Chapter 2503: Black Corpse Holy Palace

As Huang Xiaolong flew over graves after graves, he didn’t dare to let down his guard.

Even with his dao heart, he knew that he would be in deep trouble if he ran into any of the supreme existences sealed in the graves.

Pushing his three holy souls to the limit, Huang Xiaolong prepared himself to respond to any change in the situation.

After all, most of the True Saints, who had died in the Furtive Lands, had lost their lives in the Burial Ground.

Out of the various forbidden regions in the Ghost Devil City, the Furtive Lands ranked among the Blood Plains and the Black Forest.

However, the Burial Ground was a place more dangerous than any of them.

Huang Xiaolong had to use everything he had in order to return alive.

In addition to devouring Wan Zhuoyuan’s, Song Cheng’s, and Yu Jizhang’s holy souls, Huang Xiaolong’s holy souls had also received the baptism of energy from the Divine Tuo Mountain. His holy souls had reached a whole new level of strength, and he could feel minute changes in his surroundings.

With the assistance of his three great holy souls, Huang Xiaolong noted down everything around him. The heavy restrictions along graves didn’t stop him, and he managed to scout out the situation inside a lot of the graves.

This allowed him to reduce a lot of risks when exploring the Burial Ground.

Just like that, Huang Xiaolong flew deeper and deeper.

However, he failed to locate the treasury even after a whole day.

Regardless, he knew that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor’s treasury was most likely located in the Burial Ground and that was enough. He wasn’t disappointed that he had failed to locate it after a day, and he knew that if he continued to scour the Burial Ground, he would find it soon.

Even though he spent his day searching for the treasury, Huang Xiaolong’s ranking on the board didn’t fall. He even managed to meet a First Heaven True Saint Realm ghost devil when roaming around the Burial Ground.

After killing it, his points surpassed Bai Buren, who was in the 6th place.

Huang Xiaolong decided to take a break as night fell, and he decided on a place to rest.

The ghost devil death qi in the Burial Ground became even thicker the moment night fell. It affected one’s speed of flight. Even when Huang Xiaolong activated his three holy souls to scout the area, he felt some resistance. Moreover, the ghost devils became more active in the night and mid-level ghost devils appeared from time to time. 

As such, Huang Xiaolong decided to hold everything off to the next day.

Upon sweeping his gaze across the lands, Huang Xiaolong’s sight landed on one of the massive graves around him. 

The entrance to the grave was open, and it was clear that someone had already barged inside in the past. There probably wasn’t any sort of danger, but Huang Xiaolong still scouted the area before he entered.

After ensuring that there was no threat to his life, Huang Xiaolong flew inside cautiously. Laying down several restrictions around the entrance to the grave, he looked for a spot to rest. He ignored everything that went on in the outside world as he started to circulate his Grandmist Parasitic Medium. 

The night passed peacefully, and Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes when dawn broke the next day.

A trace of excitement could be seen on his face.

When he had entered the Ghost Devil City, he had already arrived at the peak of the early-Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. After a few short days in the city, he managed to enter the mid-Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

After leaving the grave, Huang Xiaolong continued to look for the Black Corpse Holy Emperor’s treasury.

Two days passed and Huang Xiaolong rose to the fifth rank on the leaderboards.

When he entered the top five, the outside world erupted.

Cao Nan mocked Tyrant Chu once again.

However, Tyrant Chu wasn’t angry this time. Instead, his gaze was calm as he stared at the jade stele. A weird light flashed through his eyes.

His weird reaction caused many people to doubt themselves. Duan Xuan, Bai Moyang, Jin Nu, and even someone like Mo Cangli couldn’t help but feel a sense of suspicion sprouting in their hearts.

“Master, look at that. What’s going on with Tyrant Chu?” Xue Lingyun couldn’t help and she asked the Cangqiong Old Man.

The old man rubbed his stubble and smiled, “He’s probably feeling happy with his disciple’s achievements.”

“Happy?!” Xue Lingyun couldn’t understand a thing the Cangqiong Old Man said.

Another day passed quickly and Huang Xiaolong descended before a giant grave.

The grave Huang Xiaolong stood before was incomparably large, and it was almost as large as a continent. Even though the other graves around it were huge, their size couldn’t compare to it.

A look of joy appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “This should be the place….” With his holy souls, he tried to look into the grave.

The corpse qi around the grave was several times stronger than the other graves around it. The corpse qi that surrounded it was a little different from the others. The corpse qi emanating from the grave was something special as it came from the Black Corpse Holy Emperor. After feeling the corpse qi around the grave, Huang Xiaolong knew that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor had definitely been there for some time.

Perhaps, the grave was created by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor himself.

The entrance to the grave was sealed shut and the restrictions were fully functioning. However, it didn’t seem like the Black Corpse Holy Emperor had laid down the restrictions personally. The restrictions seemed to be laid down by some ancient expert, but the person who had done it wasn’t too powerful. Huang Xiaolong estimated the strength of the person who had sealed the grave to be around the Third Heaven True Saint Realm.

Could it be Xie Bufan or Li Chen?

Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank.

No longer hesitating, Huang Xiaolong tore through the restrictions and charged into the grave. Time was of the essence, and if he was slightly late to the party, the treasury might fall in the hands of others.

As he focused all his firepower on the restrictions, Huang XIaolong managed to enter in a short half hour.

As soon as he entered, the world seemed to flip upside down.

The scene was completely different from the one before, and Huang Xiaolong was greeted with paradise. There were mountains and oceans as divine trees lined the lands. The only things that seemed off were the clouds of death qi in the skies above the paradise.

Huang Xiaolong pushed his holy souls to the limit as he determined the right direction to fly in.

Before long, he ran into several ancient corpses that were comparable to First Heaven True Saints. Even though they felt similar to the undead spirits in the All Extinguishing Holy Gate, they were much smaller in size.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste his time dealing with them as he took a detour around them.

Half a day later, he saw a massive palace in a hidden valley.

“Black Corpse Holy Palace!”

Four humongous words were written on the plaque above the main entrance of the palace.

A feeling of joy filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart. Even though others had entered the grave before him, he had managed to locate the palace before any of them!

As he entered the palace, a figure charged through the entrance of the grave. The person who had arrived was Dou Rui of the Devil Palace!

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