Chapter 2552: Integrating With High-Order Saint Fate

Huai Po circulated the powers of his Great Immemorial Saint Godhead to the limit, and at the same time, his Darkness Fate Imprint exploded in coruscating black rays of light, resembling millions of black diamonds.

Huai Po's momentum soared in a frenzy, and the pressure coming off his body was several times stronger.

Huai Po was completely a different person. He controlled the world's space powers and yin darkness energy like a supreme sovereign.


Huai Po roared as he leaped forth, both fists aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

"Dark Tunnel of Destruction!"

A spiralling dark tunnel appeared as Huai Po's fists punched out, and vigorous darkness energy swirled endlessly, roaring in anger, screaming in destruction, as if it wanted to devour everything and turn it into its darkness.

This technique was not a holy martial art, nor was it a dao art, because one was prohibited from using either of them inside the Saint Fate's boundary.

The dark tunnel of destruction was created by Huai Po after comprehending the Darkness Fate Imprint. It was his most powerful attack. He had previously tested out this move, successfully obliterating more than a dozen Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm profound beasts.

Under the dark powers, those Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint profound beasts had turned into strands of darkness energy and merged with the darkness tunnel. 

"This is not one of Lord Mo Cangli's techniques. Is it a self-created technique by His Highness Huai Po? What a powerful attack! This dark tunnel is absolutely the most powerful attack technique below the holy martial art. It is able to create such a powerful attack, and His Highness Huai Po is really a peerless talent!" A Holy Lands Alliance expert exclaimed in admiration.

"Such a powerful technique. I don't think anyone below the True Saint Realm can withstand this attack, so let's watch how Huang Xiaolong is going to take this attack!" Shen Jiewen of the Beast Tamer Holy Ground sneered. "

"Huang Xiaolong was still bragging ignorantly that His Highness Huai Po only has one chance to attack. If he fails to take on His Highness Huai Po's attack, then he's throwing his face to his crotch!"

The experts from Holy Lands Alliance burst out laughing.

"Xiaolong, look out!" Lin Xiaoying's face paled as she shouted a warning. 

Lin Xiaoying had to admit that she would fail to take on Huai Po's powerful attack. In truth, she believed that her Senior Sister Tan Juan would have failed to take on Huai Po’s attack when she was a peak late Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint.

This attack was simply overwhelming, and even the experts outside the Saint Fate's boundary felt stirrings of dread.

Huang Xiaolong smiled at Lin Xiaoying, giving her reassurance. 

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong still had the face to spout nonsense in this situation, she let out a cold harrumph.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong raised his palm, and slapped forward like he was swatting a fly. Under the force of Huang Xiaolong's palm, a colossal palm appeared.

The moment this colossal palm struck the dark tunnel, the dark tunnel shattered, erasing the almighty darkness, and every last strand of darkness energy vanished without a trace.

The colossal palm continued to slam down.

Seeing this, Huai Po’s smug expression changed for the worse. He bellowed in anger and the huge Great Immemorial Saint Godhead released tidal waves of black light. Chaos origin qi roiled with turbulent vigor, and space expanded, swallowing everything.

But it did not seem to have any effect. The colossal palm continued to press down, and in fact, its speed increased.


The Great Immemorial Saint Godhead hummed in protest under the colossal palm's attack, and it smashed into the land below as it spiralled out of control. At the same time, the palm continued downwards towards Huai Po's head.

Huai Po bellowed, as if activating the Darkness Fate Imprint’s power to the limit, emitting blinding rays of light.

“Young Friend Huang, please show mercy!” Mo Cangli’s anxious cry sounded from outside the Saint Fate boundary.

But in an instant, Huai Po’s voice came to an abrupt stop as the palm landed on his head. His body burst like a balloon, turning into blood mist, whereas the Darkness Fate Imprint was sent tumbling backward in a streak of black light, and it disappeared from sight.

The crowd was flabbergasted at the result.

The blood mist that was Huai Po remained in the Cambrian Pool Star Sky without dispersing, as if it was unwilling to disperse.

“Your Highness Huai Po!” 

The group of Holy Lands Alliance experts cried out anxiously.

Unfortunately, as the Holy Lands Alliance experts clamored in anger, the blood mist suddenly dispersed, scattering with the wind. 

Huai Po was the number-one name on the Saint Fate List! The person who possessed the rank-fourth Great Immemorial Saint Godhead and Darkness Fate Imprint was dead!

Mo Cangli painfully looked at the scattering blood mist, feeling as if there was a sharp blade digging at his heart! Scorching pain burned his soul! An invisible might belonging to a Primal Ancestor surged from Mo Cangli’s body. The wind howled and clouds roiled, and under Mo Cangli’s overwhelming momentum, the Saint Fate’s boundary surface rippled violently.

Others beat a hasty retreat in fear.

The momentum shocked even Xue Lingyun, who was standing not far from Mo Cangli. 

Mo Cangli was once known as the strongest person of the Holy World’s future. He had only shown his strength once after entering the Primal Ancestor Realm, but that was a long time ago. 

Now, Mo Cangli’s momentum made even Xue Lingyun feel pressured.

Xue Lingyun discovered that Mo Cangli was stronger than she had predicted, and it was just like how Huang Xiaolong’s strength had exceeded Mo Cangli’s estimation.

Even within the Saint Fate's boundary, Huang Xiaolong felt Mo Cangli's powerful momentum, but he wasn't concerned at all. Although Mo Cangli was a Primal Ancestor, he was incapable of breaking Saint Fate's boundary, nor could Mo Cangli hinder him from integrating with Saint Fate.

Huang Xiaolong's attention was once again fixed onto the twelve high-order Saint Fates. He then looked at Lin Xiaoying.

Lin Xiaoying understood what Huang Xiaolong meant and said, “Go Xiaolong. There is no need to wait for me!” Though her talent was outstanding, it was still a little forceful to integrate with a high-order Saint Fate. Therefore, she was not so hell-bent on getting a high-order Saint Fate.

In truth, a mid-order Saint Fate was more suitable for her.

Hearing her words, Huang Xiaolong did not dally anymore. His palm reached out and caught one of the high-order Saint Fates, but the high-order Saint Fate burned in bright holy light and a shocking repelling power fought with the force from Huang Xiaolong’s palm. Still, it was useless. The repelling power was shaken away by Huang Xiaolong in a split second, and he successfully grabbed onto the high-order Saint Fate.

After catching the high-order Saint Fate, Huang Xiaolong sealed it, then called out his dragon-attributed holy soul. His dragon-attributed holy soul immediately sucked the high-order Saint Fate into his body and began integrating with it. 

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong grabbed the second and third high-order Saint Fate, and let his two other holy souls integrate accordingly. 

“He is simultaneously integrating three high-order Saint Fates! If Huang Xiaolong succeeds, then he really is the strongest expert of Holy World’s future!” A holy gate’s patriarch exclaimed, “In the future, he will be invincible, and probably, even Primal Ancestors will be no match against him!”

“No! Even if you put all the Primal Ancestors together, they still won’t be able to defeat him!” the Vajra Race’s Patriarch Jin Nu corrected.

His words struck like a hammer on everyone’s heart, and there was a complicated gaze in their eyes. 

The rest Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples began snatching low-order and mid-order Saint Fates, while some crossed their arms and watched, waiting for Huang Xiaolong to fail and suffer a backlash. After Huang Xiaolong suffered injuries, they would make a move on the high-order Saint Fates.

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