Chapter 2225: Young Lord of the Beast Emperor Sect

Even in the Holy World, level-two origin spiritual pills were extremely precious treasures! Only trading giants like the Revered Fragrance Trading Company would put them on display in the main hall!

“Blood Qi Ascension Divine Pill!”

“True God Soul Returning Pill!”

“Greatest Ascension Pill!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the different pills on display, and he felt as though his world was spinning. He even managed to see a level-three origin spiritual pills in the tallest display case in the hall! Even though they weren’t plentiful in number, they were still level-three origin spiritual pills! Moreover, there was one that was at the high-grade, level-three!

As he stared at the assortment of rank-three origin spiritual pills, the properties of the high-grade, level-three origin spiritual pill ran through his mind. It was called the Grand Yang Returning Divine Pill. It could increase one’s strength and help out in the recovery of hidden wounds!

If he could obtain the pill, Huang Xiaolong would experience a full recovery in less than a year!

Huang Xiaolong called the store’s attendant and pointed towards the Grand Yang Returning Divine Pill and asked, “How are you selling the Grand Yang Returning Pill? Are there any more origin spiritual pills better than the Grand Yang Returning Pill in stock right now?”

The attendant revealed a brilliant smile, and he responded, “My lord… We are merely a branch situated in the Soaring Lightning Kingdom. The Grand Yang Returning Divine Pill is the highest quality pill we stock… As for the pills… We can’t sell them individually, and you will have to buy a bottle at the very least. There are thirty pills in a bottle and it costs thirty-two million.”

Thirty-two million holy bills!

Everyone who heard the price sucked in a cold breath as they jumped in fright.

Thirty-two million holy bills consisted of the total income a small kingdom could collect in taxes in a year!

However, the price had never been a problem for Huang Xiaolong. With an indifferent expression on his face, Huang Xiaolong replied, “I’ll take it.”

Previously, he had obtained two billion holy bills after his exchange, and thirty million was nothing but a drop in a bucket.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was planning to buy an entire bottle of Grand Yang Returning Divine Pills, the smile on the attendant’s face became a little brighter. He became a thousand times more respectful to Huang Xiaolong as he retrieved the bottle of Grand Yang Returning Divine Pills from the jade display case. Just as he was about to pass the bottle to Huang Xiaolong, a hand stretched out from the side, and a low voice echoed through the hall. “Hold on.”

Everyone couldn’t help but stare at the other party in shock.

The youngster stopping the transaction was a young man whose robe was decorated with embroidery of various divine beasts. Behind him were two elders and it was clear that they were his guards.

“It’s the young master of the Beast Emperor Sect, Song Shaokang!” One of the members in the crowd recognized the man, and he retreated by several steps. A look of fear formed on his face.

“Beast Emperor Sect!”

The initially bustling hall quietened down in an instant. It seemed as though the Beast Emperor Sect’s reputation held some weight.

Huang Xiaolong felt his mind returning to the time he had spent in the Devouring Icy Forest. It seemed as though the members of the Incineration Valley had mistaken him for an expert from the Beast Emperor Sect in the past.

After killing Chen Ye and the rest, Huang Xiaolong had searched through his memories, and he had learned about the Beast Emperor Sect.

In the Falling Jade Dynasty, the Beast Emperor Sect was the strongest sect present if they took the three supreme sects out of the equation.

Moreover, the Beast Emperor Sect was strong because of their impressive lineup of experts. Not only was their sect master a half-step Venerable Realm expert, but several other doyens in the sect were also half-step Venerables. Even if they were a little weaker than that, they were at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm!

Since the headquarters of the Beast Emperor Sect was pretty close to the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, their presence in the capital wasn’t any weaker than the Big Dipper Sword Sect or the other two supreme sects!

Seeing as the person who stopped the transaction was the young patriarch of the Beast Emperor Sect, the attendant jumped in fright.

“I’m taking the Great Yang Returning Divine Pills!” Song Shaokang didn’t hesitate as he declared triumphantly.

When the attendant heard what he said, a helpless look appeared on his face as he turned to Huang Xiaolong and asked, “Lord… We only have a single bottle of Grand Yang Returning Divine Pills left. How about… How about you look at some other pills?”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and spoke, “This bottle of pills is mine.”

One of the elders behind Song Shaokang stepped forward and a trace of light flashed through his eyes. “Brat, are you tired of living? You’re speaking to the young lord of the Beast Emperor Sect here! Who the h*ll are you to insist on taking away the pills our young lord feels like buying? If you’re smart, you better scram right now! Otherwise, you won’t have the time to do so later!”

“Beast Emperor Sect? Never heard of you.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and chuckled, “I’ve never learned the meaning of the word scram before. Why don’t you show me what it’s like to scram?”


Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

What did he just say?!

Did the kid just tell the young master of the Beast Emperor Sect to scram?!

The manager of the Revered Fragrance Trading Company rushed out of the inner hall all of a sudden and he cupped his hands towards Song Shaokang. “Young Lord Song, what an honor for you to pop by! Apologies for the poor treatment... “ However, he looked at Huang Xiaolong before turning back to face Song Shaokang. “According to the rules, we sell pills on a first come first serve basis. Young Lord Song, please understand…”

Without the slightest hesitation, Song Shaokang retrieved a golden card and he snorted arrogantly, “This is a VIP card for your Revered Fragrance Trading Company. I’ve heard the rule that all VIP cardholders are given the priority to purchase any pills from any branch stores...”

The manager was stunned for a second as he examined the card. He nodded his head soon after, “That is true.” He turned to look at Huang Xiaolong and cupped his fist and apologized, “This… Lord, please understand that Young Lord Song has priority to purchase the pills…”

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“Here’s thirty-two million holy bills.” Song Shaokang handed a spatial ring over to the manager and there were exactly thirty-two million holy bills contained within. He quickly retrieved the bottle of pills from the manager’s hand.

He turned to glare at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Brat, don’t think that you’re an important figure just because you have some money. Are you st*pid? How dare you fight with me over some pills? You better not leave the Soaring Lightning capital city. If you do, I’ll make you roll from the western part of the kingdom to the eastern part before making you crawl back!”

The two elders behind Song Shaokang glared at Huang Xiaolong coldly with a trace of warning in their eyes.

When they were finally done with their threats, the three of them left the hall.

Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes and after considering that he was still in the capital city of the Soaring Lightning Kingdom, he decided against doing anything to Song Shaokang. 

Beast Emperor Sect? As soon as he recovered, he wouldn’t mind taking a stroll through the Beast Emperor Sect to see how incredible they really were.

“Lord… how about buying other pills?” The manager of the Revered Fragrance Trading Company quickly reverted back to his smiley appearance and asked, “We have several other level-three origin spiritual pills and their effects are only slightly weaker than the Grand Yang Returning Divine Pill!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. After all, the manager wasn’t in the wrong. He was merely carrying out orders and rules were rules. The grudge he held didn’t extend to include the Revered Fragrance Trading Company.

Soon after, the manager accompanied Huang Xiaolong to pick out two billion holy bills worth of diving pills. In an instant, Huang Xiaolong wiped out the stock of origin spiritual pills from the Revered Fragrance Trading Company’s branch.

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