Chapter 2391: Kill That Brat and Exterminate the Yang Family!

“Grand Elder Chen is right. Regardless of his identity, the man has offended our Four Seas Holy Gate!” Another grand elder harrumphed at the side. “We’ll take him down and allow Your Highness to deal with him as you wish!”

Teng Yunlong’s expression finally eased up when he heard the grand elders’ promise.

He wasn’t worried in the slightest about letting the murderer escape. Now that he was back, there were a total of sixteen experts from the Holy Gate escorting him. All of them were in the high-level Venerable Realm or stronger. There was even the late-Tenth Order Venerable, Han Jiangcheng, and other experts.

However, Teng Yunlong wasn’t going to waste anymore time, and he ordered for them to increase their speed.

As they rushed back to the city, a different scene played out in the Yang Family’s Manor. Dark clouds hung over the manor as the patriarch of the Yang Family heard about Teng Shihai’s fate. He also learned about the death of one of the Teng Family’s Eminent Elders.

Yang Nan’s brows were bunched together and an ugly expression hung on his face.

“It’s over. Our Yang Family is finished!” One of the Eminent Elders cried. “We had the chance to apologize to the Teng Family, praying for a trace of mercy! Teng Yunlong might have pardoned us and given us a chance to live!” 

“Now that Teng Shihai is dead because of Young Lady Yang Xin, our family is finished! Teng Yunlong won’t be satisfied unless he kills every single one of us!”

Another Eminent Elder stood up all of a sudden. “Patriarch, I have a suggestion. We shall send Young Lady Yang Xin to the Teng Family immediately, allowing her to service His Highness, Teng Yunlong. Teng Yunlong has long desired to obtain her, and if she does her job well, he might let us off.”

“That’s right! Moreover, we should send our men to take those members who killed Teng Shihai down! We shall hand them over to the Teng Family to show that we had nothing to do with this! They might let us off!” Another Eminent Elder suggested.

As everyone started to discuss, the common consensus was to send Yang Xin over to the Teng Family for her to soothe Teng Yunlong’s anger. Another point was to send Huang Xiaolong over to the members of the Teng Family.

Raising his hand, Yang Nan silenced everyone. “Do you think you can take down someone who killed Teng Dushun with a single palm?”

A single palm to kill a late-First Order Venerable…. They immediately assumed that Huang Xiaolong had mid-level Venerable strength. Even the strongest expert of the Yang Family, Yang Nan, had barely broken into the mid-level Venerable Realm. How were they going to take him down?!

Everyone stared at each other in silence.

“Where’s the Young Lady?” Yang Nan turned and asked a guard beside him.

“Young Lady is currently in the eastern hall.” 

Sighing in his heart, he ordered, “Bring her over. All Eminent Elders, listen to my order. We shall head over to the city gates to welcome His Highness Teng Yunlong!”

There was only one way out for them. It was to welcome Teng Yunlong and beg for forgiveness. He hoped that Teng Yunlong’s longing for his daughter was real, and he might just let them off because of it!

Very quickly, the experts of the Yang Family brought her over.

“Father, what is the meaning of this!” Tears streamed down Yang Xin’s face once again.

“Xin’er, I’m sorry. Right now, we shall head over to the city gates to beg for forgiveness. We can only hope that His Highness Teng Yunlong will let us off.”

“Father, you’re being muddle-headed! Do you really think that they will let us off if we beg for forgiveness? We should believe the Lord, who saved me! He won’t sit by and watch us die! We should beg him to save us, and not the Teng Family!”

Yang Nan shook his head. He knew that the man she was referring to was the man who had killed Teng Shihai.

“Xin’er, you have no idea what a Holy Prince of the Holy Gate means. Even if the young man is a Fourth or Fifth Order Venerable, he will never be able to go against Teng Yunlong! If we ask him for help, we will only be showing the Teng Family that we are determined to go against them! There will be no hope for survival!”

“As long as we ask him for help, our Yang Family is doomed!”

“Teng Yunlong seems to really like you. Xin’er, I’m doing this for the sake of the Yang Family!”

Initially, he had hoped to save his daughter by kneeling at the gates of the Teng Family. He hadn’t expected for her to escape, and for someone to kill Teng Shihai because of that. There was no longer a chance for him to save the situation. Right now, the only thing he hoped for was to save the family.

As for the protection of the young man who had saved her, Yang Nan didn’t believe for a second that he had the power to save his family.

How could a youngster with no backing go against the Holy Gate? Only Yang Xin would be delusional enough to believe that he had the ability to save them.

Even if he was really willing to help them, the youngster was up against the Four Seas Holy Gate! It was basically suicide to go against a Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate!

Several hours later…

When the Yang Family was racing towards the city gates, there were already tons of experts ready to welcome Teng Yunlong. They clogged up the streets and not a single spot around the city gate was empty!

When they saw Yang Nan’s arrival, many of them couldn’t help but sneer in their hearts.

Killing intent emerged from the eyes of the Teng Family members when they saw those from the Yang Family. Before Teng Heqing could make a move against them, someone screamed, “It’s the Four Seas Holy Gate Flying Ship! His Highness, Teng Yunlong, is back!”

Everyone turned to look at the massive flying ship in the skies. It was extremely quick, and it appeared at the city gates in an instant. The insignia on the ship was precisely that of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

Several figures emerged from the ship and Teng Heqing no longer had the time to bother with the Yang Family. Instead, he quickly went up to welcome them.

“I greet Your Highness!”

“We greet the Continent Master, Han Jiangcheng!”

Everyone around the gates got to their knees in an instant. 

Even people like Yang Nan and the experts of the Yang Family kneeled.

Sweeping his gaze across the crowd, Teng Yunlong caught sight of Yang Nan instantly. A frosty light flashed in his eyes and he quickly pardoned the members of the Teng Family. Without a word, he started to walk towards the members of the Yang Family.

Yang Nan’s heart shook when he saw that Teng Yunlong was walking over, and he kowtowed. He started to explain everything about Teng Shihai’s death, and he even offered his daughter to him.

Seeing Yang Xin, Teng Yunlong sneered, “Yang Nan, don’t think that I’ll let you off because of this. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“If not for this sl*t, my brother wouldn’t have died! Whatever. You don’t have to worry about her. I won’t kill the two of you. In a moment, I’ll show you the fate of the brat who dares to kill my brother! I’ll kill him before exterminating your Yang Family!”

The faces of everyone from the Yang Family fell, and they turned deathly pale.

When Teng Yunlong was done, he brought the elders and grand elders of the Four Seas Holy Gate towards the Elegance Inn. The members of the Yang Family were taken into custody and forced to follow behind him.

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