Chapter 2314: Revenge!

Di Huai ignored the other party’s question and glared at the man. “I never expected to meet you here, Fan Xia! I’ve been thinking about tearing you limb from limb all these years! I’ll tear your flesh and refine your soul!”

Despite Di Huai’s threats, Fan Xia chuckled in a low voice, “Di Huai, the two of us can be considered old friends. Now that we have finally met, can’t you treat me nicely?” He turned to the youngster who mocked Huang Xiaolong and said, “Fu Yunjie, this is the person I usually talk about.”

Fu Yunjie took a step forward and cupped his fists at Di Huai. “Senior Di Huai, no, Old Man Di Huai, it seems like you are the person my Master usually brings up!”

Not a shred of respect could be seen when Fu Yunjie spoke to Di Huai.

Fan Xia sneered, “Fu Yunjie, you can’t speak to him like that. That old man is a peak First Heaven True Saint Realm expert!” Even though he was supposed to be scolding his disciple, it didn’t seem like it.

“Yes, the master is right.” Fu Yunjie continued, “Disciple was rude.”

Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes when he saw the disrespect Fu Yunjie showed. He knew that there was enmity between them, but he had no idea what had caused it.

From the start, Di Huai’s killing intent has stayed high when staring at Fan Xia.

However, Fan Xia ignored Di Huai completely and he continued to introduce his disciple. “Di Huai, this is my personal disciple. He is also the chief disciple of the Holy Princes of my Holy Gate. Let me tell you something special. He’s someone with a Complete Buddha Saint Godhead!”

He wasn’t keeping his voice low at all. In fact, he seemed to be showing off to the entire world.

The street burst into activity after his declaration.

“What?! Complete Buddha Saint Godhead?” Everyone along the street turned to stare at Fu Yunjie the moment Fan Xia revealed his talent.

The Complete Buddha Saint Godhead was ranked sixty-eighth among the godheads!


That was something hardly seen in the Holy World!

Even though someone with a saint godhead ranking in the top in hundreds might not be able to join the Holy Heavens, someone with a sixty-eighth ranked godhead had ninety-nine percent chance of entering the organization!

Of course, one’s saint bloodline and saint physique wouldn’t fall too far from their saint godhead.

Di Huai was stunned for a second. He never expected Fan Xia to be able to accept a disciple with a rank sixty-eight saint godhead!

“Xiaolong, let’s go.” Di Huai stared at the disgusting smile on Fan Xia’s face, and he turned to lead them away.

Fan Xia didn’t bother stopping Di Huai and the others from the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

He snickered as he looked at Di Huai’s disappearing figure.

“Master, we wasted all our efforts in the past years, looking for him, only to run into him here!” Fu Yunjie chuckled. 

A snort left Fan Xia’s lips. “Now that we met him, I’m not going to allow him to escape again!” He looked at Huang Xiaolong, who was following behind Di Huai. “He’s probably here to register for this kid.”

Fu Yunjie laughed. “That brat doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. He was thinking of becoming an inner disciple of the Holy Heavens earlier. Does he think that it’s so easy to become an inner disciple? Even Old Man Di Huai wasn’t able to enter the Holy Gate with his top hundred-ranked saint attributes and his holy beast background. I refuse to believe that that brat is talented enough to become an inner disciple!”

“Let’s go. We’ll look for a place to stay before heading over to the registration point tomorrow.”

“Yes, Master.”

“When you enter the Holy Heavens, the power our Holy Gate will wield will become much stronger!”

After Di Huai and Huang Xiaolong left, they rented a random courtyard and decided to register the next day.

Ever since they had met the members of the True Reason Holy Gate, Di Huai’s expression had been extremely sullen.

Huang Xiaolong knew that it wasn’t in his best interests to bring up the matter with the True Reason Holy Gate, and he remained quiet.

As night fell, light fell upon the lands and the city looked the same as it was in the day.

The light that illuminated the land wasn’t dazzling, but it contained a sort of reassuring aura that gave off a sense of security to everyone who felt it.

Huang Xiaolong gazed into the skies in his courtyard, staring at the light that fell from the heavens. He looked at the clouds of dense holy spiritual energy surrounding the city.

All of a sudden, footsteps sounded behind him.

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong saw Di Huai.

“Senior Di Huai.” Huang Xiaolong greeted respectfully.

Nodding his head, Di Huai pointed to the stone pavilion nearby. “Let’s chat over there.”

As the two of them sat down, Di Huai asked, “Are you curious about the enmity I have with the True Reason Holy Gate?” 

“If Senior Di Huai is willing to talk about it, please….”

Di Huai shook his hand. “There’s nothing to hide. In the past, I met Fan Xia when trying to enter the Holy Heavens. We formed a grudge during the selection process, and neither of us managed to enter the organization.”

“No one would have thought that Fan Xia would lead an army to exterminate my Dragon Unicorn Race because of the grudge we had formed!”

“My wife and kids died at his hands! When I managed to escape, my daughter went missing!”

“In the past, my injuries were severe, and I was saved by Zhuoyuan. As such, I settled down in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground and promised to protect it with my life!”

The killing intent around him started to soar when he spoke about his wife and children. Di Huai’s eyes turned red and his breathing sped up.

It was no wonder the usually calm Di Huai would flare up when the members of the True Reason Holy Gate appeared. 

“Xiaolong, I have a request.” Di Huai hesitated for a moment before saying.

Huang Xiaolong knew what Di Huai desired the moment he heard the story. He nodded and reassured the Holy Beast, “Senior Di Huai, I promise to take revenge for your race!”

“With all my heart, I thank you!” Di Huai grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s hand and tears welled up in his eyes. He had been thinking about taking revenge his whole life, but with the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground’S strength, it was far from enough.

Ever since a long time ago, he had felt that taking revenge was impossible. He had lost all hope, until Huang Xiaolong had appeared. 

The night passed uneventfully and the moment day broke, Di Huai brought Huang Xiaolong towards the Heavenly Master’s Manor. Since Huang Xiaolong was the only one registering to enter the Holy Heavens, Di Huai brought him and him alone.

Feng Tianyu and the others remained in the courtyard for the good news.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai noticed a massive manor in their sights. The terrifying holy aura surrounding it caused Huang Xiaolong’s heart to pound.

Phantoms of holy beasts, along with supreme experts filled the skies above the manor as rainbow-colored light surrounded it.

That was the Heavenly Master’s Manor! It was the residence of the strongest expert in the Holy World!

“Hehe, Di Huai, it seems like we are fated to meet.” Before Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai could enter the manor, a disgustingly friendly voice rang out from behind them.

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