Chapter 2502: I’ll Kill, I’ll Kill, And I’ll Keep Killing!

There wasn’t anyone weaker than a Second Heaven True Saint in the top ten ranks, and the moment Huang Xiaolong entered their ranks, his achievements would solidify his place as the legend of the Holy World.

Of course, that would only happen if his actual strength could convince the masses. Duan Xuan’s tone of mockery could be heard clearly, and everyone knew that he was laughing at Huang Xiaolong for cheating his way into the top ten.

When Cao Nan saw Huang Xiaolong’s name under Dou Rui, he couldn’t help but sneer, “Tyrant Chu, congratulations! Your disciple is so outstanding that he managed to surprise all of us! It seems like he will surpass my disciple soon!”

Tyrant Chu had nowhere to vent his anger, and he exploded in rage when he heard the disdain in Cao Nan’s voice, “Your disciple is really nothing better than trash. A First Heaven True Saint like him can actually be surpassed by my disciple! What a piece of sh*t!”

Everyone stared at Tyrant Chu in stunned silence.

No one would have thought that he could act so righteously when he called Dou Rui trash.

Cao Nan didn’t believe his ears.

“Hahaha! Tyrant Chu, why are you so angry? You should be happy that your disciple has the chance to enter the top ten ranks! It’s something to celebrate!” Cao Nan roared with laughter. “When you pay one hundred thousand high-grade holy spiritual jade stones, you should hold a feast for the entire Holy World!”

Unable to contain himself, he doubled over in laughter.

Even if Huang Xiaolong didn’t do anything until the end of the competition, it was impossible for him to fall out of the 300th rank.

However, the Holy Heavens would have to pay up one hundred thousand high-grade holy spiritual jade stones because of his actions!

“When the trial ends, I’ll host a banquet for you! I’ll open a hundred thousand tables for you and the members of your Devil Palace to eat my sh*t!”

Everyone choked on their laughter when they heard Tyrant Chu’s reaction.

Xue Lingyun glanced at Tyrant Chu from the corner of her eyes. He was too unbecoming of a Primal Ancestor. He was acting like a streetside bully in front of all the present juniors.

Cao Nan, who wanted to continue mocking Tyrant Chu, couldn’t help but shut his mouth in case he said something embarrassing. His expression sank, and he glared at Tyrant Chu.

In the Ghost Devil City, Dou Rui’s situation was pretty close to Huang Xiaolong. He was rushing towards the Burial Ground in the Furtive Lands. The funny part was that he had entered the Furtive Lands from the exact opposite direction of Huang Xiaolong, and they were both flying towards each other unknowingly.

“Little doggy Huang, you won’t be able to surpass me!” A sharp light flashed in Dou Rui’s eyes, and he killed ghost devils around him like there was no tomorrow.

As one of the princes of the Devil Palace, he had a cultivation base at the peak-late First Heaven True Saint Realm. He could enter the Second Heaven whenever he wanted, and it would be too embarrassing for him if Huang Xiaolong surpassed him on the leaderboards.

Pushing himself to his limit, he killed all he could. No matter what, he had to secure his spot in the top 10!


I’ll kill!

I’ll keep on killing!

As Dou Rui flew towards the Burial Ground, the number of ghost devils that fell at his hands were uncountable.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s score started to approach his score, no matter how hard he tried! The distance closed quickly.

In one short hour, Huang Xiaolong’s name rose up by a single rank again.

His name was extremely eye-catching on the leaderboards, and Dou Rui’s name dimmed as soon as he fell out of the top ten.

Every time one crossed a benchmark on the leaderboards, their names would shine a little brighter. Of course, those in the top 10 ranks had colorful lights decorating their names. As for Tan Juan, who stood firmly in the first position, her name on the jade stele was like a mini sun. 

When Dou Rui noticed that Huang Xiaolong had surpassed him, he roared with rage, “Little doggy Huang, you better pray we don’t meet in the Burial Ground! If we do, I’ll chop you into tiny little pieces!”

“Whoever it is who helped him to cheat, you better pray that I never discover your involvement! I’ll kill every single one of you who helped that little b*stard!”

According to Dou Rui, Huang Xiaolong would never be able to enter the top ten ranks unless he had a group of True Saints helping him. In fact, he had to gather nearly ten of them to match the killing speed of those in the top 10!

Dou Rui felt humiliated when a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint surpassed him on the leaderboards. He killed relentlessly for some time before venting all the anger in him. When he was finally a little calmer, he continued to fly towards the Burial Ground.

After surpassing Dou Rui, Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop as his points continued to rack up.

He slowly approached Sai Qian, who was in ninth place.

Even though Sai Qian didn’t head over to the Furtive Lands, he killed ghost devils in another forbidden region in the Ghost Devil City. When he noticed Huang Xiaolong’s points, the expression on his face turned complicated. 

“Huang Xiaolong is pretty crazy….” He shook his head slowly.

During the battle in the Mirage Pavilion, Huang Xiaolong had shown mercy to his junior brother, and he was a little grateful because of it. However, he didn’t condone Huang Xiaolong’s actions in the trial.

As the super genius of the Vajra Race, he felt extremely disgusted to be surpassed by a cheater.

Even though he was in the ninth place, his points were comparable to Dou Rui. In one short hour, Huang Xiaolong replaced him on the leaderboards.

Once again, the jade stele in the plaza shone.

Every time a name in the top ten changed, the jade stele would emit bursts of light.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong started to catch up to Ji Xinyi!

By the time he finally arrived in the Burial Ground, he had surpassed You Lingzi in the seventh position.

“Burial Ground!” Huang Xiaolong stood in the air above the Burial Ground and stared at the giant graves erected in the ground. They extended far beyond the horizon, and there were several graves that reached the size of a city!”

Those who could be buried here were experts from the ancient era, and there were also several creatures that came from the outside world. There were also several terrifyingly strong beasts and super experts of the ghost devil race.

In fact, there were several beasts who weren’t really dead. They were merely sealed in the graves, and if one charged in blindly, they would turn into beast-feed. 

Even with Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls and the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, he would be in serious trouble.

After all, Primal Ancestors were the ones to have sealed these ferocious beasts. One could only imagine how strong they were. 

Death qi filled the lands and when it fused with the ghost devil qi in the surroundings, it formed ghost devil death qi. It was terrifyingly strong, but when it neared Huang Xiaolong, it was repelled by the holy qi around him.

The ghost devil death qi couldn’t approach him within a hundred feet radius.

After pausing for a second, Huang Xiaolong charged deeper into the Burial Ground.

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