Chapter 115: Wu Di, Your Mum Is Calling You Back For Dinner!

Unlike normal snowflakes, those drifting around Chu Chuyan didn’t fall to the ground and melt. Instead, they congregated together to form an ice lotus that embraced her body,

Seeing this, Sang Hong nodded his head slightly and said, “I’ve long heard of young miss Chu’s reputation as a prodigious cultivator, and it looks like she’s as formidable as the rumors put her out to be. It’s incredible that she’s able to manipulate her ki to such a degree.”

Behind him, Sang Qian was staring at Chu Chuyan with heated eyes. Zheng Dan might be pretty too, but she’s still lacking compared to Chu Chuyan. If I could have such a woman, I would wake up laughing even in the midst of my sleep!

In the past, he dared not to even dream about it. However, ever since he found out that Chu Chuyan had chosen Zu An, who was inferior to him in every way, as her husband, he suddenly felt that the fairy wasn’t as far away as he initially thought.

His thoughts were further affirmed after learning of his father’s plans. Once the Chu clan fell apart, she would no longer be the lofty daughter of a duke anymore. Perhaps, he might just stand a chance.

The only troublesome part was that Shi Kun seemed to be interested in her too… 

Sang Hong currently had no idea what his son was thinking of. He turned to Jiang Luofu and began chatting with her, “It must be thanks to Principal Jiang’s guidance that young miss Chu is able to achieve such great accomplishments at her young age.”

While he was trying his best to keep himself in check, he still couldn’t stop his eyes from drifting off to her legs. Her legs were exquisitely long and shapely, such that he wouldn’t harbor any doubts if someone were to tell him it was the work of heaven. On top of that, she was wearing a pair of stockings that vaguely veiled her legs, bringing about a feeling of secrecy.

This woman is truly a succubus!

Jiang Luofu smiled in response, “Chu Chuyan’s achievements are mainly built upon her high aptitude and intelligence. All we’ve done is just to guide her a little.”

“Principal Jiang is too humble.” Sang Hong didn’t think that he was a lustful man, but the woman beside him was simply too beautiful. Even with his level of self-control, he couldn’t stop himself from sneaking glances at her.

Back onto the dueling ring, Wu Di had finished charging up his attack. With the ten meters long inferno blade in his hands, he pulled it down with incredible momentum, smashing heavily down upon the ice lotus.

Fire and ice were nemeses to one another. Upon encounter, the outermost flower petals immediately melted before the flames, creating a pathway for the inferno blade to strike all the way toward the center of the lotus, where Chu Chuyan stood.

“Young miss Chu, be careful!”

“Fairy Chu, be careful!”


Chu Chuyan was simply too pretty that even though the crowd knew that they had no business in the duel, they still couldn’t help but shout out warnings when they saw that she was in danger.

Zu An got angry at how they were butting into his wife’s business. Hey, even I am not shouting here, so what are all of you panicking for?

It was displeasing to him to know that so many men were fantasizing about his wife, and whenever he was displeased, he was determined to make others displeased as well. So, he stood up and began shouting, “Go, honey! Go, honey! Go, honey!”

He was shouting so loud that it almost seemed as if he was afraid that others wouldn’t know that the woman on the stage was his wife.

And just as he had expected, as soon as he started shouting, countless murderous gazes turned his way.

“Is that man Chu First Miss’ husband? Hah, he looks nothing special at all!”

“Nothing special? He’s a renowned wastrel in the city!”

“How can the world be so unfair as to have a man like him marry my goddess? This is ridiculous!”

“Shit! My good mood is gone just by seeing his face!”


By the sides of the dueling ring, Shi Kun clenched his hands so tightly together that he broke the handle of his chair. He had already thought of Chu Chuyan as his private possession, so he couldn’t stand seeing another man calling her ‘honey’. It left him feeling as if he was being cuckolded.

“Shameless! He’s way too shameless!” 

Ji Dengtu, who was fidgeting amidst the crowd to take advantage of those married women around him, shook his head. 

“I need to find an opportunity to ask him about the continuation of the story. Did that Wang character change in the end? Huh? Why am I so into that Wang character? Did I accidentally put myself in his shoes? Pui pui pui!”


Looking at the huge wave of Rage points coming into his system, Zu An was overjoyed. I never knew having a beautiful wife is something so happy. Aiyoo, it’s a happiness that none of you will ever be able to experience. Hahahaha!

Chu Chuyan hadn’t shown the slightest fluctuation in emotions despite having fought Wu Di for so long, but Zu An’s shouting actually caused her fair cheeks to flush for a brief moment.

Noticing the coy look on her face, Wu Di flew into a state of rage. You didn’t react to anything I said earlier, but your face is reddening right now to him? On top of that, you dare to be distracted in the midst of a battle with me?!

His overflowing anger caused the already massive inferno blade to grow even larger, causing it to push even deeper down on the ice lotus, threatening to sever it into two.

The crowd gasped at the sight, thinking that Chu Chuyan was in a dire position.

However, Wu Di was starting to frown. He realized that his inferno blade was swiftly slowing down.

Chu Chuyan stood at the center of the ice lotus, gazing at the inferno blade above her head without a sliver of emotions in her eyes. Snowflakes were still drifting around her. Just like that, the clash between the two of them came to a standstill.

“Look!” Someone sharply noticed an anomaly and exclaimed.

The crowd quickly turned their eyes over, and they saw that the flames on the inferno blade had stopped flickering. Instead, a layer of white mist had started forming on the surface of the saber.

The inferno saber was turning into ice at a visible pace, and soon, even Wu Di would be turned into an ice sculpture too.

Zu An gulped at the sight. My wife is actually this formidable… What if she decides to get violent with me one day? Wouldn’t I be totally helpless before her? No, this won’t do. I need to quickly grow stronger, or else she might just turn me into an ice sculpture one day!

“Even his ki is being frozen?” Some of the juniors spectating the match were stunned, though it was understandable as even the powerhouses gathered around were fazed by what they were witnessing.

“As expected of a woman I’ve chosen!” A triumphant smile emerged on Shi Kun’s face, as if Chu Chuyan’s feat had brought him honor.

On the other hand, both the complexions of those from the Wu clan and Yuan clan darkened. The presence of such a talented cultivator in the Chu clan didn’t bode well for them.

City Lord Xie Yi sighed deeply, thinking that it was a pity that rejected a marriage of alliance from King Qi’s faction back then.

Meanwhile, a glint flashed across Sang Hong’s eyes. It’s fortunate that Chu Chuyan is a woman. Otherwise, if Chu Zhongtian had such a formidable son, my plans would surely fall into shambles.

Everyone was certain that Chu Chuyan would emerge victorious in this duel at this point. Even Chu Chuyan herself had spoken up to say, “It’s over.. Hm?”

She was planning to retract her ki to free her opponent, but she suddenly sensed that something was amiss. The ice sculpture above her suddenly began cracking before dissipated amidst white mist. Wu Di fell back down to the ground with a shimmering layer of light around him like a barrier.

“Sixth rank!”

Everyone present was stunned. Elemental barrier was an ability that only cultivators that reached the sixth rank could utilize. It could guard against most lower-level elemental attacks.

“How could they possibly have a sixth rank cultivator?” Qin Wanru stood up with a look of disbelief on her face.

Chu Zhongtian also shot a sharp look at the Wu clan and said, “Sunspring Duke, what do you mean by this?”

Naturally, he was aware that the Yuan clan definitely didn’t have the resources or any offspring talented enough to reach the sixth rank, so the person on the field right now had to come from the Wu clan.

“Brightmoon Duke, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s a duel between the Chu clan and Yuan clan, why are you asking me about it?” asked Wu Wei with a smile.

Chu Zhongtian harrumphed coldly. “Both of us know very well what’s going on here.”

“Isn’t it just a sixth rank cultivator? What are you making such a big fuss about? You’re making it sound like no sixth rank cultivator is allowed in the Clans Tournament. Lord Governor, is there anything wrong with what I’ve said?”

“Indeed, there isn’t such a rule.” Sang Hong nodded

Chu Zhongtian frowned.

There indeed isn’t such a rule, but this is a tournament between the juniors of both clans. Even our talented Chuyan is only at the fifth rank, so how could the Yuan clan have any sixth rank cultivator!

Wu Wei burst into laughter. “Brightmoon Duke, your daughter isn’t the only prodigy in the world. The circumstances are already very clear now. Why don’t you have your young miss admit defeat? It would be horrible if she got hurt in the midst of the battle, no?”

It was a common agreement amongst cultivators that there was a huge gap between fifth rank and sixth rank cultivators. After all, the most prided elemental ability of fifth rank cultivators could be easily averted by the elemental barrier of sixth rank cultivators. There was no way Chu Chuyan could stand a chance against Di Wu like that.

Chu Zhongtian looked at his daughter hesitantly for a moment before opening his mouth to say something. However, before he could speak up, Chu Chuyan’s cold voice suddenly sounded from the dueling ring, “The fight isn’t over yet.”

Even Shi Kun couldn’t help but speak up, “Young miss Chu, it’s common knowledge that there’s a huge gap between fifth rank and sixth rank cultivators. Please don’t force yourself to fight on. Even if you admit defeat here, it won’t sully your reputation.”

He was worried that scars would be left on Chu Chuyan’s perfect body if she were to force herself to fight against a more powerful cultivator. He wouldn’t be able to accept it if she were to get disfigured due to this.

However, Chu Chuyan simply replied nonchalantly, “Thank you for your concern, young master Shi, but I know what I’m doing.”

The patriarch of the Yuan clan, Yuan Zhengchu, burst into laughter, saying, “Since that’s teh case, Di Wu, you should continue the fight with young miss Chu. Make sure not to harm her, alright?”

Wu Di smiled in response. “That’s a given.”

Hearing that his daughter was intending to continue the duel, Chu Zhongtian worriedly sent a ki transmission to her, saying, “Just admit defeat if you find anything amiss. Don’t put your life at stake for this.”

Chu Chuyan nodded in response before eyeing Wu Di calmly.

Wu Di chuckled softly and said, “Young miss Chu, you’re indeed a prodigy, but there’s a rank of difference between the two of us. Your Snowflower Sword poses no threat to me at all. It doesn’t serve any purpose for you to continue the fight.”

For the first time since the start of the battle, Chu Chuyan finally responded to his words, “There’s nothing absolute in the world.”

Right after saying those words, her body suddenly blurred as a cold glint flashed from the sword in her hands. She swiftly directed a barrage of attacks toward him from all angles.

Wu Di immediately understood her intentions. 

She knows that she can’t hurt me with elemental attacks, so she decided to use her swordsmanship to defeat me. However, that’s too naive. Have you forgotten that I’m still able to use my elemental ability here?

He stomped his foot on the ground, and two fire shackles materialized on the ground. Like agile snakes, the shackles darted straight for Chu Chuyan’s legs. However, just as the shackles were about to lock onto their target, he suddenly hesitated. 

Wouldn’t it be a huge waste if I leave a burn scar on the legs of a fairy?

However, his face immediately warped in horror right after. He realized that his shackles had only locked down on a mere silhouette, and he hurriedly took on a defensive position. As expected, Chu Chuyan appeared behind him in the next instant.

The two of them ended up trading several blows with one another. 

Wu Di wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. Is this the difference between me and a true prodigy? Despite her being an entire rank weaker than me, I’m still having difficulties trying to cope against her. If we were of the same rank, wouldn’t I have already lost by now?

At this point, he knew he couldn’t afford to hold back anymore. He immediately gathered his full attention to deal with Chu Chuyan.

As a result, the pressure on Chu Chuyan suddenly increased greatly. She had to deal with his saber and flames simultaneously, such that she ended up having many close shaves.

Shi Kun straightened his back as he glared at Wu Di cold. If you dare leave behind any scars on my woman, I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death!

“Game’s over, young miss Chu!” 

Afraid that any complications would occur if the battle dragged on, Wu Di knew he had to end the battle as soon as possible. He found a perfect opening to morph the saber in his hand into a thirty meters long sword of inferno to hack down on Chu Chuyan. Be it in terms of size or momentum, it was far stronger than the earlier attack he launched. Without a doubt, this was a prowess far beyond what a fifth rank cultivator could cope with.

Even Chu Zhongtian stood up at this moment, ready to step in to save his daughter if it was required. Needless to say, the safety of his daughter took precedence over a duel.

It was then that a teasing voice suddenly sounded, “Wu Di, your mum is calling you back for dinner!”

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