Chapter 2305: Holy Mandate Imprint!

Di Huai revealed a look of melancholy and continued to explain after seeing the look of shock on their faces. “When one receives the care and attention of the Holy World’s source energy, one can condense a thread of memory imprint that contains a Holy Mandate. Anyone with a Holy Mandate Imprint would be able to devour the source energy of the Holy World to further their cultivation!”

“What?!” Li Wen and the others felt their jaws dropping to the ground.

They felt that receiving the Holy World’s source energy’s care and attention wouldn’t amount to much. After all, it was a one-off occurrence. They felt that it would at the very most increase one’s strength when they entered the Venerable Realm.

Never in their wildest imaginations would they have thought that the individual would be able to devour the Holy World’s origin energy when cultivating!

Wasn’t this too much of a cheat code…?

“Lord Di Huai, how can this be possible?! Aren’t True Saint Realm experts the only ones who can devour the origin energy of the Holy World?!” Xu Jun couldn’t help but ask.

Li Wen and the others stared at Di Huai in shock.

A chuckle left Di Huai’s lips. “That’s right. Ordinarily, one would only be able to absorb the Holy World’s origin energy when one enters the True Saint Realm. Even Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints are no exceptions. However, there have to be several chosen ones. As long as one had a Holy Mandate Imprint, they will be able to do something even Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints wouldn’t be able to do!”

Li Wen, Xu Jun, Chen Shiming, and the other Eminent Elders stared at each other as a complicated feeling flashed through their hearts.

Since that was really the case, they could already foresee that the person’s cultivation with the Holy Mandate Imprint would soar in a short period of time! His cultivation would rise quicker than a rocket! After all, one would receive the assistance of the exclusive energy only True Saint Realm experts could absorb.

The origin energy of the Holy World was no joke!

“In fact, the person who obtains the Holy Mandate Imprint isn’t just able to absorb the origin energy of the Holy World.” Di Huai continued.


That wasn’t all?!

A terrifying storm swept through the hearts of the Eminent Elders.

“Someone with the Holy Mandate Imprint would be able to nourish their body with the origin energy of the Holy World. After the constant absorption of the origin energy, their body would contain a part of it. When one challenges the heavens to obtain the holy mandate in the future to enter the True Saint Realm, they won’t face a bottleneck, and breaking through would be a matter of time!”

Everyone’s jaws dropped in shock, and the Eminent Elders no longer knew what to say.

One had to know that even monstrous geniuses, who had saint godheads in the top one hundred ranks only, had a twenty percent chance of entering the True Saint Realm in the future.

Right now, Di Huai had informed them that someone with a Holy Mandate Imprint would be able to enter the True Saint Realm with one hundred percent certainty. The information was too much for them to process!

Li Wen finally opened his mouth and the words came out in a weird way. “Lord Di Huai, wouldn’t that mean that someone with a Holy Mandate Imprint would possess more talent than someone who has a top ten saint godhead?”

Di Huai chuckled. “You can say that. Even though someone with a saint godhead ranking in the top ten would be hard to find, there will definitely be someone lucky enough to possess it among the countless lives in the various holy grounds. Even so, it’s more difficult to find someone with a Holy Mandate Imprint! According to what I know, there has only been three people in the past billions of years that managed to enter the True Saint Realm while holding a Holy Mandate Imprint!”


“Wouldn’t that mean that someone with a Holy Mandate Imprint is harder to come by than someone who can evolve their saint attributes?!” Chen Shiming sucked in a cold breath.

Di Huai nodded his head solemnly. “That’s right. Even if they can evolve their saint attributes, it wouldn’t mean that they would be able to receive a Holy Mandate Imprint. From what I know, there is only one person in the Holy Heavens who managed to enter the True Saint Realm with a Holy Mandate Imprint. Other than Senior Heavenly Master, no one in the entire organization has managed to enter the True Saint Realm with a Holy Mandate Imprint.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that His Highness, Huang Xiaolong, would be the fourth person in the Holy World to possess the Holy Mandate Imprint?!”

Since the source of the disturbance came from the Myriad Dragon Peak, there was only one possibility. The person who had received the Holy Mandate Imprint was definitely Huang Xiaolong. After all, the only person qualified to obtain the care and assistance of the Holy World’s origin energy was Huang Xiaolong and Huang Xiaolong alone.

A look of anticipation appeared on Di Huai’s face. “That’s right! Huang Xiaolong will become the fourth person in the Holy World to obtain the Holy Mandate Imprint! Honestly, even someone like me is getting jealous of the little kid. As if it wasn’t enough for him to be able to evolve his saint attributes, he even obtained the care and assistance from the Holy World’s origin energy!”

Laughter filled the hall in an instant.

“It seems like there will be a new True Saint in our Zhuoyuan Holy Ground soon!” Di Huai laughed.

“Lord Di Huai, how long do you think it will take for Huang Xiaolong to enter the True Saint Realm?” Li Wen asked all of a sudden.

After a short moment of consideration, Di Huai spoke. “It’s hard for me to say. In the past, when Lord Heavenly Master received the Holy Mandate Imprint, his cultivation went from the First Order Venerable Realm to the True Saint Realm in a mere ten thousand years!”

“What?! Ten thousand years to become a True Saint?” The Eminent Elders stared at Di Huai in horror. Even though they had already made some guesses, their predictions were in the million-year range!

“Hahaha, now you guys know how terrifying someone with a Holy Mandate Imprint is. As long as one receives the imprint, they would be able to cultivate several hundred times faster than anyone with the same level of saint attributes. Even if Huang Xiaolong’s talent is a little worse than the others, it will take him a maximum of twenty thousand years to enter the True Saint Realm!”

“What about the realm surpassing the True Saint Realm?” Xu Jun asked.

“Even though one’s cultivation speed would slow down a whole lot after entering the True Saint Realm, he would probably be able to advance several times faster than his peers.”

Di Huai was completely right. However, there was one thing he didn’t mention. Anyone with the Holy Mandate Imprint could tap on the origin energy of the Holy World when battling their enemies. Their combat prowess would rise to a terrifying degree whenever they did that!

A terrifying ball of energy originating from the depths of the Holy World passed through the barrier around the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground and fell on Huang Xiaolong’s body.

A golden imprint soon appeared in the space between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows.

Holy Mandate Imprint!

The fourth Holy Mandate Imprint in the Holy World made its appearance!

The moment it appeared, everyone in the holy ground felt as though a mountain was pressing down on them. Luckily for them, the feeling soon disappeared, and they felt as though it was a mere hallucination.

Holy energy streamed into Huang Xiaolong’s body and it only stopped after half a day.

Rays of resplendent light emerged from the Holy Mandate Imprint on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead and covered the lands. 

The light around the Myriad Dragon Peak only disappeared after a full day, and the Holy World finally regained its tranquility.

As he opened his eyes, a terrifying wave of energy emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

“Let’s go! We’ll head over to the Myriad Dragon Peak to find the little guy!” Seeing as everything was over, Di Huai turned to the Eminent Elders and said.

“Yes, Lord Di Huai!”

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