Chapter 2234: Hand Over the Keys and Scram!

Zhang Wenyue couldn’t help but stare in shock when she realized that he was a disciple from the Nine Heavens Gate.

After all, the Nine Heavens Gate was a supreme sect in the Falling Jade Dynasty!

No matter where their disciples went, they would be treated with the utmost respect!

“If you can’t afford to stay in it, what makes you think that others won’t?” A cold voice rang through the air as Huang Xiaolong appeared beside her.

Since Zhang Wenyue had walked ahead of him, he only managed to hear the conversation when he approached the counter.

“Young Master…,” Zhang Wenyue yelped and hastily retreated to his side.

Seeing as someone had interrupted him, the disciple from the Nine Heavens Gate couldn’t help but turn sullen. He turned to glare at Huang Xiaolong.

Looking at the light blue robes on Huang Xiaolong’s body, he couldn’t identify Huang Xiaolong’s origins.

A cold light flashed through his eyes, and he snapped, “Brat, are you her master? Which kingdom did you crawl out from? Can’t you recognize which faction I’m from?!”

He tilted his head and pointed his chin at Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to physically look down on him.

As an inner disciple of the Nine Heavens Gate, he had an extremely strong superiority complex.

Huang Xiaolong merely chuckled in response, “Which sect did you crawl out from? Which retard would take you in as a disciple? You know what? I have no interest in you.”

Zhang Wenyue couldn’t hold herself back as a cute giggle escaped her lips.

“I’m taking a top-grade courtyard for ten days!” Huang Xiaolong said and threw ten bills on the counter. Each bill denominated ten thousand holy bills, and it was the exact amount he had to pay.

The attendant stared at Huang Xiaolong, and he had no idea how to react. As for the disciple of the Nine Heavens Gate, Zhao Ruigan, he felt his lips trembling when Huang Xiaolong questioned him about his sect. Rage burned in his eyes, and he wanted nothing more than to devour Huang Xiaolong without leaving so much as his bones!

Everyone in the inn stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock as they muttered under their breath.

“Who is this kid? Is he tired of living? How can he offend someone like Zhao Ruigan? Zhao Ruigan is the personal disciple of the Nine Heavens Gate’s Grand Elder, Zhou Heng!”

“Is he crazy? It doesn’t matter if he jumps into a pit of fire, but why drag his sect and family into it?”

The discussions of several disciples entered Huang Xiaolong’s ear.

He ignored everyone with a placid expression.

“Brat, did you hear that? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to die! Why are you dragging your sect into this? You’ll be condemned by everyone in your sect for eternity!” Zhao Ruigan seemed extremely happy now that everyone had recognized him. “If you slap yourself ten times to admit your mistakes, I’ll pretend that nothing happened!”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered with Zhao Ruigan, and he simply tapped the counter. “What are you waiting for?”

In the instant, the attendant snapped back to attention, and he looked at Zhao Ruigan in hesitation. However, he eventually passed the key to Huang Xiaolong.

On the jade key that Huang Xiaolong received, there was a number ‘nine’ carved onto it.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had ignored everything he said, Zhao Ruigan felt rage bubbling in his heart. A cold light flashed through his eyes, but he finally suppressed the killing intent in his heart. Turning to the attendant, he said, “Give me a top-grade courtyard.” Like Huang Xiaolong, he threw out ten bills.

A helpless look appeared on the face of the attendant as he explained, “Lord Zhao, the number nine courtyard is our last available courtyard!”

Last available courtyard?!

A stunned expression appeared on Zhao Ruigan’s face.

A meek voice emerged from the attendant’s lips, “Lord Zhao, we have several mid-grade courtyards… In fact, those are pretty good as well. They are only missing a single spiritual qi gathering formation compared to the top-grade courtyards… I’ll even give you a ten percent discount on those…”

Zhao Ruigan’s expression fell, and he growled, “What did you just say? Say that again. Are you asking me to move to a mid-grade courtyard while that brat gets to stay in a top-grade courtyard?!”

The rage in his heart burned brighter than ever. How can I live in a shabbier place compared to some b*stard who popped out of nowhere? With my identity as a Nine Heavens Gate disciple, how dare the Lingering Fragrance Inn put me in a mid-grade courtyard?

To him, it was the greatest insult of his life!

Moreover, he was following his master’s order to reserve a top-grade courtyard!

Stuttering back and forth, the attendant had no idea how to respond.

“Make that brat hand over his courtyard. I am here on behalf of my master to reserve a top-grade courtyard. Hand the keys over right now!” Zhao Ruigan pointed at the set of keys in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, and he snorted.

A cold chuckle escaped Huang Xiaoong’s lips.

Staring at Zhao Ruigan, a helpless expression appeared on the attendant’s face. “Lord Zhao, you should be aware of our rules… Since this young master was the first to reserve the room, we…”

Zhao Ruigan interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. “My master has an esteemed guest card, and I’m here on his behalf to reserve the room!” 

“This…” The attendant hesitated for a moment. “If you really have an esteemed guest card, it is possible for us to hand the keys over to you instead.”

“What’s going on?” A solemn voice rang through the air and a middle-aged man wearing the grand elder’s robe of the Nine Heavens Gate strode into the hall.

“Master!” Zhao Ruigan rushed over and yelled enthusiastically the moment his master, Zhou Heng, appeared.

He recounted his experience to Zhou Heng and when the middle-aged man heard that the brat stole the last top-grade courtyard available, a sharp light flashed through his eyes. Glancing at Huang Xiaolong from the corner of his eye, he retrieved a golden card and tossed it to the attendant. “Open your eyes and read the situation! This is an esteemed guest card from your inn!”

The attendant hastily grabbed the card before verifying its authenticity. After sending his godforce into the card, he knew that it was indeed a real esteemed guest card issued by the inn.

“Since you have already verified it, hand the number nine courtyard over!” Zhou Heng sneered at Huang Xiaolong and continued to lecture the attendant, “I’ll reserve whatever courtyard this brat wants to stay in. There shall be no residence for him in the Lingering Fragrance Inn!”

He not only wanted to force Huang Xiaolong to hand over the keys, but he even wanted to kick him out of the inn! 

Of course, that was only a small punishment he was issuing to Huang Xiaolong. Otherwise, he would have already ordered for the cleansing of everyone related to him!

As the attendant walked towards Huang Xiaolong, he apologized and lowered his head. “Young master, according to the regulations, we have to hand the number nine courtyard over to Lord Zhou Heng.”

Zhao Ruigan sneered, “Brat, why aren’t you moving? Hand the keys over and scram!”

Everyone shook their heads as a look of mockery appeared on their faces. It was clear that they were silently laughing at Huang Xiaolong for embarrassing himself.

That was the price he had to pay for offending the Nine Heavens Gate!

They were sure that Huang Xiaolong would hand over the keys and leave, but the scene that unfolded before their eyes made them change the way they looked at the world. Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong retrieved an esteemed guest card from his divine spatial artifact. However, it was completely different from the golden card Zhou Heng had taken out. There were traces of violet engraved onto his card, and it was a lot more majestic than the one Zhou Heng had.


Everyone widened their eyes as they looked at the card in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

“This is the high-class esteemed guest card issued by your inn.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the attendant and passed the card over to him.

There were different grades of esteemed guest cards issued by the Lingering Fragrance Inn, and Zhou Heng’s card was an ordinary esteemed guest card! The card in Huang Xiaolong’s possession was a high-class esteemed guest card, and it was clear who was the victor of this silent battle!

After the matter with Song Shaokang in the Revered Fragrance Trading Company, Huang Xiaolong had learned his lesson. Along the way, he had thrown around his money, easily obtaining a high-class esteemed guest card from the Lingering Fragrance Inn.

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