Chapter 2378: About to Die, but Still In the Mood to Laugh

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s group led by Yu Jizhang soon arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong. The members swiftly spread out, encircling Huang Xiaolong to cut off all his escape paths.

“Little Brother Thirteen, we meet again.” Yu Jizhang spoke first, and his tone was supposedly polite as he went on, “I don’t think I need to say much, you know our purpose. Let’s do it this way, as long as you hand out the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, we’ll let you go unharmed, and won’t trouble you anymore, what do you think?”

Yu Jizhang appeared so benevolent.

Inwardly, he understood that with the Departing Sword Sage by Huang Xiaolong’s side, if the two sides really fought, the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s losses would be great. If the matter could be done without any fighting, then that would be best.

Chen Zifeng chimed in at this moment, “Master, this kid has Vitality Rejuvenating Pills on him.”

Yu Jizhang nodded, and then smiled at Huang Xiaolong, “Previously, Lin Xiaoying said that you gave her a Vitality Rejuvenating Pill when she suffered heavy injuries, allowing her injuries to heal fully without any repercussions. Little Brother Thirteen should still have more Vitality Rejuvenating Pills on him, right?”

Yu Jizhang not only coveted Huang Xiaolong’s Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, but also wanted his Vitality Rejuvenating Pills. Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered, while on the surface, he was indifferent, “You’re right, I still have Vitality Rejuvenating Pills, but that’s not all. I also have many holy herbs, saint artifacts, and holy spiritual jade stones.”

Huang Xiaolong listed his wealth ‘honestly.’

“What?! Ho-Holy herbs?!!”

“And there are saint artifacts?!”

“Holy spiritual jade stones!”

Yu Jizhang, Chen Zifeng, and the others were shocked, as ecstasy took over them.

Only the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s deputy was frowning. He reminded Yu Jizhang, “Brother Jizhang, be careful as there might be some tricks!”

He had a nagging feeling something was not right. They had surrounded Huang Xiaolong yet Huang Xiaolong was neither nervous or afraid, but instead he fearlessly listed the good things he had on him? 

This! Could the Clear Snow Palace’s experts be waiting in ambush nearby?

He was shocked by his own thoughts, and he quickly spread out his holy soul’s soul force, searching everything within a certain radius. But the result baffled him even more, as he didn’t find any Clear Snow Palace’s experts’ ambush.

Receiving Chen Zhi’s reminder, Yu Jizhang was alarmed and he immediately searched the surroundings with his holy soul’s soul force. 

Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he noticed the slight change in Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi’s faces, and he reassured them, “Don’t worry, I’ve already separated from the Clear Snow Palace’s group several days ago. There are no Clear Snow Palace’s experts hiding in the vicinity, so you don’t need to feel afraid.”

Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi exchanged a look in silence. 

Yu Jizhang looked at Huang Xiaolong, smiling whilst not smiling as he spoke, “Little Brother Thirteen is really humorous.”

Huang Xiaolong retorted tepidly, “Who is your little brother? You’re not qualified to call me that.”

Chen Zifeng pointed angrily at Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, we’re giving you face, so you better know what’s good for you. Do you really think we’re afraid of you because there’s Departing Sword Sage by your side? Now that the Clear Snow Palace’s experts are not around, what can you do if we shatter your kneecaps and make you kneel on the ground!”

But Chen Zifeng barely finished his words, when sword qi shot out from the sword in the Departing Sword Sage’s hand, straight at Chen Zifeng’s neck!

The Departing Sword Sage’s sword qi was too fast. The surrounding air currents seemed frozen in place the moment they appeared.

Right at this time, intense flames burst out, covering the world and blocking the sword qi one meter in front of Chen Zifeng. It almost failed to stop the Departing Sword Sage’s sword qi in time.

The flames naturally originated from Yu Jizhang.

Even so, the flames and sword qi’s collision caused space to crack, terrifying energy swept out. Hit by the overwhelming energy, Chen Zifeng was smashed to the distance as he coughed up mouthfuls of blood. His robe exploded into fragments from the impact, and his body was covered with gruesome, bloody wounds.

Other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples avoided a step too late, and none of them escaped the overwhelming energy wave. Tragic screams reverberated. Fortunately, Chen Zhi reacted fast and blocked most of the collision energy, otherwise, Chen Zifeng and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples would have been reduced to blood mist in a second. 

How strong was the colliding force of two True Saints’ attacks that merely the aftershocks energy was not something Chen Zifeng and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples could withstand?

Yu Jizhang’s face sank looking at the grave injuries on Chen Zifeng and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples’ injuries. He turned and glared at Huang Xiaolong with a ferocious gleam, “Brat, I already gave you a chance just now, looking at the sake of the Clear Snow Palace, but it’s a pity that you don’t know how to appreciate it. In that case, I can only let you die in pain!”

“You think you’re safe relying on Departing Sword Sage!”

“Even the Departing Sword Sage can’t save you!”

Yu Jizhang approached Huang Xiaolong in a gloomy stance, whereas Chen Zhi held a great blade in his hands and headed towards the Departing Sword Sage. Clearly, Yu Jizhang had decided to have Chen Zhi entangle the Departing Sword Sage while he personally dealt with Huang Xiaolong. Chen Zhi only needed to hold back the Departing Sword Sage for a short time, that was enough for him to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Then, he would join hands with Chen Zhi to kill the Departing Sword Sage.

As expected, before the Departing Sword Sage could make a move, Chen Zhi swung the great blade in his hand with a turn of his wrist, making a horizontal slash at the Departing Sword Sage’s waist. Sharp rays of blade qi threatened to split the Departing Sword Sage’s body into two.

This slash carried the momentum of bringing down the sun and moon, and splitting the mainland was not a problem.

As he saw this, the Departing Sword Sage dared not meet it head-on carelessly, and the sword in his hand flew out with a flick of his finger.

Stopping a meter from Huang Xiaolong, Yu Jizhang sneered coldly, “Brat, any last words you want to say? I can help you deliver it to your sect.”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother to tone down his laughter after hearing Yu Jizhang’s words. He could already imagine the scene where Yu jizhang conveyed his last words to the Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Tyrant Chu, and Elder Crow. 

Yu Jizhang’s gloomy face darkened further, “What are you laughing at? You are already at death’s door, and you are still in the mood to laugh?!”

“It’s hard to say who’s going to die.” Huang Xiaolong replied lightly as he summoned the dozen of Ninth Tribulation and peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint profound beasts from the Darkness Holy Ring.

The moment these profound beasts appeared, feral qi roiled.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples were taken aback, and even Yu Jizhang’s heart missed a beat, but he soon relaxed.

“No wonder you were composed the entire time, your reliance is this dozen of profound beasts.” Yu Jizhang sneered, “Brat, your plan is not bad, but unfortunately, the power of a True Saint expert is not something you can shake. Merely a dozen Ninth Tribulations half-True Saint profound beasts, do you really think these can stop me?”

“You should have prepared several hundreds of them.” Yu Jizhang stopped wasting time with nonsense as he raised a finger and a deadly streak of scarlet light shot towards Huang Xiaolong’s forehead. 

“Let’s see if this dozen profound beasts can stop the power of my finger!” 

The scarlet light was about to pierce Huang Xiaolong’s forehead but Yu Jizhang was surprised to see none of the profound beasts made any move to protect Huang Xiaolong. Instead, the profound beasts all pounced towards the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples.

Suddenly, a golden figure flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, exuding an overwhelming holy aura, and a dragon’s roar resounded. When this golden figure flew out, it successfully blocked Yu Jizhang’s finger attack. 

Yu Jizhang’s finger force collapsed inch by inch.

“This, this is…?! How is this possible!” Yu Jizhang could not hide his shock seeing the golden figure that looked exactly like Huang Xiaolong.

 The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s expert Chen Zhi who was battling the Departing Sword Sage turned his head and was shocked to the core by what he saw.

“Holy, holy soul!” In the far distance, Chen Zifeng and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s disciples were shaking in fear.

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