Chapter 2475: Blood Qilin Race

Although Huang Xiaolong had not found the All Extinguishing Holy Symbol and that infamous dao artifact, he was here again, Huang Xiaolong wanted to continue searching for them. He was left with more than a little unwillingness being unable to find these two items.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong and his group boarded the Winged Dragon Flying Ship and sailed towards the All Extinguishing Holy Gate headquarters.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong’s group reached the All Extinguishing Holy Gate’s headquarters.

Similar to the first time he was here, there were no noticeable changes to the ruins that were enshrouded in dense layers of dead qi. All around were crumbled mountains and broken lands. 

After successfully crossing his third tribulation, Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls had surely grown much stronger, and the difference between the two was more than double or tripled. Under his three holy souls’ expansive range, Huang Xiaolong soon discovered the several undead spirits that were in the vicinity.

That Fourth Heavens True Saint undead spirit was still in the same location, absorbing dead qi deep under the All Extinguishing Holy Gate’s forbidden ground. From the last time’s experience, Huang Xiaolong’s group stopped several billion miles away from it.

They almost looked into every crack and flipped over every stone in this area only to come up empty-handed. Huang Xiaolong continued to search some more, and ended up spending half a month there, almost turning the entire All Extinguishing Holy Ground upside down. 

To Huang Xiaolong’s disappointment, he still didn’t find the All Extinguishing Holy Symbol, or the said dao artifact. 

“It seems like the All Extinguishing Holy Symbol and that dao artifact are not within the All Extinguishing Holy Ground,” Huang Xiaolong inwardly concluded.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong and the others went back the way they had come, and returned to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

As for the several undead spirits, Huang Xiaolong planned to tame them the next time he crossed the fourth tribulation and his dao heart’s transformation completed.

That was the reason why Huang Xiaolong had steered clear from those several undead spirits so far.

Huang Xiaolong and his group touched down at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds ten days later.

Back at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, Huang Xiaolong put away the Winged Dragon Holy Ship, then flew for the remaining journey with the rest. 

“Several elder brothers, are you also heading to the Holy Heavens City?” A kittenish voice sounded behind them not long after Huang Xiaolong’s group entered the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds’ territory. 

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and saw an adorable young girl, seemingly sixteen to seventeen years of age, with big spirited eyes, looking at them. 

There was an old man following behind the young girl, and it was obvious that this old man was a strong expert in the late Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. On the other hand, the young girl’s strength seemed lower than imagined, as she was merely a Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. This was probably because she had only started cultivating not long ago. Huang Xiaolong sensed a unique bloodline from the young girl, the kind of bloodline power possessed by some of the Holy World’s oldest ancient races’ core disciples.

In a split second as these thoughts crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind, he nodded and answered her, “Yes, we are heading to the Holy Heavens City.”

The young girl hesitated briefly before asking another again, “We are also going to the Holy Heavens City, but this is the first time we’re going to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds. We don't know which direction it is, so can we travel with you?” 

So it was like this.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and agreed on the spot, “Of course, there is nothing troublesome about it.”

A bright smile lit up the young girl’s face upon hearing Huang Xiaolong’s response. “Really? Thank you, Elder Brother.”

The old man behind her, opened his mouth, wanting to say something to the girl but decided against it.

Hence, the young girl and the old man followed Huang Xiaolong’s group, flying in the direction of the Holy Heavens City.

“Elder Brother, are you also going to the Holy Heavens City to pay homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong?” The young girl asked at one point. 

Huang Xiaolong, Yu Ming, and others were caught off guard by her question.

“You’re going to the Holy Heavens to pay homage to Huang Xiaolong?” Huang Xiaolong responded in surprise.

The young girl nodded, “Yes ah! I’ve spent a year traveling here, just so I can see His Highness Huang Xiaolong, I want to see the undefeatable His Highness, Huang Xiaolong, who crushed all his opponents at the Mirage Pavilion!” 

The young girl went on, “Elder Brother, you should use ‘His Highness Huang Xiaolong’ instead of His Highness’ name. That is disrespectful to His Highness, and I will ignore you if you do so.” 

Huang Xiaolong was stumped.

This young girl really worships me and is my fan, is she? 

Huang Xiaolong nodded and smiled awkwardly, “Alright then. In truth, that, Huang Xiaolong…. High Highness, is just like any other person with two eyes and one nose. It’s not worth it for you to cross several hundred billion miles to Holy Heavens City to see what he looks like.” 

The girl shook her head and insisted, “You don’t understand.” Then, her eyes shone like the sun as they fixed on Huang Xiaolong, “Does that mean you’ve seen His Highness Huang Xiaolong?” 

The old man behind her too looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he said, “You can say that.”

“Many people have seen His Highness Huang Xiaolong, since the crowd at the Mirage Pavilion watching the battle stage challenge had exceeded ten thousand people. Therefore, there really is nothing special about having seen him before. Apart from the fact that you know him, His Highness doesn’t know you.” 

A disconcerted voice interrupted their conversation.

The owner of the voice was a glamorous woman clad in an exquisite purple dress with a large entourage of experts behind her. This glamorous woman had the same bloodline power as the young girl, and it looked like both of them originated from the same race. 

“It’s you, Ji Yu!” The young girl’s face tightened, looking fearful as her body shrunk away. The old man behind her quickly stood between her and the woman named Ji Yu with a stern expression.

“Ji Cai, you little lassie, do you think that we won’t find you if you run and hide at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds?” Ji Nu sneered, “You want to pay homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong, and want to serve under him in exchange for his protection? You are so naive that is’t laughable. With His Highness Huang Xiaolong’s status and identity, would he even see you? In these years, countless people have wanted to pay their homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong, yet not even a holy ground’s patriarch can say for sure he can meet with His Highness. You, a Blood Qilin Race’s runaway and sinner, dare to say you want to pay homage to His Highness?”

Upon hearing Ji Yu describe her as a Blood Qilin Race’s runaway sinner, Ji Cai’s face was flushed red with anger, and she looked extremely agitated. She glared at the glamorous woman with bloodshot eyes and retorted, “I am not a Blood Qilin Race’s sinner. You all are sinners, you all are Blood Qilin Race’s sinners!”

The glamorous Ji Yu was full of disdain, “The winner takes it all. Do you think you’re still the noble Blood Qilin Race’s little princess? What a joke! If I say that you’re the Blood Qilin Race’s sinner, then you are a sinner! Not only you, your father, and several brothers are also sinners!”

“You!” Ji Cai was angered beyond words.

“Go, capture that little lassie and take her back.” Ji Yu ordered one of the experts behind her with a wave of her hand.

The peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert complied, and then stretched out his palm as he planned to grab Ji Cai.

“Princess, run quickly!” The old man who had been guarding in front of Ji Cai shouted after seeing this and stepped forward to block the other side.

“Run? Do you think that’s possible? Ji Yu sneered and went after Ji Cai herself.

Ji Yu was a Sixth Tribulation half-True Saint, whereas Ji Cai was merely a Heavenly Monarch. How could she possibly escape from Ji Yu’s palm? 

After seeing that Ji Cai was about to fall into Ji Yu’s hands, a wave of startling energy suddenly rushed towards Ji Yu. Startled, Ji Yu retreated in a panic. 

“Punk, you’d better not stick your nose into others’ affairs. This is our Blood Qilin Race’s internal matter.” Ji Yu’s cold gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong as she warned him. It was Huang Xiaolong who had impeded her.

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed, “I’m not bothered with your Blood Qilin Race’s affairs, but this is the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds. You’ll enter the dungeon for a light punishment, or get the death penalty for attacking within the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds!”

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