Chapter 2119: Wan Shi’s First Strike!

The strength contained in the Myriad Worlds Bamboo was capable of destroying anything in its path! It was strong enough to pierce through even top-grade grandmist artifacts! If the bamboo struck overlords like the King of Grandmist, the little cow, and others, they would suffer from grave injuries if not death!

Just as the bamboo was about to pierce through the bodies of the little cow and the others, a brilliant green light shot out from Huang Xiaolong’s body. The boundless green light was like a tsunami as it crashed against the Myriad Worlds Bamboo.

Jade-green leaves appeared, and every single one seemed to resemble a world of its own. Each leaf turned into a massive chaos wall that fended off the bamboo shoots.

Glaring runes swirled about on the surface of the leaves, and they eventually fused together to form an endless world of green.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Tiny blasts resounded through the air as every single bamboo shoot was stopped by the green leaves. Every time the bamboo shoots collided with the green leaves, an ear-splitting explosion would echo through the skies. It was as though world-exterminating bolts of lightning were sweeping across the land as the City of All-Heavens trembled like a tiny boat on the stormy seas.

With countless years of refinement and the protection of an uncountable number of heaven-defying restrictions, the city would withstand an attack even from the alliance of several dozen overlords. However, It was clear that the battle between Wan Shi and Huang Xiaolong had long surpassed that.

No matter how strong the structures in the City of All-Heavens were, they couldn’t withstand the shockwaves of the battle between the two complete freaks. Very quickly, cracks started to spread around the city, and the walls started to split open.

As the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus blocked off the attack from the Myriad Worlds Bamboo, the little cow and the others managed to escape certain death. Despite barely escaping from the terrifying Myriad Worlds Bamboo, the little cow and the others felt their hearts palpitating with fear. Even though the little cow had expected Wan Shi to be strong, she didn’t expect him to be so overpowering!

“Leave.” Huang Xiaolong turned and spoke to the little cow.

She nodded her head as she knew that their presence would only be a burden to Huang Xiaolong. The most important thing was to save the King of Grandmist and the King of Darkness.

“Do you think you can leave?” A light flashed in Wan Shi’s eyes, and countless shoots of bamboo appeared in the air to block their escape. 

His sudden attack was a notch stronger than his previous attempt. If any of them were struck by the bamboo, there was no chance of survival.

A cold harrumph left Huang Xiaolong’s lips as the green light around his body became even more intense. A boundless sea of green appeared instantly above everyone he wanted to protect.


Even though Huang Xiaolong managed to block Wan Shi’s attack, the petals of the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus showed signs of cracking.

Of course, blocking it was good enough.

In an instant, the little cow, Cang Mutian, and the Flying Devil Python took the King of Grandmist and King of Darkness away from the battlefield.

Seeing as his killing strike was blocked by Huang Xiaolong, tyrannical killing intent erupted in Wan Shi’s eyes. He stared at the escaping group of overlords as he yelled at Wan Yue and the others, “Go kill them all!”

He knew that if he failed to kill them now, it would be nearly impossible for him to kill them in the future!

Wan Yue and the others acknowledged his orders and were about to move out when a tiny chaos axe appeared in the space above them. With unstoppable momentum, it slashed downwards.

With the ability to split the heavens and earth apart, the tiny chaos axe fell on the various overlords present.

When Wan Yue, the Heavenly Spirit Beast Master, Old Crow Ancestor, and the others saw the axe chopping down towards them, their expressions changed. A look of fear appeared on their faces, and they pushed their bodies to the limit in order to dodge it. It was too bad for the Heavenly Snow Old Monster and the Half Prison Ghost King as they reacted a split second later, but it was all Huang Xiaolong needed to kill them. Like Old Monster Lun Zhuan, their bodies split into two.

Their corpses fell from the sky as they landed on the ground with a loud thud.

As a snow-white corpse landed beside a corpse as dark as ink, a beautiful picture formed with the stark contrast of colors formed. 

Of course, only Huang Xiaolong could admire the ‘picturesque’ scene before him. When Wan Yue and the others looked at the two corpses on the ground, they felt the blood draining from their faces.

If they had moved a little later, that would have been their outcome!

By the time Huang Xiaolong killed the Half Prison Ghost King and the Heavenly Snow Old Monster, the little cow and the others had already disappeared. 

“A bunch of good for nothings…” Wan Shi raged.

Feeling the terrifying amounts of killing intent rolling off Wan Shi’s body, no one dared to breathe loudly. They started to tremble where they stood.

Seeing as there was nothing else he could do to Huang Xiaolong’s party, Wan Shi turned his full attention to the man himself. “Your Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus is quite sturdy. You actually managed to block two attacks from my Myriad Worlds Bamboo.”

“It’s too bad I was merely warming up! Huang Xiaolong, let me show you the true power of my Myriad Worlds Bamboo!”

The dark green radiance around his body started to expand as soon as the words left his lips. With the brilliance of a million suns, dark green light enveloped the entire city. Every single shoot of Myriad Worlds Bamboo that shot towards Huang Xiaolong was countless times its original size. Rather than calling them bamboo shoots, they were comparable to divine trees that could support the weight of the heavens itself as the runes on its body shone with resplendent light.

“Huang Xiaolong, take my first serious strike!”

As the bamboo shoots started to fuse with each other, a terrifying plant with a size tens of times larger than the Divine Tree of Darkness pierced towards Huang Xiaolong. 

The Divine Tree of Darkness was as large as several divine planes put together. However, the Myriad Worlds Bamboo that was flying towards Huang Xiaolong was tens of times larger than that!

If the City of All-Heavens was like an ant compared to the massive Myriad Worlds Bamboo, then Huang XIaolong would be smaller than a speck of dust!

Wan Shi waved his arm as the Myriad Worlds Bamboo shot towards Huang Xiaolong. A terrifying storm was swept up, and nothing managed to stay standing in the face of its power. The manors and palaces in the City of All-Heavens were reduced to dust as all the experts who were visiting the city in order to watch the battle were blown away. Regardless of strength, even Sovereigns were killed as their bodies popped like a bloody balloon.


The sturdy space around the City of All-Heavens started to crumble as streams of chaos energy filled a space billions of miles around the city.

When Huang Xiaolong looked at the Myriad Worlds Bamboo flying towards him, a solemn expression finally appeared on his face.

Unable to take Wan Shi’s strike lightly, Huang Xiaolong circulated all the power in him to withstand the strike. The three Complete Dao Saint Godheads, three saint bloodlines, and his saint physique activated and he pushed them to their limit. The Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus started to shrink, and it turned into a piece of divine armor that covered his body. The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his hand as the Radiance Divine Seal and Heavenly Hall appeared above his head.

The sixteen wings of light unfurled behind him as radiance energy surged through the lands.

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