Chapter 2487: The Secret of the Divine Tuo Mountain

Li Chen and the others stared at him with bulging eyes.

“Are you sure that he managed to climb a thousand steps?” Li Chen asked again.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, I am certain of the intelligence…,” Fu Yunjie felt waves crashing against his heart as he continued, “The news of Huang Xiaolong climbing a thousand steps in a day has already spread throughout the lands. Everyone in the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds will learn of the matter soon.”

Li Chen stared at Xie Yao, and none of them knew how to react to the news.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, what do I do now?” Fu Yunjie couldn’t help but ask when he saw that he had received no reactions.

“Report to me again if he passes the two-thousandth step.” Li Chen narrowed his eyes, and he sneered, “I refuse to believe that he will be able to climb another thousand more….”

“Yes, Senior Brother Li Chen!” Fu Yunjie bowed and left.

A mere two days later, Fu Yunjie ‘dragged’ Li Chen out from his cultivation chamber once again.

“What?! He already arrived at the two-thousandth step?!” Li Chen was considerably more surprised than before.

Huang Xiaolong had used a single day to ascend a thousand steps, and the fact itself was shocking! However, he had managed to climb another thousand steps in two days!

Compared to the first day, Huang Xiaolong’s achievement of ascending the two-thousandth step shook the world! After all, it became harder to climb the higher one got. Many experts could climb up the first thousand steps in a month, but they would need a year to climb another thousand! Of course, that was if they had the ability to do so.

Three more days passed. 

According to Fu Yunjie’s report, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at the three-thousandth step!

Four days later.

Four thousand!

As five days passed, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the five-thousandth step without much difficulty. 


As the pattern continued, Huang Xiaolong took ten days to arrive at the ten-thousandth step from his previous checkpoint of nine thousand.

When Fu Yunjie reported to the others that Huang Xiaolong had ascended ten thousand steps, Li Chen muttered to himself in delusion, “No… This is not possible. How can a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint arrive at the ten-thousandth step?!”

Even a Second Heaven True Saint like himself had to stop at the five thousand mark.

Was Huang Xiaolong’s comprehension of the grand dao stronger than Li Chen?!

Even if someone were to beat him to death, he wouldn’t believe it!

How long had it been since Huang Xiaolong had started his cultivation journey? It was impossible for a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint to have better comprehension of the grand dao than a Second Heaven True Saint!

Li Chen wasn’t the only one who felt that it was impossible. The Heavenly Master Holy Grounds erupted.

From the time he had started, Huang Xiaolong had used a mere fifty-five days to arrive at the ten-thousandth step!

High-level True Saints couldn’t do what he did, and he was only in the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

When the four Primal Ancestors heard the news, they couldn’t believe their ears.

“The little brat is getting more and more unfathomable….” Tyrant Chu shook his head.

Lord Long roared with laughter. “We can’t use common sense when evaluating this brat!” However, his tone sank in the next moment, “Do you think it's possible for him to possess a Primal Ancestor’s dao artifact?”

The Heavenly Master shook his head slowly. “Even though a dao artifact might help him when ascending the Divine Tuo Mountain, it isn’t too useful. At the very least, it wouldn’t be able to send him flying up to the ten-thousandth step in a little more than a month.”

The four of them racked their brains, but failed to think of an explanation.

In the end, they could only stare at each other helplessly.

As discussion flew around the Holy World, Huang Xiaolong sat on the ten-thousandth step of the Divine Tuo Mountain and comprehended the grand dao.

A faint purplish-golden light emerged from the step and it was slightly similar to the glow emitted by the grandmist holy spiritual aura Huang Xiaolong had absorbed. As it gathered around his body, a faint screen was formed around him.

The purplish-golden light contained the grand dao and workings of the world in the ten-thousandth step, and every single speck contained the mysteries of the world.

As the specks of light slowly emerged, an unimaginable amount surrounded him.

If one were to look at him, they would notice a brilliant ball of purplish-golden light.

An hour slowly passed as the ball of light surrounding him started to dissipate. When Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes, he raised his leg to step onto the next platform.

Climbing higher and higher up the mountain, the workings of the world and the grand dao seeped into Huang Xiaolong’s body. The Dao Heart continued to evolve. If Huang Xiaolong was like a toddler before he ascended the Divine Tuo Mountain, he was like a primary school student after arriving at the ten-thousandth step. He underwent a fundamental evolution that could only be noticed by himself.

Every time he gained insight about the grand dao, his previous, superficial understanding changed. He was finally able to comprehend the intricacies contained in the grand dao.

He could also feel the change of his three great holy souls. Slowly but surely, they were purified by the grand dao.

Half a year eventually passed and Huang Xiaolong stood atop the twenty-thousandth step.

When he finally descended the mountain, his Dao Heart had undergone a heaven-shaking transformation. The same could be said for his holy souls as they emitted rays of holy light.

Huang Xiaolong knew that it was completely possible for him to ascend to the fifty-thousandth step, but he knew that going too far wasn’t the best course of action. As such, he stopped and planned to return only after entering the Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

His trip allowed him to confirm one of the guesses he had in the past. There was definitely a world outside the Holy World, and it might not be limited to a single world!

He knew that the moment he were to step onto the 100,008th step, he would be able to fully comprehend the mysteries behind the Divine Tuo Mountain. It was even possible for him to form a connection to another world!

Was it possible that Earth was a world outside the Holy World?

“Your Highness!”


As soon as he returned, everyone rushed up to him.

The news of his achievements had already spread through the Holy World and there were tons of experts crowding the bottom. It could even be said that not a single drop of water could pass through the crowd.

Even though he had stopped himself at the twenty-thousandth step, everyone was sufficiently fired up by his achievements. There were even some who looked at him with fearful expressions in their eyes.

Huang Xiaolong had shaken the Holy World once again by climbing up to the twenty-thousandth step with his Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm cultivation.

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