Chapter 2438: Hand Over the Grandmist Holy Spiritual Aura!

Did you ask for my permission when you ran your mouth off?

Muffled chuckles rang through the courtyard the instant the words left Huang Xiaolong’s lips.

Chen Zhi and the other True Saints didn’t bother covering their mouths as they roared with laughter.

“You!” Li Chen’s face was flushed red as rage covered his heart. Waves of killing intent shot out of his eyes. 

“Are you planning to make a move against me?” A frosty light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. If Li Chen really planned to attack, Huang Xiaolong decided to cripple him even if he had to expose his holy souls.

Li Chen was never his enemy. Everything had only started when Fu Yunjie had gone over to his side. Ever since that had happened, Li Chen had challenged Huang Xiaolong in everything he did, forcing a race of irritation to form in Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

No matter how strong his desire to kill Huang Xiaolong was, Li Chen managed to suppress it. After all, Wu Ge and the others were present. Even if he made a move, he wouldn’t be able to harm Huang Xiaolong.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was the personal disciple of the four Primal Ancestors. Even with his position as the leader of the Holy Princes, he couldn’t do anything to Huang Xiaolong. At the very least, he couldn’t do it openly.

After hiding the murderous intent in his heart, he spoke to Huang Xiaolong once again. “As a disciple of the Holy Gate, you should hand over the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura to the organization. With the grandmist holy spiritual aura, we can reinforce the entire organization and benefit every single member. Instead, you chose to keep it for yourself….”

Li Chen’s words struck hard.

Xie Yao, who was waiting at the side, butted in at the exact moment Li Chen made his statement. “That’s right, Huang Xiaolong. It’s not safe for you to hold on to treasures at this level. Hand it over to Senior Brother Li Chen and allow him to bring it back to the Holy Heavens. Since you were the one who found it, we will calculate your contributions accordingly.”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh when he heard what the two of them said. “You know what? Your mother is pretty beautiful.”

The two of them stared at Huang Xiaolong with a puzzled expression. Were’t they talking about the grandmist holy spiritual aura? What had their mothers got to do with it?”

“Why don’t you let your fathers hand your mothers over to the Holy Gate? You should let everyone enjoy the benefits of using your mothers.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “It’s a sin for your fathers to keep her at home, don’t you think? Of course, since they are your mothers, we will calculate your contributions to the organization accordingly.”

Li Chen was treating him as a fool. Why would he hand over the grandmist holy spiritual aura with just a few words from them?

Of course, Xie Yao was even more hilarious. He even asked Huang Xiaolong to hand the grandmist holy spiritual aura over to Li Chen!

“What?!” Li Chen and Xie Yao nearly lost consciousness when they heard how Huang Xiaolong ‘greeted’ their mothers. “Huang Xiaolong, you…!”

Wu Ge, who had been standing at the side in silence finally interrupted them. “Your Highness, we have already prepared a grand feast in the main hall. Why don’t we continue our discussion there?”

Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze over the various holy princes present, and he turned around to head towards the main hall. Without a choice, Li Chen and the rest could only follow behind him.

Two main seats were prepared in the hall. Huang Xiaolong and Li Chen took one each, and Grand Hall Master Wu Ge sat right below them.

Since Huang Xiaolong and Li Chen were both disciples of Primal Ancestors, their statuses were higher than Wu Ge. After all, they had the ability to lead the faction in the future.

The various hall masters sat below Wu Ge, followed by Xie Yao and the other holy princes.

As soon as they sat down, Li Chen sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, I thought you were stupid in the past, but I didn’t expect you to be retarded. Do you really think that you can take on so many superpowers at once? Let me tell you something interesting that I found out. There’s a disciple called Fang Xing in the Ancient Emperor Holy Gate. He is at the peak of the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. He has a Sacred Emperor Saint Godhead.”

“What?! Sacred Emperor Saint Godhead?!” Various hall masters and grand elders felt their expressions changing when they heard what Li Chen said.

The Sacred Emperor Saint Godhead was ranked twenty-third among the saint godheads!

If someone like that entered the Holy Heavens, they would probably be way above average!

The only people who didn’t seem to care were Huang Xiaolong and the True Saints who followed him.

Li Chen continued, “There’s also someone called Sui Yunfeng from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate with cultivation level at the peak of the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. He has the Life Reversing Saint Godhead!”

“Life Reversing Saint Godhead?!” The hall masters below Wu Ge nearly jumped in shock.

The Life Reversing Saint Godhead was ranked sixteenth, and it had the ability to change someone’s fate.

Even Huang Xiaolong was a little moved when he heard it.

After seeing a change in Huang Xiaolong’s expression, Li Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Fang Xing and Sui Yunfeng are secret disciples cultivated by the Ancient Emperor Holy Gate and the Beast Tamer Holy Gate. Even though his talent is unrivaled, no one knows about him. Huang Xiaolong, even if you experienced great improvements, you’re only at the mid-Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. You won’t be able to defeat them.”

It was true. With Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation level at the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, he wouldn’t be able to fight them even if he had two saint godheads and the Holy Mandate Imprint.

Despite his mocking tone, waves surged in Li Chen’s heart when he spoke of Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation realm. It had only been several dozen years since he had entered the Holy Heavens, but his cultivation had risen like a rocket.

Disciples needed hundreds of thousands of years in order to enter the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm from the Venerable Realm. However, Huang Xiaolong had used merely tens of years to achieve the same feat.

Since Huang Xiaolong wasn’t trying to conceal his cultivation base, Li Chen and the others easily saw through him. In fact, the holy princes weren’t the only ones shocked at their discovery. Wu Ge was extremely surprised, but he didn’t show it.

Li Chen continued, “Huang Xiaolong, since you are going to lose for sure, I can’t allow the grandmist holy spiritual aura to fall into the hands of the others. Whether you like it or not, you will have to hand it over today. The strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura belongs to the Holy Heavens!” Li Chen’s attitude was firm, and it seemed as though there was no room for negotiation.

“This is for the Holy Heavens, and for the benefit of all the disciples!” He didn’t forget to add another sentence. 

One of the hall masters stood up all of a sudden and addressed Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, Li Chen is right. Please think of the bigger picture and hand the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura over to Grand Hall Master Wu Ge!”

The hall master, who stood against Huang Xiaolong, was called Yuan Shuai, and he was someone on Li Chen’s side.

Other than Yuan Shuai, two other hall masters stood up and persuaded Huang Xiaolong to think of the bigger picture. Their intentions were crystal clear.

Huang Xiaolong merely glanced at them for a moment, and he turned to Wu Ge. “Does Grand Hall Master Wu Ge also think that I should hand the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura over to the organization?”

Wu Ge hesitated for a moment and said, “Your Highness, you managed to obtain the grandmist holy spiritual aura with your own abilities. It’s up to you whether you hand it over or not. However, the chances of you winning aren’t really the best…”

Standing on both sides, Wu Ge decided to remain neutral. It was true that Huang Xiaolong had obtained the grandmist holy spiritual aura on his own. Giving it to the organization was a choice he would have to make, but it was indeed true that his chances of completing the challenges weren't high.

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