Chapter 2088: Appearance of the Origin Treasure

“Young Master, that brat came out!” The Second Order Emperor from the Blue Flames Devil Sect piped up all of a sudden.

Chen Qijie nodded his head as he chuckled sinisterly, “It seems like the three ancestors know that it’s useless to protect him. They are actually presenting him to Lord Wang Teng and Senior Devil Extermination.”

Zhi Sijia couldn’t help but reveal a look of worry when she saw Huang Xiaolong’s appearance. Even though they had merely brushed past each other in the mountain range, she felt that she was somewhat responsible for his predicament. Naturally, she didn’t wish for any harm to befall Huang Xiaolong.

Just as everyone thought that Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor were about to make a move, the two of them fell to their knees before Huang Xiaolong. A respectful greeting left their lips. “Wang Teng, Tai Kang, greets Your Majesty, the King of Hell!”

Chen Qijie and the others froze in their spot.

The Second Order Emperor from the Blue Flames Devil Sect felt his blood running cold as he stared at the scene before him.

Zhu Sijia was no different. Of course, her junior brother and the other members of the Devil Emperor Sect felt the world turning three hundred and sixty degrees.

“King… King… King of Hell?! Your Majesty?!” Chen Qijie stared at Huang Xiaolong as he felt his brains exploding.

The Devil Blood Battalion’s army of one million men fell to their knees as they greeted in unison, “The Devil Blood Battalion greets Your Majesty, the King of Hell!” Their voices rang as one, and the soundwave nearly caused the nearby structures to collapse.

“We greet Your Majesty!”

The one hundred and sixty-two Emperors of the Devil Extermination Gate kneeled down as well. With so many Emperors among them, the commotion they caused was no less than the Devil Blood Battalion.

When Chen Qijie and the others saw the majestic scene before their eyes, they felt their hearts cramping up.

He finally realized the true meaning behind the little cow and Huang Xiaolong’s words.

When everyone swallowed their saliva in disbelief, Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor turned to the little cow and greeted, “Wang Teng, Tai Kang, greet Your Majesty, Lord Demon!”

Lord Demon was the name the little cow had given herself after ascending to her position as the leader of the Demon World.

She was the leader of trillions upon trillions of demonic monsters!

“Lord Demon?!” Chen Qijie felt muscles twitching and going out of control.

Of course, Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor couldn’t ignore Cang Mutian’s presence. “Wang Teng, Tai Kang, greet Lord Cang Mutian!”

“Cang… Cang Mutian!”

The strongest expert of the Kingdom of Devil Beasts! He was an overlord comparable to the Heavenless Archdevil Lord of the past!

Everyone felt a bomb going off in their heads when they heard the greetings.

Huang Xiaolong, the King of Hell! Old Ancestor Azure Cow, the leader of the Demon World! Cang Mutian, the strongest expert of the Kingdom of Devil Beasts!

Several experts managed to recover from their shock as they fell to their knees. “We greet Your Majesties, the King of Hell, Lord Demon, and Lord Cang Mutian!”

Countless cultivators followed their lead as everyone in the street slowly fell to their knees.

Even Huang Zhe and the other members of the Devil Emperor Sect got to their knees. Zhi Sijia felt her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the ground under her knees, and she felt as though her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

She suddenly remembered what Huang Xiaolong had told her outside the mountain range! He had even said that she could look for him if she ran into any difficulties in the future!

Previously, she had felt that her junior brother was right. Huang Xiaolong was indeed acting a little too arrogantly. After all, they were disciples of the great Devil Emperor Sect! If there were problems they failed to solve, it was highly unlikely a random person she met outside a mountain range would be able to help her. 

However… Huang Xiaolong was no random person!

When everyone fell to their knees, Chen Qijie was the only person frozen to his spot as he stared at Huang Xiaolong with a dumbfounded expression. Several experts of the Blue Flames Devil Sect hastily grabbed at his sleeves to pull him back to reality.

When Chen Qijie saw the sea of people on their knees before him, he felt a complicated feeling rushing through his heart. He dropped to his knees in fright, and he didn’t dare to look at Huang Xiaolong. 

Previously, he was enraged when the little cow had said that he wasn’t qualified to invite Huang Xiaolong for a drink. Right now, he felt nothing but regret and fear as cold sweat drenched his clothes.

The members of the Blue Flames Devil Sect felt at a loss as they didn’t know what to do. Panic filled their hearts.

“Get up.” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across everyone and said.

Wang Teng and Tai Kang were the first to get to their feet, followed by the members of the Heavenless Devil Legion and the Devil Extermination Gate. Everyone else eventually rose to their feet.

Half a day later…

Wang Teng and Tai Kang led the members of their respective factions and left the headquarters of the Skull Devil Sect.

All the experts who were gathered around had long since made themselves scarce after greeting Huang Xiaolong and the others.

In the past, when Shi Ming and Chiyou had surrounded Huang Xiaolong, Wang Teng, and the Heaven Punishment Archdevil Ancestor had joined forces to push them back. Huang Xiaolong had never forgotten the favor they have shown him in the past. Now that Wang Teng had appeared before him once again, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t stingy as he gave Wang Teng several bottles of the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills and some top-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even someone like Wang Teng felt his hands trembling when he received the treasures from Huang Xiaolong. His heart was filled with nothing but gratitude when he looked at the kid he had once saved in the past.

He was extremely clear about the value of the Angel Soul Jade Divine Pills. Moreover, top-grade chaos spirit stones were absolute treasures. Even overlord existences like the little cow and Cang Mutian treasured high-grade chaos spirit stones, not to mention top-grade ones.

It was rumored that the only person who possessed top-grade chaos spirit stones was Lord Wan Shi from the City of All-Heavens.

Of course, even though Lord Wan Shi had some, he definitely wouldn’t take it out easily. Despite the value of the top-grade chaos spirit stones, Huang Xiaolong took them out in order to thank Wang Teng for his help in the past!

As for the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor, the little cow didn’t make things difficult for him. No one was at fault in the past. The little cow couldn’t possibly exterminate the Devil Extermination Gate just because of a feud they had in the past. After all, Huang Xiaolong was about to succeed as the Heavenless Archdevil Lord to take control of the Devil World. It wouldn’t be good if she exterminated a superpower under his rule.


When Wang Teng and Tai Kang left, the three Skull Ancestors hastily returned to report to Huang Xiaolong about the Four Spirits Jade Zoysia’s appearance. According to them, it had appeared in the Twin Devil Mountain Range!

“Twin Devil Mountain Range!” Huang Xiaolong and the others sucked in a cold breath.

The Twin Devil Mountain Range was one of the largest mountain ranges in the Saint Devil Region, and it was located a fair distance away from Saint Devil City. The Twin Devil Mountain Range had gained its fame as it was the location where the Heavenless Archdevil Lord had entered the Sovereign Realm.

“Let’s go!”

Since they had already confirmed the location of the Four Spirits Jade Zoysia, Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated. Huang Xiaolong and everyone present in the hall left for the mountain range.

With the Ancient Heavenly Court’s speed, they arrived at the Twin Devil Mountain Range in an hour.

When they arrived, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Cang Mutian could feel the fluctuations in the origin energy around the mountain range. As Sovereigns, they could easily feel what those Emperors couldn’t.

“The fluctuation of the origin energy signifies that an origin treasure is about to be born!” The little cow nearly yelled with joy.

“Since the Four Spirits Jade Zoysia is only a mid-level one origin treasure, the fluctuation of origin energy shouldn’t be so strong…” Cang Mutian frowned. “Unless…”

“Unless there’s another origin treasure!” A brilliant light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes when he thought about the possibilities.

Could it be?!

The Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus?!

Probably only an origin treasure at the level of the green lotus would be able to cause such a high fluctuation!

At that very instant, Huang Xiaolong brought out the Ancient Heavenly Court as he tried to feel for the presence of the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus.

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