Chapter 2304: Holy World’s Origin Energy’s Care!

After a short moment of hesitation, he swallowed all eight pills!

If Xu Jun, Li Wen, or any other Eminent Elders saw what he did, their hearts would stop beating in fright. Those were level-seven origin spiritual pills they were talking about!! Huang Xiaolong actually swallowed eight of them in one go!

Even high-level Venerables wouldn’t be able to withstand the surge of energy provided by the pills!

However, a half-step Venerable like Huang Xiaolong actually swallowed eight of them in a single go!

The moment the pills entered his stomach, rays of resplendent golden light emerged from his body. They were like torrential waves that battered against him, slamming into every inch of his body. Not a single pore was spared as golden light poured out from them.

Like a massive dam that overflowed with golden light, the immense medicinal qi from the eight rank-seven origin spiritual pills rushed out from his body.


As the light pierced into the walls of the secret room he was cultivating in, a massive explosion rang through space as weird fluctuations of light blinded everything in his surroundings.

Of course, he had long since been prepared for something like this. Before he swallowed the pills, Huang Xiaolong had already laid down countless restrictions around the secret room.

Despite his preparations, he wasn’t able to fully brace for the impact of swallowing all eight pills at once. As the golden qi raged in his body, his body started to slowly collapse.

Even if his saint physique ranked in the top one thousand, it was unable to withstand the destructive might of the incredible amount of energy contained in the pills. His skin cracked, and his muscles exploded.

Even with his three saint bloodlines, he couldn’t stop the destruction.

As his body started to crumble, golden blood lined the floor of the secret room, and his golden bones were revealed to the world. However, they started to crumble before long, and the only things left of Huang Xiaolong were his three complete dao saint godheads.

The four divine fires, the lightning bead, and the Golden Pig Treasure emerged from his body, and they revolved around the three saint godheads.

Circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium with whatever consciousness he had left, Huang Xiaolong’s godheads started to absorb the strands of golden qi at an extreme pace.

Boundless light soon emerged from the three saint godheads.

His body that had shattered, soon, started to reform. Restoring itself, Huang Xiaolong’s body seemed more perfect than it was before. It seemed as though every part of him was nourished by the immense energy contained in the pills, and all his cells were filled with endless vitality. He felt like the impurities in his body were washed away.

Not long after his body regenerated, the terrifying amount of energy contained in the pill destroyed it.

Again and again, his body crumbled before restoring itself.

Again and again, his body became more perfect than it once was.

Finally, it felt as though Huang Xiaolong’s body was crafted from the will of the heavens itself.

With the assistance of the medicinal qi from the eight Golden Buddha Divine Pills, Huang Xiaolong’s saint attributes started to evolve.

It was especially so for his three complete dao saint godheads. Initially full of origin energy, they started their transformation and traces of supreme energy started to gather.

The might of a Venerable soon filled the room Huang Xiaolong was in, and the concentration of the energy he released reached a terrifying degree.

Supreme energy was a type of energy similar to the origin energy that filled the world, but it was definitely of a higher grade. The might contained behind the energy contained irrepressible strength.

A month passed just like that.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong’s body was unable to withstand the bombardment of energy from the eight rank-seven origin spiritual pills for a single minute. However, as his body evolved, he was slowly able to endure for two, three, four minutes, and so on…. It went on and on until he held his ground for over an hour.

After the month passed, he was finally able to hold on for half a day!

It took half a day for the energy to rupture his skin and destroy his body!

Everything pointed to the fact that Huang Xiaolong’s physique was becoming stronger and stronger!

Everything about him became more perfect and two months passed just like that.

Eventually, Huang Xiaolong’s body no longer crumbled.

Four months later, the supreme energy in his three saint godheads reached its saturation limit.

One fine day…

Holy light emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s saint godheads and pierced into the skies. The light was different from the one when he had taken the test to enter the Holy Gate, but it was something that signified his rebirth. It contained an endless life force, and the light that emerged was so thick that it formed a pillar that pierced high into the heavens.

Even the secret room that he had prepared was unable to stop the advancement of the light as it rose high above the Myriad Dragon Peak.

In an instant, it was as though the entire mountain peak was bathed in gold light.

Seemingly able to resonate with a hidden energy deep within the holy ground, the space above the mountain started to tremble. Soon, it was followed by the shaking of the lands as rays of golden light rained down from the heavens to cover the Myriad Dragon Peak.

When the light fell upon the lands, every single individual in the Holy Gate was affected. Even Elders, Hall Masters, and Eminent Elders weren’t able to ignore its effects! Even Holy Beast Di Huai was affected by the golden rain!

“What’s going on? How can there be such terrifying holy might?! Could it be that someone in the Holy Gate has entered the half-True Saint Realm?!”

“Who could it be?!”

Several disciples couldn’t contain themselves as they started to gossip about the recent happenings.

Of course, Li Wen and the other Eminent Elders were half-True Saints themselves, and they were naturally able to feel the abnormality.

“That’s no half-True Saint….” A trace of suspicion flashed past Li Wen’s eyes. “It’s impossible for a half-True Saint to cause such a huge commotion!”

Xu Jun frowned. “Did someone cross a tribulation in the half-True Saint realm? It doesn’t seem like it…. There weren't any signs of tribulation….”

Everyone looked at each other in puzzlement.

According to what they knew, it was impossible for there to be such a huge disturbance unless someone had broken into the half-True Saint Realm. However, they couldn’t feel the signs of a new Half Saint being born!

“This isn’t a holy tribulation…. Of course, there isn’t a sign of one!” A voice rang through the skies.

No one knew when, but Di Huai had already appeared behind them.

As the Eminent Elders turned around in shock. They nearly jumped in fright. Never in their wildest imaginations would they have expected Lord Di Huai to be affected by the commotion outside. Ordinarily, Holy Beast Di Huai wouldn’t appear unless an event great enough to shake the Holy Gate happened.

“We greet Lord Di Huai!” The doyens greeted hastily.

Pardoning all of them, Di Huai stared at the Myriad Dragon Peak, and a trace of admiration appeared in his eyes. “I never thought that I would be able to witness something like this in my years of existence….”

Li Wen and the others stared at each other, dumbfounded.

No one had any idea what event would cause a True Saint like Di Huai to be so worked up.

“There has been a legend circulating in the Holy World. When a peak genius strong enough to shake up the still waters of the Holy World enters the Venerable Realm, they would receive the acknowledgment of the Holy World and receive the care and attention of the Holy World’s origin energy!” Di Huai revealed a look of admiration as he explained everything to Li Wen and the others.

Someone received the attention and care from the Holy World’s origin energy!

The Eminent Elders felt a bomb going off in their minds when they heard what Di Huai said.

One had to know that only True Saint Realm experts could cultivate by absorbing the origin energy from the Holy World. Even Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints wouldn’t be able to do so. Right now, someone had actually received the care and attention from the origin energy of the Holy World when entering the Venerable Realm!

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