Chapter 2500: You Wish to Kill Me?

Zhang Yihui roared with laughter when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“If not for you, I would have obtained the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura!” A nasty smirk formed on Zhang Yihui’s face. “If not for that, my Ancient Emperor Holy Gate wouldn’t have sacrificed so many disciples! Neither would the Holy Lands Alliance!”

In order to obtain the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura, the Holy Lands Alliance hadn’t hesitated to send tons of holy princes over to fight Huang Xiaolong. That was also the reason behind their loss.

After the battle in the Mirage Pavilion, the experts of the Holy Lands Alliance had retreated with endless hatred for Huang Xiaolong. It was especially so for Duan Xuan. He had smashed several dozen regions of lands before venting his anger. He also hadn’t forgotten to severely punish Zhang Yihui.

According to what Duan Xuan had said, if not for Zhang Yihui’s incompetence, no one would have wasted so many resources, trying to challenge Huang Xiaolong for the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura. They wouldn’t have needed to sacrifice so many holy princes too.

As such, Zhang Yihui’s hate for Huang Xiaolong had reached another level.

He had even lost one of his best junior brothers in the Mirage Pavilion.

Huang Xiaolong stared placidly at Zhang Yihui and he didn’t plan on avoiding responsibility. “So what do you plan to do?”

A chilly light flashed through Zhang Yihui’s eyes. “Not much. All I want to do right now is to cripple you before crushing your manhood! I’ll destroy your saint attributes and turn you into a creature that doesn’t resemble any living being!”

Cang Ping interrupted, “If you really cripple him and release him to the outside world, we’ll be in serious trouble. Just end his life here. After all, the Holy Heavens won’t be able to do anything without evidence.”

The number of factions, who wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong had gone through the roof ever since the battle in the Mirage Pavillion.

With the ability to evolve all three saint godheads, Huang Xiaolong’s talent was too terrifying to ignore. Countless superpowers wanted to assassinate Huang Xiaolong before he could mature.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had killed too many geniuses from their factions. All of them had been nurtured with an infinite amount of resources, and Huang Xiaolong had killed them off without batting an eyelid!

After discussing what to do with Huang Xiaolong, Zhang Yihui turned around and spoke. “Huang Xiaolong, since we know each other, I’ll give you a choice. I’ll let you choose the way you die. How about it?”

As for the Tidal Flower in his hand, none of them screamed for him to hand it over. After all, he was a dead man to them, and all of the treasures on him would belong to them soon.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t rage as a smile slowly formed on his face. He looked at the two of them and chuckled softly, “I don’t think I feel like dying yet.”

Zhang Yihui failed to hear the meaning behind Huang Xiaolong’s words, and he roared with laughter, “Don’t feel like dying yet? Why don’t you get to your knees and beg? Beg me to let you off!”

“Of course, you should start by getting to your knees. Start barking and squealing. I want you to squeal like a pig! You should know what they sound like….”

Cang Ping couldn’t help but laugh at the side. “Huang Xiaolong, you were so haughty when you killed the holy princes in the Mirage Pavilion. I never thought that you would be such a loser.”

It was evident that they thought Huang Xiaolong was begging for his life.

However, Huang Xiaolong responded with a placid expression, “Zhang Yihui, your saint attributes shouldn’t be too weak, right?”

“Of course! Even though I can’t compare to Tan Juan, Li Chen, Xie Bufan, and the others, I’m no weaker than Dou Rui!”

“That’s great!” Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly. “After I refine your saint attributes, I should be able to improve by quite a bit.”

Zhang Yihui and Cang Ping stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

They stared at Huang Xiaolong as though they were looking at a retard. “Are you thinking of killing me?”


“Are you sure?! Are you sure your brain is working fine?”

“I’m sure….”

Zhang Yihui couldn’t hold back his laughter, and he spat, “Since your brain is working fine, take a punch from me. If you survive, I’ll let you die a comfortable death!” As soon as he spoke, his fist flew towards Huang Xiaolong’s head.

He wanted to smash Huang Xiaolong’s skull in before he tried anything else.

Cang Ping stared at the scene playing out before him with interest.

In an instant, Zhang Yihui’s fist appeared beside Huang Xiaolong’s head. 

Right before he could send Huang Xiaolong flying, a golden glow emerged and a golden figure appeared before their very eyes. As it reached out to block Zhang Yihui’s fist, time seemed to stop.

Terrifying waves of holy energy swept through the lands.

Upon feeling the sudden change, Zhang Yihui and Cang Ping fell to their knees in fright. 

They stared at the golden figure behind Huang Xiaolong, and the blood drained from their faces. The figure looked  exactly like Huang Xiaolong, but it was formed from golden light.

“This… This is a holy soul!” Zhang Yihui screamed, and his voice trembled in fright.

Cang Ping’s reaction was comparable to Zhang Yihui, and he didn’t believe his eyes. 

The only thing that replied to Zhang Yihui’s question was a finger from Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul. He summoned the dragon attributed holy soul this time, and it flicked its finger at Zhang Yihui. In an instant, Zhang Yihui felt a hurricane blowing against him, and he slammed through god-knew how many mountain peaks before crashing into the lands below. Deep cracks formed on the island when he landed.

Luckily for him, Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan on killing him. He wanted to let Zhang Yihui live as he decided to devour his saint attributes a little later.

Cang Ping who was kneeling in fright finally snapped back to attention. He didn’t plan on fighting back as he turned tail to flee.

As soon as he rose into the air, a cold snort rang out behind him.

“Prosperity of the Dragons!”

Dragon roars filled the skies as countless heavenly dragons swarmed the lands. 

Horrifying pressure slammed down on Cang Ping.

Fear gripped his heart as he turned to stare at the divine dragons behind him. The strength of each individual dragon caused his heart to tremble in fright.

In the next instant, he suffered the same fate as Zhang Yihui.

As he slammed into the ground below, his face was filled with mud and dirt as red liquid filled his mouth.

Huang Xiaolong’s ‘Prosperity of the Dragons’ was something that couldn’t be stopped by Second Heaven True Saints. Cang Ping was a First Heaven True Saint, and his fate was sealed the moment he stood on Zhang Yihui’s side.

Struggling to open his eyes, Zhang Yihui stared at Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul with endless fear in his eyes.

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