Chapter 2396: Four Seas Holy Symbol

“Quick! Support the formation!” Yu Jingjian screamed. “Full power!”

In an instant, everyone poured the remainder of the energy from their bodies into the formation. Blinding light shrouded the area of more than a hundred million miles from the headquarters of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

The layers that were destroyed quickly restored themselves.

“Open the attacking formation!” Bi Cheng screamed in an attempt to rally the disciples.

The light barrier that was focused on defending the headquarters quickly started to transform as halberds appeared in the skies one after another. Forming a solid wall of weapons, they shot towards Huang Xiaolong. However, they were shattered by the two hundred profound beasts before they could even get close.

Even though the Four Seas Grand Formation was laid down by the mid-level True Saint, the Four Seas Holy Emperor, they were mere half-True Saints. No matter how strong the formation was, they were unable to activate it fully. In their desperate attempt to attack Huang Xiaolong, they called upon the reserves of the Holy Gate and finally managed to send out an attack capable of threatening the opponent. Under their ferocious assault, the two hundred profound beasts were pushed to their limits. 

Since Huang Xiaolong had instructed Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage to remain out of the battle, they didn’t bother helping the profound beasts. The more they thought about it, the more suspicious they became. Since the start of the battle, they hadn’t noticed Lu Ding’s presence.

According to what they knew, he should have appeared when Huang Xiaolong had summoned the second group of profound beasts. When the barrier was about to break, Lu Ding should have shown up. 

Huang Xiaolong was naturally able to connect the dots.

“Is Lu Ding not in the Holy Gate?” Huang Xiaolong looked at the Eminent Elders of the Four Seas Holy Gate and asked.

A visible flash of panic appeared on the faces of the Eminent Elders but their usual expression quickly returned.

“Our Patriarch is currently in seclusion.” Bi Cheng stated calmly, but a tinge of frustration could be heard in his voice. “Brat, don’t think that you will be able to gain the upper hand with your profound beasts. Even if we can’t kill you, you won’t be able to shatter our formation! When our Patriarch leaves seclusion, you’ll be dead!”

“Regardless of which Holy Gate you come from, we’ll hunt you down! If anything happens to us, the Beast Tamer Holy Gate will definitely take revenge for us!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered when he heard Bi Cheng’s attempt to scare him off. No matter how they tried to hide it, Huang Xiaolong knew that Lu Ding wasn’t in the Holy Gate.

Since that was the case, the plan would go even more smoothly than he had thought!

Huang Xiaolong wanted to deal with Lu Ding in case he jumped out and caused trouble, but he wasn’t even there!

Since Lu Ding wasn’t there, he could easily gain control of the Four Seas Holy Gate. Without the resistance of the patriarch, he would be able to swagger into the forbidden regions of the Four Seas Holy Gate and receive the inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor!

There was no longer a need to hold back. Huang Xiaolong summoned the other one thousand two hundred profound beasts.

Just a moment ago, Bi Cheng had thought that Huang Xiaolong was ready to retreat. However, the situation took a turn for the worst. When another one thousand and two hundred Ninth Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm profound beasts appeared behind Huang Xiaolong, he felt his heart stop beating.

Yu Jingjian and other Eminent Elders couldn’t believe their eyes either. Neither could anyone in the Four Seas Holy Gate. When the beasts appeared, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of despair.

“One… One thousand and four hundred profound beasts!” One of the Eminent Elders stammered as a look of terror appeared on his face.

There were one thousand four hundred and thirty-two profound beasts to be exact, and all of them were at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

 “You!” When Yu Jingjian was about to curse at Huang Xiaolong, all the beasts rose into the sky and formed the mysterious rune needed to activate the Holy Dao Grand Formation.

As they raised their heads to the sky, their collective roar broke through the heavens.

The soundwave alone contained enough power to shatter the world!


As the soundwave crashed into the Four Seas Grand Formation, the barriers of light popped like bubbles.

The layers shattered one by one, and under the terrified gazes of everyone present, a giant hole was punched into the formation. The moment the eye of the formation was shattered, everything stopped.

The terrifying waves of energy didn’t stop there. It continued on and charged towards the experts of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

“Form up and resist the enemy attack!” Yu Jingjian yelled in desperation. The Eminent Elders trembled as they arranged another formation in an instant. With Yu Jingjian as the one in the lead, they retrieved their weapons and slashed out.


Waves of jade blue light appeared to counter the shockwave.

The sound of shattering metal rang through the skies.

With a single hit, the Eminent Elders were sent flying as they slammed heavily into the various mountain ranges along the Four Seas Holy Gate.

Countless palaces toppled as they were reduced to dust.

Disciples who couldn’t react in time turned into meat paste.

The combined strength of all the beasts was too terrifying. Even the strongest formation in the Four Seas Holy Gate was unable to hold up for more than a second against them. As for the desperate attempt to protect themselves, it was useless.

The faces of the grand elders, elders, and hall masters turned ugly when they noticed the difference in strength.

Huang Xiaolong stopped the moment the barrier was shattered, and he flew towards the main hall of the Four Seas Holy Gate with all one thousand four hundred and thirty-two profound beasts in tow.

When the members of the Four Seas Holy Gate saw Huang Xiaolong flying towards them, fear gripped their hearts. However, they knew that they couldn’t escape even if they tried. In the end, all of them gave up as it was useless to make a move.

They would die if they tried resisting, and they would die if they tried to run.

None of them dared to breathe loudly as they were afraid of incurring Huang Xiaolong’s wrath.

When everyone felt that they were about to die, Yu Jingjian emerged from the debris and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

Terror flashed through his eyes. “Who… Who are you?!”

They were shocked when Huang Xiaolong had summoned two hundred Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm profound beasts. They had never expected there to be another one thousand and two hundred more of them!

Even True Saints wouldn’t be able to capture so many profound beasts at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

One had to know that a True Saint would need to exhaust their soul strength in order to control a single profound beast at the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm! The more they tried to control, the higher the toll on their soul was!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother replying, and he retrieved the Four Seas Holy Symbol.

“This.. This is the Four Seas Holy Symbol!” Yu Jingjian and the various Eminent Elders widened their eyes in shock when they saw the item in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

The Four Seas Holy Emperor had set down the rule in the past. The person who possessed the Four Seas Holy Symbol would be the true patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate!

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