Chapter 2169: Kill All Women and Children!

Lan Shifan staggered backward, and the force pushed him for several hundred thousand miles away before he regained his balance. Blood roiled in his chest, and the divine armor on his body turned bleak and lifeless, tainted by degrading gray dead qi. 

The fire tornadoes shot out by his Flaming Wind Halberd lost their powers and shrank rapidly, corroded by the God Burying Coffin’s dead qi.

Then, a sudden scream broke the atmosphere.

A Heavenly Saint Country’s general tried to fight Tian Chen’s blade qi head-on, but Tian Chen instantly killed him. Blood and flesh splattered, leaving only an eerie white skeleton!

“Cheng Yang!” Other Heavenly Saint Country’s generals bawled with grief.

However, the tragic screams did not stop there as a Heavenly Saint Country’s general exploded to his death after being struck by Wan Shi’s Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

Wan Xiaorong’s butterfly swords slashed around in a mysterious rhythm. Two sharp sword qi crisscrossing in the air like fluttering butterflies was a mesmerizing sight. But in the next second, the butterfly swords separated two Heavenly Saint Country’s experts’ heads from their shoulders.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng laughed ecstatically, seemingly enjoying himself as he shouted, “Heavenly Saint Ruler, again!”

And he rushed towards the Heavenly Saint Ruler, swinging his fists. In sync with his actions, the ink-black toxic creature targeted the Heavenly Saint Ruler as well.

Up until this point, this ink-black creature remained a nameless ancient poisonous creature. The scales on its body were extremely hard. Even though the Heavenly Saint Ruler struck it, it was not hurt or affected in the slightest. 

Golden light surged from the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s body, enshrouding him as he bellowed. A golden scarlet great blade appeared in his hand, and with a flick of his wrist, his blade clashed with the Heavenly Terror Ruler. At the same time, he hollered, “Retreat!” 

Although this was only the beginning of the scuffle between both sides, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had to admit that the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s strength was overpowering. Hence, the Heavenly Saint Ruler ordered everyone to retreat to the Heavenly Saint Country without any hesitation. 

Once they were back under the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation, the formation could perhaps fend off the enemies for some time.


The piercing sound of clashing metals rang when the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s fists hit onto the golden scarlet blade. The impact felt like a mountain had slammed onto him. On the other hand, the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s entire arm went numb, almost losing all feeling.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler’s face was graver than ever.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler’s physical body had reached such a terrifying degree of toughness!

The Heavenly Saint Ruler had experienced how strong Huang Xiaolong’s physical body was, but the Heavenly Terror Ruler’s physical body might not lose out to Huang Xiaolong! 

In the meantime, following the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s order, Marshal Lan Shifan had ushered the others to return to the Heavenly Saint Country. Even so, more than a few experts died under Tian Chen, Wan Shi, and the others’ relentless attacks during the retreat.

When Lan Shifan and the rest made it back into the Heavenly Saint Country’s land, the Heavenly Saint Ruler struck out with full force, forcing the Heavenly Terror Ruler back for a moment while he seized the chance to return into the Heavenly Saint Country’s territory.

Immediately, the Heavenly Saint Ruler reactivated the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation, and walls of light barriers rose from the ground and enclosed the entire Heavenly Saint Country faster than the blink of an eye. A colossal golden phantom appeared above the formation.

“Futile resistance!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng sneered maliciously, and the devilish runes on his face bulged slightly under his skin, “The time I break this formation is the destruction of the Heavenly Saint Country!”

“Form the Great Terror Formation!”

“Attack at full force and break this Heavenly Saint Grand Formation!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler coldly ordered the Heavenly Terror Country’s experts.

“Once this Heavenly Saint Grand Formation breaks, enter and kill all women and children, destroy everything down to the roots! Show no mercy and kill all of the disciples, guards, and generals who resist!”

“All the spirit stones, spirit herbs, and spiritual beasts within the Heavenly Saint Country would belong to whoever finds them!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s sonorous voice reached every corner of the Heavenly Saint Country.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Before the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts’ dreaded expressions, the Heavenly Terror Country’s experts complied in undisguised excited voices and began attacking the light barrier with fervor.

In the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation quivered and swayed nonstop, and the outermost barrier dimmed considerably. 

The Heavenly Saint Ruler’s face tightened, and his nerves strung high. He hadn’t expected the first wave of attack from the Heavenly Terror Country’s experts to exhaust the power of the first layer of the barrier. 

Despite the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation having one hundred layers of protective barriers, it wouldn’t take long for the Heavenly Terror Country to completely destroy the whole Heavenly Saint Grand Formation based on this rate of destruction.

“Use top-grade chaos spirit stones!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler gritted his teeth and barked an order.

Lan Shifan stiffened for a split second but soon reacted and swiftly complied. 

In a short while, the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation’s spirit stones were changed to top-grade chaos spirit stones. Under the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts’ joint effort, the light from each barrier rose glaringly. On top of that, the barriers seemed twice as solid than before.

“En?” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Chen, Heavenly Master, and the others were surprised by the sudden strengthening of the defensive formation.

“This Heavenly Saint Grand Formation, why did it suddenly become stronger?” The Heavenly Master frowned as he stated the obvious.

The Heavenly Terror Dong Cheng sneered, “It doesn’t matter. It’ll only take us one day at most to shatter it!”

At his words, the Heavenly Terror Country’s experts expedited their attacks.

The Heavenly Master also ordered the Heavenly World’s experts to speed up their attacks. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As experts of the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly World continued to bombard the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation, the grand formation rumbled and shook endlessly.

Every boom was like a hammer hitting the Heavenly Saint Ruler and everyone’s chests.

Bang! Before long, the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly World’s experts shattered the outermost barrier.

“How could they break it so fast?!” The Heavenly Saint Marshal Lan Shifan exclaimed in a fluster, “At this rate, we won’t even last a day!”

The furrows between the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s forehead deepened with every passing second. He stared fixedly at the grand formation’s protective barriers’ light while inwardly praying that Huang Xiaolong came out faster. Huang Xiaolong might fall short of being the Heavenly Terror Ruler’s opponent. However, if the Heavenly Saint Ruler were to join hands with him, they still had a chance against the Heavenly Terror Ruler using the origin energy’s boost.

Perhaps, there was a slim hope of saving the Heavenly Saint Country with Huang Xiaolong and him delaying the Heavenly Terror Ruler while waiting for the arrival of the Mighty God Ruler’s group.

As time ticked away, another shattering bang sounded. The second layer of the protective barrier crashed to the ground. 

Subsequently, it was the third, the fourth, the fifth barrier, and so on. Watching the barriers being broken one after another, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others clenched their fists tensely. The atmosphere under the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation grew tenser.

When the ninetieth barrier gave out, everyone in the Heavenly Saint Country felt like they had fallen into a bottomless abyss.

Bang! The ninety-first barrier broke!

Despair wound around the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others’ hearts.

Soon, the ninety-sixth barrier fell. The Heavenly Saint Ruler cast a glance in the direction of the Heavenly Saint Celestial Palace that remained quiet, and he couldn’t help despairing. 

“Your grandma’s cow. That kid, he won’t wait till the Heavenly Terror Ruler comes before he’s willing to come out, would he?” The little cow mumbled nervously.

The King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, King of Darkness, and the others had long come out from their seclusions. 

Another two hours passed.


Suddenly, the entire Heavenly Saint Country quaked violently. Air currents became turbulent, and blasts thundered as the last standing protective barrier of the Heavenly Saint Grand Formation fell!

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s maniac laughter rang while the Heavenly Terror Country and Heavenly World’s experts stormed into the Heavenly Saint Country like tidal waves.

“Kill!” The Heavenly Terror and Heavenly World’s experts were akin to wolves diving into a flock of sheep as they rushed towards the heavenly Saint Country’s experts.

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