Chapter 2300: Dragon Heart Island

Jumping off the body of the Rainbow Phoenix, Huang Xiaolong activated his three saint godheads and saint bloodlines before sending a punch towards Yu Dongyuan’s head.

“You’re asking for it!” Yu Dongyuan snickered, and he didn’t bother to raise the blade in his hand to block the attack. 

White colored corpse qi emerged from his body as he received Huang Xiaolong’s punch with one of his own.

Under Yu Dongyuan’s constant refinement, the corpse qi was strong enough to corrode any sort of origin energy.


Their fists met and a resounding explosion filled the skies.

Yu Dongyuan’s expression changed the moment he felt the strength contained in Huang Xiaolong’s fist. The Tenth Order Sovereign before him wasn’t as weak as he thought! A terrifying surge of energy rushed through his arms.

The force caused him to retreat again and again. Unable to stabilize himself, he drew two long lines across the ground as he slid backwards. Only after flying for several thousand miles did he manage to stop himself.

Staring at the exposed bones in his arm, Yu Dongyuan raised his head to look at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

How could this happen?

A look of disbelief filled his face.

As someone who cultivated the White Boned Devil Art, his defensive capabilities were terrifying to the extreme! Even without a saint physique, his fleshy body wasn’t weaker than someone who had one!

However, a Third Order Venerable like himself was actually injured by a Holy Prince, who was at the Tenth Order Sovereign Realm!

“Who the hell are you?!” Yu Dongyuan’s expression turned solemn, and he slowly retrieved his White Boned Devil Blade. “I’ve seen so many Holy Princes in my life, but I have never seen you before!”

With Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he was definitely someone from the Holy Gate. However, he recognized all the Holy Princes, and none of them had the appearance of the youngster before him.

It was no wonder Yu Dongyuan didn’t recognize Huang Xiaolong. He had been living in seclusion all this while to cultivate his White Boned Devil Art. He had no clue what had happened in the outside world, especially when Huang Xiaolong had risen in the past several tens of years.

“I’m a Holy Prince of the Holy Gate. My name is Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong casually said. Tyrannical might pulsed out from his body as he glanced at Yu Dongyuan. The other party was slightly stronger than he had expected. Even after activating his three Saint godheads and Saint bloodlines, he only managed to slightly injure Yu Dongyuan!

Narrowing his eyes, Yu Dongyuan sneered. “A Holy Prince who just ascended? No wonder you’re only at the Tenth Order Sovereign Realm. Looks like your talent is pretty good…. You should be ranked in the top ten among the princes, right? Who would have thought that the upper echelons of the Holy Gate would allow you to kill yourself by accepting the mission to hunt me down?!”

Even though he suffered slightly from Huang Xiaolong’s previous blow, he knew that with the strength Huang Xiaolong showed, it was a far cry from being able to deal with him. 

“Are you so sure?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled as he soared into the skies once again. Circulating his energy through all three Saint godheads, he punched with both arms!

“Eight Desolate Holy Light Fist!”

Two massive fists formed in the air as brilliant rays of light filled the surroundings. The frigid devil qi in the air seemed to have met its archenemy as it was purified completely. 

A solemn expression formed on Yu Dongyuan’s face as he realized that Huang Xiaolong’s combat abilities were growing stronger once again. 

“White Boned Devil Blade, Devil Massacring Ghost Prison!”


Countless rays of blade light shot towards the two fists and a massive white boned devils crawled out from under the ground. They rushed towards Huang Xiaolong’s fist without hesitation.


The blade qi was shattered, and the white boned devils were turned into nothing but white dust. A tiny hole appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s attack, but it didn’t matter as it continued on its path to slam into Yu Dongyuan.

Finally realizing that he was in trouble, Yu Dongyuan’s figure flickered as he tried to dodge the attack.

In the instant his figure disappeared from its original location, Huang Xiaolong’s fists arrived. It slammed into the ground and the wasteland trembled. Two massive craters were formed in the land and the space above it shone with holy light.

Despite dodging the attack, Yu Dongyuan felt waves of pain shooting through his body as waves of holy qi assaulted him.

Due to his cultivation of the White Boned Devil Art, Huang Xiaolong’s Eight Desolate Holy Light Fist perfectly countered him. As such, his blood seemed to flow in reverse when the holy qi slammed into him.

Before he could stabilize himself, a figure flashed and appeared before him as Huang Xiaolong started his assault once again.

“Final Boundless Sword Art!”

Sword qi filled the space around them in an instant as they pierced towards Yu Dongyuan.

“White Boned Devil Armor!”

As he pushed himself to the limit, tiny white skulls formed around him. Even though the skulls were only the size of a fist, they managed to fuse together to form an armor that surrounded his body.

There were countless runes swirling around each skull, and devil light pierced through the air.

It was too bad that Huang Xiaolong’s sword qi arriving before his armor was fully formed.


The Final Boundless Sword Art tore the White Boned Devil Armor into shreds before emerging from Yu Dongyuan’s back. Despite the defensive abilities of the devil armor, it was impossible for it to withstand a blow from a true saint martial art.

Yu Dongyuan’s miserable shriek rang through the air as he slammed into the ground below. Streaks of blood decorated his body.

As he got to his feet shakily, he stared at Huang Xiaolong with equal parts of shock and anger. Of course, he was no fool. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he unleashed his final move. Every single part of his body glowed with a devilish light, and he seemed to have transformed into a White Boned Devil.

“Sword Assimilation!”


Absorbing the White Boned Devil Blade into his body, Yu Dongyuan transformed into a massive blade that slashed towards Huang Xiaolong with everything he had. Yu Dongyuan’s face appeared on the edge of the blade.

The lightning bead emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body before Yu Dongyuan could slam into him. Lightning qi filled the air. Lightning clouds filled the air and the sky turned dark in an instant. The wasteland that was devoid of all life was filled with lightning bolts instantly. 


The lightning bead slammed into the White Boned Devil Blade and a giant crack formed on Yu Dongyuan’s body. As if he had lost all his strength, the blade fell from the skies and landed on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t remain in the air as he slowly drifted down towards Yu Dongyuan.

“You… This… Saint artifact?!” Yu Dongyuan stared at the lightning bead in the space above him with an apprehensive look.

Retrieving the lightning bead, Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “That’s right. This is a Saint artifact.” With the resources provided by the Holy Gate, he had long since restored the lightning bead to its peak state. No matter how strong Yu Dongyuan was, it was impossible for him to withstand a blow from the lightning bead.

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked towards Yu Dongyuan.

Thinking about his miserable fate, Yu Dongyuan revealed a helpless smile. “I would never have thought that I would die in the hands of a Sovereign… I’ve killed several disciples from the Holy Gate previously, managing to obtain the treasury of a certain ancient devil Venerable in the past few years. I hid everything on Dragon Heart Island, and I’ll leave them all to you in hopes for a quick death!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. “Alright.” After he spoke, he dragged Yu Dongyuan towards himself.

Tens of minutes later, Huang Xiaolong devoured Yu Dongyuan’s saint attributes and scattered his dust into the wind.

Half a month later, he arrived on Dragon Heart Island.

In the time he spent traveling, Huang Xiaolong had completely refined Yu Dongyuans’s complete dao saint godhead and his saint bloodline.

“Dragon Heart Island….”

Looking at the massive island before him, Huang Xiaolong felt his heart shaking.

The moment he entered, he could feel the faint presence of a dragon’s might as dragon qi swirled round him.

“It seems like the legends are true.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. Rumors had it that the Dragon Heart Island was refined from the heart of one of the ancient members of the Dragon Race.

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