Chapter 2421: Mirage Pavilion

However, it was disappointing that the saint attributes of his opponents were too low! Even if he devoured a million of them, he wouldn’t be able to increase the ranking of his saint godheads by more than a rank or two! 

As of now, Huang Xiaolong’s saint godheads were nowhere near the top thirty!

Of course, his combat strength was no longer the same as before. Compared to his past self, he was several times stronger! Especially after he devoured so many experts’ saint attributes.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Winged Dragon Flying Ship and stared into the distance.

Over the horizon, the sea of clouds surged and the mountain ranges were faintly visible.  

The sea of clouds was actually purple in color!

Out of everywhere he had been, the Purple Clouds Sea was the only place in the world that lived up to its name.

A tower that was comparable in size to a massive city, stood tall in the sea of clouds, and it occupied nearly half the area on an enormous mountain range!

“Mirage Pavilion!”

Huang Xiaolong’s, Chen Zhi’s, and others’ gazes landed on the tower. 

The pavilion was the most famous structure in the Holy World, and it was the only place that linked the region inside the Purple Cloud Sea to the outside world. 

There were a total of eighteen levels in the pavilion, and each level had a height of tens of thousands of feet! The pavilion pierced high into the clouds at the peak.

After a short moment of consideration, Huang Xiaolong hid Yu Jingjian and the others in the Darkness Holy Ring. With Chen Zhi, the Departing Sword Sage, and Yu Ming, Huang Xiaolong changed his appearance and rode his profound beasts onto a bridge that linked them to the Mirage Pavilion. 

The bridge was extremely wide, and it was suspended thousands of miles in the sky.

As they rode the profound beasts across the bridge, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that they were walking across the sky. 

As they looked down from the bridge, they could see that spiritual flowers and divine trees were in full bloom. A breathtaking scene was painted by a waterfall whose end couldn’t be seen, and the atmosphere around them was something unimaginably beautiful.

Of course, the peaceful exterior only concealed a brutal interior. The Purple Clouds Sea was a horrifying place where all sorts of dangers lay.

Huang Xiaolong and the trio took their time to ride across the bridge on their profound beasts as they tried their best to admire the beautiful scenery around them.

“To be honest, it is not a bad idea to cultivate at the Purple Clouds Sea Region,” Chen Zhi chuckled. 

Yu Ming smiled, “It might not be a bad idea, but I’m afraid not many people can afford to stay in the Purple Clouds Sea for a long time.”

“That is true. Idlers like me can’t afford to stay in the Mirage Pavilion.” The Departing Sword Sage self-ridiculed. 

Indeed, lone True Saints who were not part of any factions would find it hard to stay in the Mirage Pavilion.

There were no powers governing the Profound River, but the Mirage Pavilion was an entirely different structure. It was constructed with the help of one hundred high-level True Saints from the Holy Heavens, the Clear Snow Palace, the Holy Lands Alliance, and the Devil Palace.

It was also the only place in the Holy World created by the alliance of all four superpowers.

In order to enter the pavilion, one had to pay up a high-grade holy spiritual jade stone. They would be able to stay in the pavilion for a single month with one piece of high-grade holy spiritual jade stone.

Even the experts from the four superpowers had to abide by the rules. It mattered not if they were mid-level or high-level True Saints. As long as they were not at the Primal Ancestor Realm, they wouldn’t be able to enter the Mirage Pavilion as they pleased. 

Who in the right mind would give up a high-grade holy spiritual jade stone for one month’s stay?!

Moreover, that was merely the fee for them to remain in the pavilion. The amenities in the pavilion weren’t free. Living in an inn in the city would cost yet another bomb. Living in the Holy Heavens City was like living in a budget hotel compared to the Mirage Pavilion! 

After handing over the high-level holy spiritual jade stones, Huang Xiaolong’s party entered the Mirage Pavilion. 

Even though the entrance fee was expensive, the Mirage Pavilion was not as empty as they had expected it to be. Even if it wasn’t as bustling as the Holy Heavens City, it was still overflowing with activity. 

Of course, those who could hand over the entrance fee would be somebody from the Holy World. They would either be the holy princes of some top-rate holy gate, or they might be the young princes of some ancient races or super clans. 

As the four supreme powers of the Holy World were in charge of the Mirage Pavilion, no one would dare to cause trouble there. As far as they were concerned, the atmosphere in the Mirage Pavilion was completely different from that of the Profound City. 

After looking for an inn and requesting for a quiet courtyard, Huang Xiaolong paid the fee before heading over to a shop to purchase a map of the Purple Clouds Sea.

The Purple Clouds Sea was extremely large, and there were tons of forbidden regions located within. It would be much more convenient for them to navigate through the region with the map in hand. 

Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of a rather big shop named Gourd

“Gourd?” Huang Xiaolong read out loud as he found the shop to be fairly interesting. It was quite strange for a shop to name itself Gourd. 

Huang Xiaolong walked in with Chen Zhi and the rest. 

“Young Master, what are you looking for?” A boss-like figure smiled and walked over to entertain Huang Xiaolong. 

After stating his desire to obtain a map of the Purple Clouds Sea, Huang Xiaolong waited for the shopkeeper’s response.

The boss stated the different maps available, and they varied from the simple maps, to the extremely detailed ones.

Huang Xiaolong was startled. “I didn’t know there were so many variations to the Purple Clouds Sea map.”

The boss laughed at his reaction. “Indeed, you’ll only need a single grade-one holy spiritual jade stone. If you wish to obtain a detailed map, it will cost you one grade-seven holy spiritual jade stones. As for the extremely detailed map… It will cost ten grade-seven holy spiritual jade stones!

“Ten grade-seven holy spiritual jade stones?!” The Departing Sword Sage’s eyes widened as he lamented, “Are you trying to rip us off?! How can a map cost ten pieces of grade-seven holy spiritual jade stone?! Do you think we’re stupid tourists?!” His face turned black. 

The boss remained composed as he explained patiently, “You guys should be new here. The maps produced here are completely different from those elsewhere. My maps are extremely detailed, and it shows the location of precious herbs. It also contains methods to escape the various forbidden regions in the Purple Clouds Sea!”

Chen Zhi and the others stared at each other quietly.

“If what you say is real, these ten grade-seven holy spiritual jade stones are well spent,” Huang Xiaolong joked before taking out the jade stones.

After retrieving the extremely detailed map from the inner hall, he grinned, “It takes some time for us to create this map. You’re in luck. This is the last piece in stock right now!” He then demonstrated the functions of the map to Huang Xiaolong. 

Although the functions weren’t as exaggerated as they were introduced to be, Huang Xiaolong was satisfied with the map.

After paying up, Huang Xiaolong kept the map.

However, a group of people strolled into the shop before he could leave. The head of the group was a young man with an unusual presence, and he instantly spoke to the boss, “I wish to acquire an extremely detailed map of the Purple Clouds Sea.”

An awkward expression appeared on the boss’ face, and he quickly explained himself, “Young Master, that young master over there bought the last piece we had.”

As the young man’s gaze fell onto Huang Xiaolong, his gaze lingered on the Darkness Holy Ring.

It was obvious the ring was no ordinary artifact.

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