Chapter 2504: Black Corpse Holy Emperor’s Treasury!

“The black corpse qi here is really dense!” Dou Rui roared with laughter when he entered the grave. “The treasury is definitely located here!”

“I don’t care who came in before me! I’ll kill whoever blocks my way!”

Killing intent raged in Dou Rui’s eyes as he shot through the skies.

The Black Corpse Holy Emperor was no ordinary high-level True Saint. He was known as one of the ten strongest individuals in the Holy World. Therefore, the treasury he had left behind would definitely contain something shocking! Even if he didn’t leave behind a Primal Ancestor dao artifact, he would definitely have left behind dao artifacts. As for holy pills, he wouldn’t be stingy with them.

Those were holy pills they were talking about!

One had to know that if Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain the Black Corpse Holy Pills from the treasury, he would be able to enter the mid-level True Saint Realm before Xie Bufan!

Huang Xiaolong definitely had to obtain the treasury this time. Regardless of the price he had to pay, Huang Xiaolong made up his mind to obtain the treasury.

Not too long after Dou Rui entered the grave, another figure appeared. It wasn’t someone Huang Xiaolong was unfamiliar with. Lin Xiaoying had finally appeared!

When she confirmed that she had entered the Black Corpse Holy Emperor’s grave, a look of joy flashed in her eyes. She started searching for the Black Corpse Holy Palace.

By the time she started, Huang Xiaolong had already entered the front hall in the palace.

When he entered, he was met with an empty hall. After looking around, he discovered the ground was filled with strange runes.

He had no idea what the runes represented, but he felt a sense of threat.

By pushing his three holy souls to their limit, he tried to look at the situation in the inner hall.

Even though he managed to discover that the inner hall had no hidden traps, he didn’t dare to move carelessly. He knew that the moment he made a wrong move, he would be in deep trouble.

As such, he raised his awareness to the maximum.

Even with his strength and the assistance of the three holy souls, he used half an hour to comprehend the runes on the ground. After running through it in his mind, he finally stepped on the first rune.

As soon as his feet landed, a brilliant glow filled the hall, and he seemed to have activated some sort of mysterious power.

Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief silently. The energy that he had awakened was some sort of ancient transportation formation. He could confirm that when he completely connected all the runes, he would be transported to the inner hall.

Raising his foot, he stepped on one rune after another.

Every time he stepped on a rune, the light that lit up the hall would increase by a little.

When he stepped on the fortieth rune, the hall was filled with white light. Rays of light emerged from the walls of the hall.

When he completed the entire sequence, a buzzing sound filled the hall, and waves of light washed through the main hall.

After feeling the space around him shake, Huang Xiaolong appeared in another hall.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at the weird artifacts in front of him, excitement filled his heart. Every single one of them was more valuable than the Blood Devil Holy Spiritual Stone the Knowledge Singularity Chamber of Commerce had obtained. 

Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the entire hall.

Since the hall wasn’t too large, Huang Xiaolong managed to scan through the hall in an instant. His gaze eventually landed on a spatial ring on the jade wall on the far side of the hall.

The ring was jet black in color, and black corpse qi swarmed around the surface of the ring.

Black Corpse Holy Ring!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes started to widen in celebration as a smile formed on his face.

He didn’t hesitate to walk over to grab the ring. Even though the black corpse qi around the ring was strong enough to take the lives of others, it couldn’t do a thing to Huang Xiaolong.

However, he realized that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor had laid down restrictions to stop him from opening it.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. Even though he had the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, and he could destroy the restriction, he needed a lot of time to do so. The restrictions weren’t weak, and he needed to use several days if he wanted to forcefully destroy the restrictions set by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor.

If he really wasted so much time, he would drop out of the top ten ranks.

Huang Xiaolong thought about it for a moment. Finally, he came to a decision. He would destroy the restrictions on the ring and refine it immediately. After all, the Black Corpse Holy Ring contained many important treasures that belonged to the Black Corpse Holy Emperor. Once he refined it, he would be able to locate the inheritance. 

When he was done, he would catch up on the leaderboards.

No longer dawdling on it, Huang Xiaolong activated his Dao Heart to destroy the restrictions on the ring.

Traces of the grand dao emerged and surrounded the Black Corpse Holy Ring. Very quickly, the black corpse qi around it became purified.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Rays of light emerged from the Black Corpse Holy Ring, and Huang Xiaolong nearly cried out in joy. That was a sign that the restrictions were about to shatter. In about an hour, he would be able to start the refinement process.

However, the space around him started to tremble.

A sharp light congealed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. Someone had arrived in the outer hall!

They were activating the restriction to transport them into the inner hall.

Who could it be?

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but push his Dao Heart further to hasten the process.

As the light around the ring grew brighter and brighter, Huang Xiaolong heard the sound of something shattering, and the Black Corpse Holy Ring emitted a mellow glow that resonated with Huang Xiaolong.

Upon heaving a sigh of relief, Huang Xiaolong knew that he had completed the task in time. After opening the space in the ring, several black-colored holy pills hovered before him.

Black Corpse Holy Pills!

There were a total of fifty pills, and when he stared at the space below, there were seventy stalks of holy herbs!

Out of the herbs growing below, something black caught his eye. As he looked closely, Huang Xiaolong discovered that it was the Black Corpse Holy Symbol!

After retrieving the Black Corpse Holy Symbol, he dripped a drop of his blood essence on it. A piece of memory appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s mind all of a sudden, and he gained the experiences of the Black Corpse Holy Emperor!

He discovered a shocking fact from the Black Corpse Holy Emperor’s memory. The inheritance wasn’t located in the city, and it was located in one of the ancient battlefields in the Holy World!

After sending in a strand of grandmist holy qi to refine the Black Corpse Holy Ring, Huang Xiaolong started to refine the ring. When he was done, he threw all the treasures in the hall into the Black Corpse Holy Ring.

At that instant, the fluctuations became stronger, and it was evident that the other party was about to complete the transportation formation.

However, Huang Xiaolong was no longer in a hurry. He didn’t bother leaving, and he waited patiently for the other party to show up. After all, it was more convenient to deal with them in the inner hall.

He was extremely curious as to who would show up. Would it be Xie Bufan, or would it be Xiao Lengxue. The other party should be the person who had entered the grave before him.

From the restrictions they had set outside the grave, they had combat abilities in the Second to Third Heaven True Saint Realm. No one else other than a disciple in the top ten ranks had the ability to do so.

A few minutes later, the transportation rune was complete and a person appeared in the inner hall. 

When Huang Xiaolong stared at the newcomer’s face, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock.

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