

Their intimate interaction further fanned the inferno burning in Shi Kun’s heart. “I shall just skip the hassle and get straight to the act. Right here right now, I shall kill Zu An and seal the deal with you!”

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“You were indeed the culprit all along! The reason why you slotted Snow into the Chu clan and slipped so many of your lackeys into the academy was all to make me yours?” 

“Indeed! I was mesmerized by you at first sight, so I made many arrangements for it over the years. Many women have offered themselves to me, but I didn’t even spare a glance at them. Our relationship shall be perfect, built upon purity. Aren’t you impressed by the sheer devotion I carry for you?” Shi Kun looked at Chu Chuyan in anticipation.

At the same time, he felt greatly tilted as well. The goddess in his heart had already been sullied by another man’s hand now. He couldn’t help but wonder if they had even more intimate interactions over the days, and just the thought of it was enough to drive him insane.

He had more than a decade of effort into this just so that he could court the lady of his dreams. It was finally all within grasp, and all that was left was for him to make a move. Yet, another man actually got to her first! How could he possibly not be angered?

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“You disgust me,” said Chu Chuyan with a deep frown.


Shi Kun could have never thought that all the sacrifices he had made would lead to such an outcome. His face turned so livid that it looked as if it would seep out ink. 

“Very well. Since you harbor no feelings for me, it looks like I’ll have to go around it by force. You might hate me at the start, but once your body is mine, you’ll eventually come to accept and love me. Hahaha!”

“Shameless!” Chu Chuyan’s eyes glazed with frost. Unable to take it anymore, she drew her sword and charged right toward Shi Kun.

However, Shi Kun was already prepared. He summoned four tornadoes around him as he stepped forward to meet with Chu Chuyan’s attack.

It was said that if one were to master the Shi clan’s Wind God Formula to the highest level, one would be able to summon nine devastating tornadoes that could bring about ruination. Even though he was only able to summon four at the moment, compared to those in his age group, he could easily count as one of the three most talented cultivators in the entire history of the Shi clan.

Soon, the two of them began crossing blows with one another, causing a snowstorm to rage. The surrounding grass was covered in frost, and many of the trees in the area were battered down by the powerful wind.

Behind Chu Chuyan, Zu An silently slipped out Poisonous Prick, ready to launch a surprise attack on Shi Kun as soon as the latter showed an opening. How could he possibly tolerate another man coveting his wife?

However, his plan was destined to never come to fruition, for Shi Kun’s lackeys were not fools. The two fourth rank and five third rank cultivators immediately charged toward Zu An. 

They had just seen with their own eyes just how much Shi Kun hated Zu An, so they implicitly understood that they would be handsomely rewarded if they ended Zu An’s life with their own hands.

It was just that Zu An was no pushover either. He was already angry enough as he was, and these lackeys still wanted to stand in his way at a moment like this. With a flash of his sword, he ended the life of one of the third rank cultivators mercilessly. 

The remaining six lackeys immediately froze up in place. 

To their horror, none of them had actually managed to see how Zu An managed to land the blow earlier. His sword was clearly aimed at Shi Kun, but for some inexplicable reason, it twisted in an unnatural angle, and before they knew it, one of their comrades had already fallen. This eerie occurrence crushed their confidence to defeat Zu An, causing them to hesitate.

Qiao Xueying, who had been watching him all this while, was alarmed too. She knew that Zu An had been playing the fool in the Chu clan all this while, but she never expected him to actually know such profound swordplay.

She suddenly recalled how Zu An had dragged her into the lake back then. She thought that it was due to her fear of water that led to her getting done in that easily back then, but looking back at it now, Zu An’s unexpected strength probably played a huge role as well.

Just thinking about his hands pumping down on her chest made her face redden in embarrassment and fury.

He really is a despicable scoundrel through and through!

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for +128 Rage!

The other six lackeys had been intimidated by Zu An’s attack, but that wasn’t enough to stop them. Their initial plan was to confront Zu An head-on and take him down, but right now, they chose to split up and encircle him instead.

No matter how powerful Zu An might be, there was so much he could do against the encirclement of six skilled cultivators. He could only try his best to dodge their attacks using Sunflower Phantasm. It was fortunate that these cultivators were far weaker and less skilled than Jia Zhengjing and the others, or else he would have probably been dead by now.

Everyone implicitly understood that the key of the battle lay in the fight between Shi Kun and Chu Chuyan. If Shi Kun won, Zu An would definitely fall as well. If Chu Chuyan won, a bunch of third rank and fourth rank cultivators like them wouldn’t possibly dare to confront her.

All of a sudden, Shi Kun burst into laughter and said, “Chuyan, if you had been in your peak, I would probably only have an equal chance of defeating you. In your current state, however, you stand not a sliver of a chance at all!”

Under the augmentation of Wind God Formula, his sword formed countless after images, as if a storm battering down on the enemy.

On the other hand, Chu Chuyan ignored Shi Kun’s words and formed an ice barrier before her in order to deal with Shi Kun’s attack.

The swords crashing on the ice barrier produced jarring clanging noises, and soon, cracks began forming on the surface of the ice barrier.

Shi Kun roared in laughter upon seeing the cracks whereas Chu Chuyan’s frown deepened.

Eventually, the ice barrier succumbed, and Shi Kun morphed into a tornado and charged forth. Everything that stood in his way, be it rocks or stones, were crushed into smithereens. Nothing could stand in the path between him and Chu Chuyan anymore.

Chu Chuyan knew that she would be disadvantaged in a direct battle against Shi Kun in her current state, so she chose to kite him instead. She danced around the battlefield like a snow fairy amidst the storm.

Zu An was worried for Chu Chuyan after learning of her injuries, so he made sure to keep an eye out for her. He noticed that she was being forced back by the mini storm ravaging the area. While she hadn’t been struck yet, it didn’t seem like she would be able to last long before this overwhelming force struck her.

His heart couldn’t help but tremble in worry. His momentary distraction caused him to suffer a few more wounds on his wound, but fortunately, he was still able to dodge in time and avoid any fatal injuries.

Chu Chuyan was taking a defensive position at the moment, but that didn’t mean that she had given up on the fight yet. Soon, the opportunity she was waiting for arrived, and she harrumphed coldly, “Did you think that you were the only one capable of summoning a storm?”

Her sword moved in a beautiful arc, reminiscent of a dance. A snowstorm swiftly began to build up around her before gushing in Shi Kun’s direction.

The two storms collided with one another in a deafening collision, producing devastating wind blades that rippled outward, ravaging everything with its touch. Everything was sliced into two under their furious assault, be it grass, tree, or even boulders.

Sensing the terrifying shockwave heading in their direction, the battling cultivators quickly retreated to seek cover. One of the early third rank cultivators wasn’t able to get away in time and ended up getting battered by the surrounding ice shards, smashing bloodied holes in his body.

Zu An was appalled. The strength wielded by fifth rank cultivators was indeed far beyond his current means to deal with. It would appear that his triumph over Yuan Wendong was indeed mostly due to the help of modern technology.

Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan and Shi Kun were standing in the heart of the storm, their silhouettes flickering here and there as they hurled blows at one another.

It was slowly becoming apparent that the windstorm was getting overwhelmed by the snowstorm, and it eventually got to a point where everything within twenty meters radius of Chu Chuyan turned snowy white. Shi Kun’s hair, limbs, and the surface of his body were coated in a layer of frost.

Even he was taken aback by this outcome. It’s no wonder why this woman was dubbed as the most talented prodigy of Brightmoon City. Despite her current state, I’m still in a disadvantageous position against her in a direct clash.

“What are you dawdling over there for? Help me!” Shi Kun glared at Qiao Xueying sharply.

His earlier actions toward Chu Chuyan had effectively led to a complete fallout. By this point, he couldn’t care about his pride or dignity anymore. Or rather, if Chu Chuyan and Zu An were to get out of here alive, both he and the entire Shi clan would be shamed!

Qiao Xueying was still deeply conflicted. She was unwilling to make a move against Chu Chuyan, but she couldn’t disobey the young master’s order either. Biting her lips, she eventually decided to charge toward Zu An instead.

The young master didn’t mention whom she should help anyway, so it was the same for her to deal with this hateful fellow too.

Zu An clicked this tongue. This shrew just wouldn’t give up, huh?

With a fifth rank cultivator joining the fray, the pressure on Zu An was immediately heightened. But surprisingly—perhaps it was due to Qiao Xueying holding back, or that her coordination with the other cultivators was lacking—he found himself barely able to hold on against such a powerful line-up.

On the other hand, Shi Kun frowned upon seeing her actions. It should have been obvious that he was telling Qiao Xueying to back him up, but she chose to attack Zu An instead. Does she still feel a bond toward the Chu clan?

However, this wasn’t the time to be pursuing such stuff. He had to focus his attention on dealing with Chu Chuyan for the time being. In any case, as long as the others subdue Zu An’s quickly, they would be able to focus their strength on dealing with Chu Chuyan.

Chu Chuyan also noticed the situation over on Zu An’s side too. Zu An was already in a bad position dealing with six cultivators simultaneously, and the addition of Snow into the line-up further worsened his plight.

In a moment of agitation, her face suddenly began to turn unnaturally red. Then, she spurted a mouth of fresh blood filled with ice fragments, causing her aura to weaken significantly.

Shi Kun was delighted to see that. It looks like her injuries are finally acting up on her now. Heh, there’s no way I can lose now!

So, he immediately moved in to pressure her, causing a twist in the situation.

Zu An swiftly noticed the anomaly with Chu Chuyan, and considering the terrible position he was in too, it would only be a matter of time before they got done in here. So, he took in a deep breath and shouted out loudly, “Wait a moment! I’m friends with your young master!”

Qiao Xueying rolled her eyes. You’re friends with the young master? Hahaha! Why don’t you say that I’m in love with you instead? That would have been far more credible!

The other lackeys were also intending to shrug off Zu An’s remark and continue their assault, but unexpectedly, Shi Kun shouted back, “Hold it right there! He’s indeed my friend!”

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