Chapter 2464: Gui Buwang

Experts from various holy grounds and ancient races all made their way excitedly towards one location—the battle stage!

Every corner of the Mirage Pavilion that had always been bustling with people was completely empty today.

The usually crowded places were actually empty on this day.

Before the sunlight’s heat warmed the land, the streets leading to the battle stage were so packed that even a fly couldn’t fly through. 

Whether it was on the ground or high in the air, the surrounding inns and restaurants, and even the balconies of private residences were all crowded with people.

People from various holy grounds and big clans within the entire Mirage Pavilion had been waiting since early morning. 

This scale was comparable to the time of Huang Xiaolong’s apprenticeship ceremony.

Many of these experts were looking at Huang Xiaolong with complicated gazes. Even though he was a Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, he had dared to set up a stage for challenge, and he was even able to garner the attention of the Holy World’s superpowers. This was unprecedented in the Holy World!

Probably only Huang Xiaolong could do this kind of thing?! The Holy Race had not appeared during Huang Xiaolong’s apprenticeship ceremony, nor had the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground had appeared, but now, the Holy Race had come, and so had the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground. 

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the battle stage. Spiritual clouds hovered above his head, and there was a relaxed expression on his face. 

Upon looking at Huang Xiaolong sitting leisurely, Wu Ge couldn’t resist saying, “His Highness, that Xiao Baili sent by the Holy Race is extremely talented, and it is said that his talent is much higher than the Vajra Race’s Jin Taiji. He is comparable to the Devil Palace’s Xie Bufan, so you must be extra careful!”

Before Huang Xiaolong had entered the Holy Heavens, the Devil Palace’s Xie Bufan, Holy Heavens’ Li Chen, and Clear Snow Palace’s Tan Juan, were recognized as the most outstanding disciples of the Holy World’s younger generation.

Of course, there was still another Huai Po, the number one person on the Saint Fate List. Huai Po had only been cultivating for a short time, and he had yet to enter True Saint Realm.

Huang Xiaolong showed no expression as he listened to Wu Ge’s caution about Xiao Baili. He nodded and replied, “I know.” 

Xiao Baili? Huang Xiaolong thought indifferently.

Upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong didn’t really put Xiao Baili in his eyes, Wu Ge shook his head inwardly, but added, “From the information I have gotten, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground would be sending ghost soldiers to challenge Your Highness. It is said that the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s ghost soldiers possess undying physique and indestructible souls, they would be a handful to deal with!” 

“There is another thing, the Holy Lands Alliance too will challenge you today. The ten holy grounds have each selected elite disciples from their midst with the strongest talent and battle power to form a team of fifty people to challenge you!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled upon hearing that, “Undying physique? Indestructible soul? These are but words of exaggeration. If that’s the way the Holy Lands Alliance is going to take it, then it’s much better!”

Wu Ge was rendered speechless by Huang Xiaolong’s response, and he did not say anything anymore.

Honestly speaking, it was indeed good news for Huang Xiaolong if the Holy Lands Alliance’s ten great holy lands selected disciples with strong talents and battle power to challenge him!

Since those disciples were specifically selected from the ten holy grounds, then, their complete dao saint godheads had to be ranked in the top thirty, right? This herd of lambs were the fattest and the best kind of supplement for him, ah. His complete dao saint godheads would definitely rise into the top twenty ranks after he devoured fifty genius disciples like these!

Huang Xiaolong was now looking forward to the day’s challenge with enthusiasm.

“It’s the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground! The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground is here!” Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowded street as a wide berth opened up. 

A group of people clad in ink-red brocade robes walked towards the battle stage. There were as many as a hundred people in the group. Each person in the group emitted a strange smell from their bodies that made others extremely uncomfortable, despite not being able to say exactly where they felt uncomfortable. In short, it was a nauseating stench. 

Moreover, the ink-red robes were as dark as hell’s abyss, reflecting a redness that resembled the blood of a ghost king. Just one look at their robes gave people the creeps. 

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground! 

They were the existence that sent fear through everyone’s heart at the mere mention of their name.

In the past, if the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground planned to exterminate a holy ground, they would send an order to that holy ground the day before the execution. In some cases, even before the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground took action on the holy grounds that received the Ghost Talisman Order, a large number of their disciples would die from fright. This just went to show how terrifying the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s reputation was.

Those who were aware of the brutality of Ghost Talisman Holy Ground avoided them and kept their distance, as if they were afraid that if they got too close, they would accidentally provoke the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s displeasure and lose their lives unknowingly. 

Although the Mirage Pavilion was jointly managed by the Holy Heavens, Devil Palace, Clear Snow Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground would have scruples to act recklessly in the Mirage Pavilion. Who could guarantee otherwise?

At the front of the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s group was a middle-aged man with a face dense with worm-like ghostly runes. His eyes seemed to glow green, intermingled with red, exuding a suffocating pressure that was comparable to Wu Ge.

Wu Ge’s expression turned solemn in an instant as if he was facing a powerful enemy.

“Is he the Ghost Talisman’s Founder? Wasn’t he killed by Old Man Cangqiong?” One of the Blue Whale Race’s grand elders said with a deep frown on his face.

“No, not the Ghost Talisman’s Founder, but he’s the second disciple under the Ghost Talisman’s Founder, and his name is Gui Buwang. Judging from the ghost runes on his face, he probably has inherited the Ghost Talisman Founder’s complete inheritance, and he’s probably the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s current patriarch?” The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate Patriarch shook his head.

The Ghost Talisman Founder’s second disciple, Gui Buwang!

The experts, who heard him, felt their hearts constrict. 

Gui Buwang’s aura was already so overwhelming that they could only imagine the terrifying strength of the Ghost Talisman Founder.

The rumor was that although the Ghost Talisman Founder had yet to step into Primal Ancestor Realm, the average Primal Ancestors were incapable of taking his life. It was fortunate that Old Man Cangqiong had taken action into his own hands, finally killing the Ghost Talisman Founder. 

“There is a hearsay that the Ghost Talisman Founder isn’t really dead! Although his body was destroyed by Old Man Cangqiong, he used the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s supreme ghost art to return from the grave. A hundred million years later, his strength has increased greatly, exceeding his previous prime stage. The only thing we don’t know is if he has stepped into Primal Ancestor Realm or not! If he has broken through to the Primal Ancestor Realm, probably even Old Man Cangqiong can do nothing to him, right?!” 

True Saint experts in the crowd whispered.

The conversation was akin to a boulder falling into a calm lake, raising violent ripples, as gasps could be heard from various corners of the crowd. 

The Ghost Talisman Founder was not dead?!

Upon delving further into the matter, there was such a possibility. The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground had dared to appear again in such a high-profile manner. Therefore, there had to be something or someone who gave them the confidence, and that confidence was the Ghost Talisman Founder!

If the Ghost Talisman Founder was still alive, the Holy World could be drawn into another blood storm and they would live in apprehension every day. 

When Huang Xiaolong’s gaze fell on Gui Buwang, he felt a strong jolt to his soul which scared him. What a strong ghost soul force! However, Huang Xiaolong recovered in a mere instant, and his gaze shifted onto the ghost soldiers behind Gui Buwang.

Within the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s group, the recruits were divided into disciples and ghost soldiers, and there was almost no difference between a ghost soldier and a puppet. Ghost soldiers were cultivated with a secret method that enhanced their physical bodies’ defenses to a point that it was almost impossible to kill them. This was where these ghost soldiers got the reputation of undying physique. 

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong had actually recovered almost instantaneously after being affected by his ghost soul force, the Ghost Talisman Saint was inwardly surprised. His eyes flickered with doubt, but he soon threw his thoughts at the back of his mind.

Several minutes after the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s group arrived, the Holy Lands Alliance came. All of the Holy Lands Alliance’s ten great patriarchs led the group, causing another wave of excitement through the crowd. Behind them was the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, Ancient Dhyana Race, and the rest of ancient races and holy ground’s alliance.

And last of all, the Holy Race arrived!

When the Holy Race’s group appeared, bright holy light illuminated the entire venue, blinding as the sun, spreading hope and warmth. 

Huang Xiaolong’s attention first landed on the unfathomable Xiao Baili. The impression Xiao Baili gave Huang Xiaolong was vastly different from Jin Taiji. When he had looked at Jin Taiji, Huang Xiaolong had felt that he was ordinary, but the impression he got from Xiao Baili was deep, and he even looked a little bit dangerous.

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