Chapter 2426: Discovering the Devil Fetus

After placing the Fiery Sun Ginseng into his Darkness Holy Ring, Huang Xiaolong started searching for Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid in the surroundings. 

Normally speaking, there had to be Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid near the location of a Fiery Sun Ginseng. Since the liquid was used to nurture the ginseng, the value it held was far more than the herb itself.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong was destined to be disappointed. Even after searching for a long time, he failed to discover any traces of the liquid.

Other than fiery sun spiritual qi, there was nothing left in the entire space.

“Wait a minute… Fiery sun spiritual qi?!” Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong realized something. 

Ordinarily, after taking away the Fiery Sun Ginseng, the fiery sun spiritual qi in the surrounding should have slowly dissipated. There was no sign of that happening even after he removed the herb from its original spot.

Could it be?! 

Thinking up to this point, Huang Xiaolong’s dragon attributed godhead emerged from his head, and it seemed as though a giant dragon was emerging from the depths of the ocean.

“Dragon’s Destruction!” 

That was one of the skills the Four Seas Holy Gate possessed.

His arm grew longer and longer, and it seemed as though it would reach the limit of the space he was in.

As his godhead started to tremble, the fiery sun spiritual qi gathered in his palm, and a pool of pulsing liquid soon formed on it.

The pool of liquid was precisely the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid he was searching for!

After seeing the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid, Huang Xiaolong was elated. Even though the amount wasn’t large, it was more than what he had expected initially. Originally, Huang Xiaolong had felt that it would be a good harvest if he managed to locate a hundred drops. However, there were more than three hundred drops in the tiny pool of liquid!

If a root of the Fiery Sun Ginseng was compared to the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid, a drop of liquid would be worth far more! As such, the amount Huang Xiaolong obtained could be considered a windfall!

Of course, he didn’t plan to refine them immediately. In fact, he didn’t even plan on using the holy herbs he found in the Purple Clouds Sea! After thinking about it, he decided to exchange them with his masters for Star Transferring Holy Pills.

I should at least be able to exchange thirty Star Transferring Holy Pills with the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid here, right?

With the help of thirty Star Transferring Holy Pills, he would definitely be able to enter the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

After retrieving a jade bottle made with holy spiritual jadestone, he placed all the liquid into it before sealing it off with several layers of restrictions. When he was done, he threw it into the Dark Holy Ring.

When Huang Xiaolong finally re-emerged from the ground, he was greeted by everyone.

“Young Master!” 

They were pretty anxious when they noticed that he had been gone for quite some time. Now that he was back, they couldn’t hold back their excitement, and they greeted him happily.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

“Let’s head to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range,” Huang Xiaolong said. 

The time he had taken when gathering the Fiery Sun Ginseng and Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid wasn’t negligible. Now that he was done, heading over to obtain the Devil Fetus would be on top of his list of things to do. After all, if the members of the Yang Dragon Race grabbed it before he arrived, it would be a pity. The Devil Fetus was something he could really use to boost his cultivation. 

“Yes, Young Master!” Chen Zhi and the others nodded respectfully.

In a flash, everyone turned and headed towards the Devil Fetus Mountain Range. 

Along the way, nothing much happened.

Even though they met quite a few purple cloud beasts, the cultivation of the creatures was only in the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, and Chen Zhi and the others disposed of them  easily.

The only ones that Huang Xiaolong spared were the purple cloud beasts at the peak of the late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm. He subdued all of them as they were no weaklings.

Even though only True Saint Realm experts were able to refine the holy grounds, he had too little True Saint Realm experts around him. Taking in all the peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm beasts wasn’t a bad idea.

Half a month later... 

“Young Master, the Devil Fetus Mountain Range is up ahead,” Sun Xiang pointed to the mountain range in front of the party and explained. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. 

According to the map, the Devil Fetus Mountain Range was just tens of millions of miles ahead of them. 

Even though that was the case, the devil qi in the air was extremely dense.

“Everyone, be careful. Hold your breath, and swallow the Devil Avoidance Pill.” Huang Xiaolong reminded everyone before swallowing the Devil Avoidance Pill that they had prepared earlier on.


Huang Xiaolong waved his hand as he rode a purple cloud beast. As he tore a path through the devil qi in the air, he entered the surroundings of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

Of course, the mount that he was riding was no ordinary purple cloud beast. It was called the Golden Tailed Cloud Beast, and it had faint purple stripes on its body and a long golden tail. 

The Golden Tailed Cloud Beast could be said to be the king of the purple cloud beasts in the purple cloud sea. With this beast as his mount, their journey would be much smoother than before. 

Upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong had already entered, Chen Zhi and the rest quickly followed behind him.

As they entered the depths of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range, the devil qi in the air grew heavier and heavier. With the Golden Tailed Cloud Beast leading the way, they tore through the devil qi like a hot knife through butter. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

A heart stopping sight greeted them as a massive devil-like mountain pierced through the purple cloud sea and stood high above everyone else.

Huang Xiaolong fully unleashed his three great holy souls and probed around for a bit before flying to the Southeast of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

As the Devil Fetus Mountain Range was extremely vast, it took them one day to circle around it. 

As he traveled through the skies, Huang Xiaolong paid attention to all movements in the Devil Fetus Mountain Range. At the same time, his devil-attributed holy soul pierced deep into the mountain range as it looked for subtle changes deep in the structure.

Even though the Devil Fetus was nurtured underground and wasn’t visible on the surface, Huang Xiaolong would still be able to sense it as long as it was within a certain range. 

However, even after flying for an entire day, he failed to sense anything. Moreover, there was no trace of the Yang Dragon Race.

“Young Master, could they have already found the Devil Fetus?” Yu Ming asked. 

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “It’s not easy if they wish to take it away. According to my calculation, the Devil Fetus should have formed not too long ago. Even if they located it, they would need two to three days before they could take it away.”

The Devil Fetus was birthed in the Devil Fetus Mountain Range, and it was closely connected to it. If one wanted to obtain the Devil Fetus, they would need to remove the Devil Fetus from the mountain range, Even with several True Saints working together, it would take them several days.

As such, Huang Xiaolong continued his search along the mountain range.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes snapped, and he turned to stare at the Devil Lake underneath him.

“Young Master, did you sense something?” Sun Xiang asked as he followed Huang Xiaolong’s gaze. However, he was shocked as he failed to locate anyone with his secret cultivation method.

Huang Xiaolong revealed a smile, “The members of the Yang Dragon Race are beneath the lake’s surface.”

Everyone was surprised. 

“Could the Devil Fetus be there as well?” The Departing Sword Sage asked. 

“Yes!” Huang Xiaolong laughed. 

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