Chapter 2087: Arrival of the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor

When Chen Qijie heard how the experts of the Devil Extermination Gate and the experts of the Heavenless Devil Legion were headed for the city, he nearly broke out into laughter.

“That kid really thinks that no one will dare to touch him if he hides in the Skull Devil Sect!” Chen Qijie sneered, “Right now, the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor is killing his way over here, and so is Lord Wang Teng. Even the three Skull Ancestors won’t be able to protect him!”

“With their speed, both superpowers will be able to arrive by tomorrow.” The Second Order Emperor Realm ancestor chuckled, “When the time comes, we’ll be in for a good show. Shouldn’t we go and grab a good seat before the area gets flooded with people?”

A grin broke out on Chen Qijie’s face as he agreed, “We should.”


In the Skull Devil Sect’s main hall, the three Skull Ancestors were standing beside Huang Xiaolong respectfully. They reported all the information they had gathered about the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus and the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele.

After the report, they continued to speak about the happenings in the city. They also mentioned that the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor and Wang Teng were rushing over with their faction’s experts.

When Huang Xiaolong heard that the two of them were leading a whole bunch of experts over, an indifferent expression appeared on his face as he dismissed the three ancestors. “Alright.”

“It seems like the news of them rushing over has already spread throughout the city.” The little cow laughed, “Everyone is rushing over to watch the show!”

There were tons of people gathered outside the Skull Devil Sect’s headquarters. It was impossible to hide from their divine senses, and the little cow could even count the number of people outside if she wanted.

Cang Mutian chuckled, “I’m afraid that these little brats are going to be disappointed.”

Huang Xiaolong decided to change the topic as he spoke about their future plans. “If we can’t find traces of the Thirty-Six Petaled Green Lotus or the Concealed Scripture Devil Stele, we’ll leave Saint Devil City and head towards Floating Light City.”

Floating Light City was also a super city located in the Devil World. It wasn’t too far from the Saint Devil City.

There were a total of eighteen cities located in the Devil World’s Holy Ground.

Huang Xiaolong refused to believe that he wouldn’t be able to locate both treasures if he searched through the entire holy ground. 

However, Huang Xiaolong knew that it would take him several months if he wanted to search through every inch of the land.

A night passed uneventfully as the rays of light eventually broke through the darkness.

By this time, a whole bunch of experts from various superpowers were already gathered around the headquarters of the Skull Devil Sect. Similar to the ancestors of the Blue Flames Devil Sect, everyone was eager to watch Huang Xiaolong suffer.

Chen Qijie of the Blue Flames Devil Sect was sitting in one of the balconies of the inn opposite the Skull Devil Sect. It was an amazing spot, and he would be able to watch everything that happened in the Skull Devil Sect the moment everything went down.

“Young Master, we received news that the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor and Lord Wang Teng have already arrived in the city. They are currently heading towards the Skull Devil Sect’s headquarters! They will be here in half an hour!” The Second Order Emperor reported excitedly.

Chen Qijie savored the snacks offered at the inn as he chuckled, “There’s no need to be anxious! The show is finally about to start!”

Half an hour passed in the blink of an eye.

A horrifying pressure appeared in the distance as it slowly made its way towards the Skull Devil Sect.

“The Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor and Lord Wang Teng are here!” Everyone started to clamor when they felt the suffocating pressure crushing down on them.

Chen Qijie and the others stared at the black cloud that was slowly making its way over as a smile appeared on their faces. Countless experts formed the black cloud, and instead of being a black cloud, it was more appropriate to call it a black sea.

Along with their arrival, everyone felt as though a mountain was pressing down on their chests, making it hard to breathe.

Soon, the earth started to shake.

The Heavenless Devil Legion marched through the land on their mounts, and with each stomp, the resonance with the earth became stronger, and so did the shaking.

Several weaker God King Realm disciples felt their hearts trembling as the blood in their bodies started to roll. Their faces became deathly white as an expression of fear filled their eyes.

“It’s the Devil Blood Battallion!” Someone in the crowd yelled.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear welling up deep in their hearts.

The Heavenless Devil Legion was formed by one hundred battalions. The Devil Blood Battalion was the strongest battalion among them!

In the past, the Devil Blood Battalion had destroyed superpowers one after another under Wang Teng’s lead. They had massacred ancient races after ancient races without leaving so much as a fly alive.

It didn’t matter who they were. Even experts of other worlds would feel a sense of unprecedented fear welling up in their hearts when the Devil Blood Battalion was brought up.

The Devil Blood Battalion was made up of one million soldiers, not a single one more. However, a million of them was enough to block off an army several hundred billion strong!

Even young masters of superpowers like Chen Qijie felt his expression changing when he saw the members of the Devil Blood Battalion.

“I never expected Lord Wang Teng to personally bring the Devil Blood Battalion over!”

However, an expression of joy soon appeared on Chen Qijie’s face. “That’s great! Hahaha! Even the three Skull Ancestors won’t be able to protect that brat now!”

“The Devil Extermination Gate brought along so many Emperor Realm experts! A hundred and sixty-two of them have come! That’s basically all the strength they have left, and every single ancestor-level figure is here!” Another expert exclaimed in surprise.

Zhu Sijia, Huang Zhe, and the others were also present. When they saw the extravagant lineup brought by Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor, they couldn’t help but feel the blood draining from their faces.

Even experts from other superpowers felt their legs going soft.

Standing in front of the Devil Blood Battalion and the experts of the Devil Extermination Gate were Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor. The Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor stood half a step behind Wang Teng as the devil qi on their bodies enveloped the area. It was mostly so for Wang Teng as his Sovereign’s will filled Saint Devil City.

“Let’s go! Follow me. We will pay our respect to Senior Devil Extermination and Lord Wang Teng!” Chen Qijie snapped back to attention as he got to his feet.

The members of the Blue Flames Devil Sect rushed out of the inn, and they hastily paid their respects to the two seniors.

Ignoring everyone who came to pay their respects, Wang Teng and the Devil Extermination Archdevil Ancestor stared at the headquarters of the Skull Devil Sect with a solemn expression. There was even a trace of wariness in their eyes.

When Chen Qijie and the others saw the look in Wang Teng’s eyes, they couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious. However, none of them overthought matters.

Very quickly, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the Skull Devil Sect.

Huang Xiaolong, who was sitting in the headquarters’ main hall, finally stood up as he turned to speak to the little cow and Cang Mutian, “They’re here. Let’s head out.”

The three of them left the main hall with the three Skull Ancestors trailing closely behind. There were no disciples of the Skull Devil Sect present.

When they finally arrived at the entrance, the three Skull Ancestors personally opened the gates.

Seeing as the three Skull Ancestors were the ones personally opening the gates, everyone present couldn’t help but stare at Huang Xiaolong and the others in shock. Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, the trio slowly walked out of the headquarters.

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