Chapter 2389: Kill Him Too!

Yang Xin’s body shook when she heard the voice behind her. She turned to stare at them as a trace of fear flashed through her eyes.

She was planning to escape, but in a flicker, one of the experts from the Teng Family blocked her path.

Since she was unable to leave, Yang Xin grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s sleeves in her panic. She hid behind his sturdy frame as her body trembled like a leaf in the wind. As if he was her last hope, she refused to let go. The look of despair and panic on her face aroused a feeling of pity.

The man, who had yelled previously, sneered as he rode on his giant python. A look of glee was on his face as he looked at her while hovering high in the skies. “Yang Xin, I’ve said this before. There is no way for you to escape! Even if you leave Direction Mountain City, are you going to leave the region? Even if you leave the region, do you really think that you can leave the Four Seas Holy Grounds?”

“My big brother is currently a Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate. With a single order, everyone in any of the super sects will obey his order! Do you think that it’s possible for you to escape? In several hours, my big brother will return to the city. You better surrender yourself right now! In the future, you will wash his feet and keep him happy!”

“Otherwise… Heh, you know what will happen!”

His laughter boomed through the skies, and he sounded extremely arrogant.

In the city, he was probably the only one who had the ability to act so arrogantly. He was the younger brother of Teng Yunlong, Teng Shihai!

As the younger brother of one of the newest Holy Princes in the Four Seas Holy Gate, he had the qualifications to act so arrogantly. After all, all the super sects in the city were bowing at his feet.

Right now, there wasn’t anyone in the city stupid enough to go against his Teng Family!

Yang Xin’s face instantly turned pale, and her voice trembled. “Teng Shihai, please! I beg you to pardon my Yang Family! My father has already kneeled at the gates of the Teng Family to ask for mercy!”

Previously, the patriarch of the Yang Family had already kneeled at the entrance of the Teng Family to beg for mercy. He had hoped that they would at the very least pardon his daughter.

As a mid-level Venerable Realm expert, the patriarch of the Yang Family was someone who could shake the city with a stomp of his feet. However, even someone like him had to kneel before the Teng Family Manor! One could only imagine the humiliation he felt.

Teng Shihai roared with laughter when he heard what she said. “Kneel? My brother is currently a Holy Prince of the Holy Gate! There are tons of people who lost the qualifications to kneel at our gates! It’s your father’s glory to kneel at the gates of my Teng Family! It’s also your honor to serve my big brother!”

“There are tons of young ladies from the various families vying for a position as my brother’s maid! Yang Xin, you should be thanking him!”

When she heard what he said, she turned completely pale.

As the Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate, ladies were indeed lining up to warm his bed. However, the Teng Family had a death grudge with her Yang Family. The only reason he would request for her to be his maidservant was to torture her to death! He would think of ways to make her life a living hell!

“I won’t go!” Yang Xin shook her head, and a resolute look appeared in her eyes.

Teng Shihai’s expression fell. “Preposterous! If that’s the case, I’ll capture you right now and wait for my big brother to destroy the Yang Family when he returns!”

“Go! Get those around her away and bring her back!”

Teng Shihai pointed at Huang Xiaolong’s group and snapped.

Even though it had nothing to do with Huang Xiaolong, Teng Shihai felt a sense of irritation in his heart when he noticed her hiding behind him.

“Yes, Young Master Shihai!”

The experts of the Teng Family shot out and appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong’s group in an instant.

“Brat, get lost!” One of them raised his leg and sent it flying towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Even though he wasn’t a Venerable, he was a Ninth Order Emperor. In the city, he was one of the stronger ones.

Huang Xiaolong could easily see that the man was trying to cripple him with a single kick. After all, he wasn’t blind. It was an obvious use of excessive strength, and a sneer formed on his face. A chilly light flashed through his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t send Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage out, and he simply waved his hand. The expert from the Teng Family was sent flying in an instant. In the next moment, the man exploded into a mist of blood that rained down on everyone present.

With his cultivation at the Ninth Order Emperor Realm, he wasn’t even able to scream when Huang Xiaolong killed him. 

The blood in the air dyed the streets red in an instant. 

Yang Xin, who was feeling endless fear in her heart, stared at the red rain that fell upon the lands with a stunned look.

“You… You killed a guard from my Teng Family?!” Teng Shihai raged instantly as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“So what if I killed him? I’ll give you a chance to leave right now. Otherwise, I’ll kill you too.”

The members of the Teng Family stared at Huang Xiaolong, unable to believe what they heard.

“Very good!” A maniacal laughter emerged from Teng Shihai’s lips. “Kill me too? Brat, you’re pretty capable. Do you know my identity?! I am the younger brother of a Holy Prince from the Four Seas Holy Gate! Let’s see who’s daring enough to kill me in this city!”

As soon as the words left his lips, Huang Xiaolong raised his arm. A hole pierced through Teng Shihai’s forehead and his laughter stopped.

The hole expanded under the gaze of the various experts of the Teng Family and Teng Shihai disappeared.

In his place lay a pile of ashes.

It wasn’t just Teng Shihai. The giant python he rode on also disappeared and joined him in the afterlife.


The experts of the Teng Family froze as they stared at the scene before them.

“Young Master!” Someone finally reacted. He flew towards the pile of ashes, and it was clearly too late to save him.

The bodies of the members of the Teng Family ran cold and they felt as though they were thrown into an ice pool. That was Young Master Teng Shihai they were talking about! The younger brother of a Holy Prince from the Four Seas Holy Gate! 

“You!” One of the experts glared at Huang Xiaolong and roared, “How dare you kill Young Master Shihai!”

He couldn’t believe that someone would make a move on Teng Shihai!

Huang Xiaolong responded with an expressionless face. “I told him to leave. I had no choice but to kill him. I’ll extend the same conditions to you. If you leave now, you might make it.”

The expert from the Teng Family roared in anger, “You’re dead! Right now, I’ll capture you and that b*tch, Yang Xin! I’ll exterminate your family along with the Yang Family when Young Master Yunlong returns!”

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