Chapter 2390: Teng Yunlong Returns!

The expert from the Teng Family was someone in the Venerable Realm, and he was considered a supreme expert in the city! He was a late-First Order Venerable, and in Direction Mountain City, he was at the top of the power pyramid!

After all, Venerables were still pretty rarely seen!

“Kneel!” The expert reached out and pressed down in the space above Huang Xiaolong. A massive palm formed from light materialized and slammed down on the party.

The palm was formed with a brown light, and it was the strongest martial art the Teng Family had to offer. It was called the Tengshan Giant Palm Art!

Before it arrived, the power contained in the palm shattered everything in Huang Xiaolong’s vicinity.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother looking at an attack of that level. He flipped his hand, and a golden palm rose upwards to welcome the attack. As soon as the two attacks collided, the brown palm sent by the Teng Family’s expert scattered. However, Huang Xiaolong’s palm didn’t slow down in the slightest as it charged towards the opponent.

Before it could crush the member of the Teng Family, the aura forced him to kneel. A look of terror formed on his face, and his body started to crumble. In the next second, he was crushed, and the palm sent him deep into the ground.


The street trembled under the impact.

A deep crater appeared in the ground, and the First Order Venerable lay without moving. He turned into a human-shaped meat cake, and his saint godhead and divine soul were smashed to nothingness.

Yang Xin, who was hiding behind Huang Xiaolong, stared at him in disbelief. She subconsciously released her grip on his clothes.

The experts of the Teng Family didn’t believe what they were seeing. 

A late-First Order Venerable from their Teng Family had died just like that?!

Their bodies stiffened as they looked at the fate their fellow cultivator had suffered.

“Why are you still here?” Huang Xiaolong’s voice boomed in their minds.

He was too lazy to move against people like them.

The members of the Teng Family didn’t believe their ears when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said. As though they had received an imperial pardon, they fled in all directions.

After they were gone, Huang Xiaolong turned to Yang Xin and spoke, “You’re fine now.”

As soon as the words left his lips, he turned to leave.

“Lord, please! Please save me! Save my Yang Family!” Yang Xin rushed to block Huang Xiaolong, and she kneeled before him. Tears streamed from her eyes, and she cried, “I beg you! Save us! I’ll do anything you say! If you wish for me to be your maidservant, so be it! Please save my family!”

Perhaps it was because of the strength Huang Xiaolong revealed, or it might be due to his blatant disregard of the Teng Family, but Yang Xin felt that only someone like him could save the Yang Family.

Huang Xiaolong frowned when he saw Yang Xin’s pitiful behavior. Eventually, he spoke up, “You can look for me in the Elegance Inn.” After he spoke, he left on his profound beast.

“Thank you, Lord!” Yang Xin raised her head to look at him as tears streamed down her face.

She knew that the young expert before her had agreed to save her Yang Family.

As soon as she met with any problems the family was unable to solve, she could head over to the Elegance Inn to look for Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong, and his party returned to the courtyard, the Teng Family’s manor was in chaos. In the main hall of the Teng Family Manor, the current patriarch of the Teng Family, Teng Heqing, and the various experts stared at an elder who managed to return.

“What…? What did you just say?! Someone killed my little Shihai?!” Teng Heqing’s voice trembled as he questioned the elder.

“Yes….” Falling to his knees, the elder continued, “In order to capture Yang Xin, Young Master Shihai and several experts formed a team to hunt her down. However….”

“Speak!” Rage filled Teng Heqing’s eyes and killing intent emanated from his body.

“An arrogant youngster didn’t care about our Teng Family at all! Seeing as we weren’t going to do as he said, he killed Young Master Shihai!”

“Was Dushun killed by him?” 

“Yes, Patriarch, the youngster killed Eminent Elder Dushun in a single palm strike.” The elder didn’t dare to hide anything as he continued, “I’m afraid he’s a mid-level Venerable….”

“Mid-level Venerable?!” Teng Heqing’s expression fell as a chilly light flashed through his eyes.

“Patriarch….” Another elder stood out all of a sudden. “This youngster might not be as simple to deal with as we thought. Even after learning about Young Master Shihai’s identity, he dared to make a move against us! There has to be something strange about this! Whatever the case, Young Master Yunlong is about to return to the city. We should wait for Young Master Yunlong’s order!”

The various Eminent Elders in the hall agreed immediately.

Complicated light flashed through Teng Heqing’s eyes, and he growled, “Fine. We shall wait for Yunlong’s return before deciding to move against the brat who killed Shihai! When he’s back, that b*tch Yang Xin will suffer a fate worse than death!”

“The entire Yang Family shall be buried with my son, Shihai!”

Teng Heqing’s voice boomed through the hall.

When he swore revenge on Huang Xiaolong, a massive flying ship tore through the space as it headed straight for Fangshan City.

The newest Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate, Teng Yunlong, was seated in the middle of the ship. Now that he was back, several elders and grand elders from the Holy Gate were escorting him. The continent master, Han Jiangcheng, and various experts under him were also part of his entourage.

Looking at the cities flashing past beneath his feet, Teng Yunlong couldn’t help but feel extremely excited.

After ascending to his position as a Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate, Teng Yunlong was returning to his hometown triumphantly! He thought about the grand welcome he would receive and how the Yang Family Leader would have to kneel at his feet the moment he stepped through the city gates. His thought also wandered over to Yang Xin, and he thought about all the things he would do to her the moment he returned to the manor. The more he thought about it, the happier he became.

All of a sudden, his transmission symbol shook, and he couldn’t help but read the contents. In an instant, the smile on his face widened. Since it was a message from his father, it should be good news, right?

The moment he scanned through the contents, his expression fell. Killing intent soared, and those in the ship couldn’t help but realize that something was wrong.

They looked at each other in surprise.

Did something happen in the city?

“Your Highness, this…?” Han Jiangcheng was the first to ask.

Sucking in a cold breath, Teng Yunlong growled, “My brother, Teng Shihai, was killed a moment ago in Direction Mountain City!”

“What?!” Everyone couldn’t help but scream in shock.

Even though they knew that something was up, they couldn’t have expected for a Holy Prince’s younger brother to be killing in his hometown!

“Did they figure out the identity of the murderer?” Han Jiangcheng asked.

“Not yet.” Teng Yunlong raged. “My father said that he has strength in the mid-level Venerable Realm, and he has two followers. No one can confirm their combat strength at the moment.”

A grand elder of the Four Seas Holy Gate spoke up all of a sudden. “It’s a mere mid-level Venerable. I’ll kill him anytime you give the order. No matter how strong his followers are, they can’t be stronger than me. Who cares about his identity? Since he dares to make a move against Your Highness’ family, we’ll take him down and allow Your Highness to deal with him as you wish!”

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