Chapter 2383: White Boned Dark Lotus

The deeper they went, the stronger the dark corpse devil qi became. When they tried to observe their surroundings, they realized that they couldn’t even see their fingers if they held it in front of them!

Even when Huang Xiaolong pushed his holy souls to the extreme, he was only able to observe a ten thousand mile radius around himself. As for Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage, the area they could detect was even smaller.

With their senses only able to detect a radius of ten thousand miles around them, they were blinder than blind.

Wails of evil  spirits rang in the minds of everyone present, but the screams that rang in their minds sounded like it came from some terrifying creature. The sound alone caused chills down their spines.

Even though the holy souls of True Saint Realm experts were able to transcend the cycle of reincarnation and were nearly indestructible, it didn’t mean that they were truly undying. The dark corpse devil qi in the cave was one of the most terrifying qis in the Holy World. True Saints who were influenced by the dark corpse devil qi wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. They would eventually be demonized.

After being affected by the dark corpse devil qi, not even a True Saint would be able to escape the fate of having their bodies rot. Eventually, their holy soul would be the only thing left of them. When that happened, they would lose all rationality and turn into a terrifying existence.

That was the main reason that caused True Saint Realm experts to hesitate when entering the Black Corpse Continent. If ordinary True Saints were unlucky enough to run into high-level True Saint experts whose holy souls were corrupted, it would be impossible to escape.

Of course, high-level True Saints were strong enough to prevent the corrosion of their holy souls. Those who were corrupted would only be First or Second Heaven True Saints.

With the help of Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage, they were more than capable of dealing with ordinary Second Order True Saints. 

Despite that, Huang Xiaolong didn’t let his guard down. He controlled the Winged Dragon Flying Ship to slowly descend further into the cave, all while paying attention to his surroundings.

Two days passed in a flash.

As the area they could observe became smaller and smaller, it went without saying that they didn’t manage to locate the herb.

“What… What is that?!” The Departing Sword Sage widened his eyes in shock all of a sudden as he pointed animatedly at the space before them.

Looking at where he was pointing, they saw a massive corpse whose size was enough to rival a massive country drifting before them. The corpse was completely black in color, and it exuded a terrifying aura.

Corpse qi and devil qi poured out of its mouth, and it was like a never-ending geyser. 

“This… There’s no way this is the black corpse, right?!” Chen Zhi seemed to have thought of something, and he stuttered as he spoke.

Black corpse!

In the legends, there was a giant black corpse located in the Black Corpse Devil Cave, and it was an existence that passed through the ages. The dark corpse devil qi surrounding the black corpse continent was said to have originated from the corpse.

It was also where the continent obtained its name from.

Those who had seen the corpse since the start of time could be counted on one hand.

Everything could be attributed to the fact that the corpse wasn’t fixed in space. Instead, it drifted about and meeting with it was a testament of one’s luck.

When Huang Xiaolong laid his eyes on the corpse, he couldn’t help but feel his chest tightening up.

Is this the black corpse from the legends?!

It was truly unbelievable that the corpse was the source of the dark corpse devil qi surrounding the continent.

If it was strong enough to produce the terrifying qi that covered the island, how strong was it before it died?! Even though Huang Xiaolong couldn’t fathom its strength when it was still alive, he knew that it was definitely an existence who transcended the True Saint Realm. It was probably a figure comparable to his master, the Heavenly Master, or the other Primal Ancestors of the Holy World. However, that begged another question. How in the world did a creature with absolute strength fall?!

Was there an existence strong enough to kill an ancestor of the Holy World?!

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t begin to wrap his head around it.

Everyone in the Holy World knew that Primal Ancestor-level figure of the Holy World was unkillable! How did the corpse actually appear?!

Huang Xiaolong tried to close the distance between them, but the dark corpse devil qi it emitted was too terrifying. Even high-grade holy artifacts like the Winged Dragon Flying Ship weren't able to approach it!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart shook when he saw the corpse drifting further and further away. Reaching a decision, he gathered all the grandmist holy spiritual aura he could and slapped outwards. Living up to its name as one of the supreme qi in the Holy World, the grandmist holy spiritual aura pierced through the dark corpse devil qi and arrived beside the corpse. 

Before Huang Xiaolong could do anything, the corpse trembled once and shattered the strand of grandmist spiritual aura Huang Xiaolong sent towards it.

In the blink of an eye, the corpse drifted out of their sights.

A wave of disappointment washed through Huang Xiaolong’s heart. Initially, he had wanted to see if his grandmist holy spiritual aura could enter the black corpse to snoop around. His plans were dashed right before his eyes.

If he could control the black corpse, Huang Xiaolong knew that no one in the Holy World would be able to mess with him. He could walk sideways if he wanted to! Even if he met Primal Ancestors, he would be able to escape with the help of the black corpse!

What a shame!

It seemed as though his efforts were wasted.

In the bigger scheme of things, Huang Xiaolong was certainly too weak! If he really managed to enter the True Saint Realm, his grandmist holy spiritual aura would probably be able to affect the corpse! 

Huang Xiaolong stared in the direction of the corpse and he promised himself that he would definitely locate the corpse and mess about with it!

After another day of failed searching, Huang Xiaolong could only decide to retreat.

Just as he charted a path back to the surface, Huang Xiaolong noticed something in the distance, and he stopped. Could it be?!

A look of joy soon appeared on his face.

Just a moment ago, he knew that he had sensed an extremely familiar presence.

It was definitely the fluctuation of energy coming from a holy spiritual herb! He was extremely familiar with the energy contained in holy herbs, but the fluctuation he felt far surpassed anything he had experienced!

High-grade holy spiritual herb!

Only high-grade holy herbs would be able to give him such a feeling. Even though he couldn't determine the exact attributes of the herb, it was pretty obvious. Whatever the case, they would learn of its identity the moment they approached!

Not hesitating in the slightest, Huang Xiaolong pushed the flying ship to the extreme as he charged towards the energy fluctuation.

Very quickly, a piece of land, dyed black in color, appeared in front of them.

Moving towards one of the mountain peaks, he stopped above a random cliff.

A beautiful lotus bloomed on the side of the cliff, and its petals boasted a beautiful hue of white. The stem was jet black in stark contrast, but it was a dazzling shade of black. 

“White Boned Dark Lotus!” Huang Xiaolong yelled in joy.

The lotus had really appeared!

Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage stared at the flower in shock. Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that Huang Xiaolong would find the lotus!

Reaching out, Huang Xiaolong pulled the lotus closer to himself.

“Congratulations, Young Master!” Congratulations rang through the air as Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage bowed.

Huang Xiaolong nodded as a smile appeared on his face. He stared at the White Boned Dark Lotus with fire burning in his eyes. That was a high-grade holy herb! Even if they combed through the Holy World, they wouldn’t be able to find treasures at this level.

With the White Boned Dark Lotus in hand, Huang Xiaolong felt that all the high-grade holy spiritual jade stones he had spent were completely worth it.

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