Chapter 2465: Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s Ghost Soldiers

Different from the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, when the Holy Race arrived, the various forces’ experts showed a warm, and even enthusiastic welcome and reverence. The present holy grounds and ancient races’ patriarchs greeted or saluted the Holy Race’s patriarch Bai Moyang.

Even the Holy Lands Alliance’s Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and the rest of the ten great holy grounds’ patriarchs did not dare to put themselves on a pedestal in front of Bai Moyang, and took the initiative to greet Bai Moyang.  

The Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, Ancient Dhyana Race, and other ancient forces, including the Silver Wing Holy Ground too were extremely courteous and respectful towards Bao Moyang.

In the past, the Holy Race was the Holy World’s bona fide leader, but unfortunately, the Holy Race’s Grand Ancestor had suffered severe injuries. In other words, the Holy Race’s status was equivalent to the current Holy Heavens organisation in the past.

Similar to the Holy Heavens’ Grand Hall Master, Wu Ge also stepped forward and greeted Bai Moyang.

After a round of greetings, Bal Moyang faced Huang Xiaolong and said, “Talented people appear in every generation, Your Highness Huang Xiaolong has two complete dao saint godheads that can evolve at amazing speed. It’s truly a great talent, ah.” 

Huang Xiaolong looked at the smile on Bai Moyang’s face, as he cupped his fists and said, “Patriarch Bai Moyang is overpraising me. I wouldn’t dare to say number one, but my improvement speed is indeed not too bad.”

Upon listening to Huang Xiaolong ‘humbly’ say that his improvement speed was ‘not too bad,’ there were more than a few awkward faces in the crowd. 

In a short span of a few decades, Huang Xiaolong’s complete dao saint godheads had risen from the bottom rung of nine hundred plus ranks to the current twenties ranks. This speed was merely considered as not too bad?!

Then the person, who had the most amazing complete dao saint godhead evolution speed before Huang Xiaolong, came into the limelight. It was Mo Cangli, and he would probably commit suicide by ramming into a pillar if he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

As Mo Cangli’s personal disciple, standing in the same row as Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and other holy grounds’ patriarchs, Huai Po felt the nerve on his face twitch at Huang Xiaolong’s humble words.

“Your Highness is too humble.” Bai Moyang chuckled amiably.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept past Bai Moyang, falling on Xiao Baili as he asked, “Would this be your disciple? I have heard that your disciple’s outstanding talent is comparable to the Devil Palace’s Xie Bufan. You’re willing to send him up to die?!”

Bai Moyang, the present Holy Race’s experts, and other holy grounds’ experts were taken aback by Huang Xiaolong’s words.

The expressions on these experts’ faces were an interesting sight.

The Ghost Talisman Saint Gui Buwang chortled loudly a second later, “Exactly so! Bai Moyang, it looks like some people do not put the Holy Race in their eyes at all, and definitely not your disciple. Your precious disciple is going to go to his death.”

The Holy Race used to be the Holy World’s rightful leader, and the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground was naturally dissatisfied with that.

Bai Moyang’s cold gaze swept over the Gui Buwang, and then, he smiled amiably at Huang Xiaolong as he said, “It looks like Your Highness is very confident. Confidence is a good thing, but being overconfident blinds a person, making them incapable of judging the direction they should take, and forget themselves.” He was subtly reproaching Huang Xiaolong.

However, as the Holy Race’s patriarch, others did not think it was out of bound for Bai Moyang to slightly reproach Huang Xiaolong because Bai Moyang had the qualifications to do so. Moreover, not any holy ground’s geniuses had the chance to be ‘reproached’ by Bai Moyang.

Huang Xiaolong smiled nonchalantly, hearing Bai Moyang’s reproach, “I have always been confident, and my heart has always been firm. I have never lost myself.” Other people could be worried about offending the Holy Race, and they did not dare to hurt Xiao Baili, but Huang Xiaolong was different.

If he was afraid of offending the Holy Race, he wouldn’t have set up the battle stage challenge to begin with, much less challenging the entire Holy World. 

Ultimately, all these people, who had come to challenge him, wanted the grandmist holy spiritual aura, wanting to step on him to gain a name for themselves, and at the same time, vex the Holy Heavens.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t hold back towards these people.

Regardless of whether they were the Holy Race or the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, all challengers would be killed!

He hadn’t killed Jin Taiji by merely looking at the sake of Tyrant Chu’s relationship with them. 

As for the Holy Race,  and Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, neither of them had any connection to his four masters.

Xiao Baili’s eyes narrowed, as his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong, and the vigorous energy within his body surged.

Bai Moyang smiled nonchalantly, hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words. He didn’t say anything in response. Huang Xiaolong was only a junior, and it was unbefitting his status to debate with Huang Xiaolong there. 

The episode ended there.

Subsequently, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, Holy Race, Holy Lands Alliance, and Reservoir Sword Alliance began to draw lots.

As the crowd craned their necks in anticipation, the results were announced.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground drew the number one spot, Holy Race second, Reservoir Sword Alliance third, and the Holy Lands Alliance got number four.

When the results came out, the Holy Lands Alliance’s Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Hou Ming, and the others’ faces were extremely gloomy.

They actually got the fourth slot?!

By the time their turn arrived, they wouldn’t even get a mouthful of soup.

But there was nothing they could do to change this result.

Gui Buwang, who had got the number one spot, revealed a rare smile on his grotesque face.

“The heavens are standing on our Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s side!” Gui Buwang’s sonorous laughter rang through the venue, pushing the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s momentum higher still.

There was only calmness on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he looked at Gui Buwang.

With Gui Buwang’s order, fifty ghost soldiers behind him leaped into the air and landed on the stage with loud thumps. These fifty ghost soldiers were between late-Third Tribulation and peak late-Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. They were similar in build, physically, as if they had come out from the same mould. Each of them wore the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s unique ghost armor, inscribed in various sizes of divine ghosts.

Once on the battle stage, these fifty ghost soldiers drew their ghost swords out, showing that they meant business. As their bodies blurred from rapid speed, their ghost swords slashed towards Huang Xiaolong.

In a split second, ghostly howls, sharp shrieks, and their swords’ cold gleams came from every angle of the battle stage as killing intent solidified aircurrents.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground had forged these ghost swords using the most cold yin materials from places of abundant ghost qi, and then sealed a ton of ferocious ghosts with great resentment into the ghost swords. Once these ghost swords’ powers were activated, they could deal a blow straight to the soul.

But Huang Xiaolong was unaffected in any way, directly meeting these attacks with his bare fists. 


Huang Xiaolong’s fists and ghost swords collided loudly, and sparks flew everywhere as those ghost swords were sent tumbling into the air from the impact, while the ghost soldiers were smashed back the way they had come.

Despite that, these ghost soldiers were back on their feet immediately, as if nothing had happened, and they were already launching a second attack at Huang Xiaolong. Without their ghost swords, their hands bent into claws with nails as sharp as blades. Under the sunlight, their nails reflected a cold dark gleam, as they headed straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

Upon watching this, the crowd below was shocked. They had witnessed the power of Huang Xiaolong’s attacks during this time, but these ghost soldiers were actually alright?!

Their physiques were a bit too frightening, weren’t they?

In the earlier matches, whether it was Fang Xing or Sui Yunfeng, both had coughed up blood after being repeled by Huang Xiaolong. 

These ghost soldiers’ physical toughness was stronger than Fang Xing and Sui Yunfeng? Lin Xiaoying who was watching this secretly smacked her lips in astonishment. 

“The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s ghost soldiers’ bodies are really amazing!” Ji Xinyi exclaimed, “ Our Clear Snow Palace’s disciples at the same level of cultivation as these ghost soldiers would be in trouble if they encounter these ghost soldiers!”

Tan Juan nodded her head in agreement with worry etched between her delicate brows. His Grandmaster, Old Man Cangqiong, destroyed the Ghost Talisman Founder’s body, but now that the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground has emerged again, they would likely target the Clear Snow Palace.

Just these ghost soldiers were already difficult to deal with.

“These ghost soldiers are powerful but there is almost no hope for them to enter True Saint Realm. Therefore, Clear Snow Palace doesn’t need to fear the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground,” Lin Xiaoying said. 

Since the ghost soldiers’ cultivation took a different approach, it made their souls much more difficult to integrate with Saint Fate despite their amazing physical defenses. Thus only a small number of ghost soldiers could break through to True Saint Realm.

Right at this time, a loud boom came from the battle stage as Huang Xiaolong’s fist landed on one of the ghost soldiers’ chest. That ghost soldier’s chest caved in from the force, but his body did not break nor explode. This sight sent another tremor through the crowd’s heart. This ghost soldier didn’t explode to his death from that punch? If Fang Xing or Sui Yunfeng were fighting these ghost soldiers right now, could they have even make a scratch on their bodies?

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