Chapter 2025: Reappearance of the Devil Stele

The members of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire were flying cautiously when a crushing pressure descended on them. The world spun around them, and the next thing they knew, they appeared in front of a youngster riding an azure cow. There was a black-robed middle-aged man standing beside the massive cow.

The aura this black-robed man exuded was something none of them dared to challenge. It was like they were standing before an insurmountable mountain.

When their gazes landed on the youngster seated on the azure cow, their expressions changed. 

“Huang Xiaolong!” A Tenth Order Emperor Realm ancestor yelled in shock.

“What?! Why is Huang Xiaolong here?” Some of the other ancestors from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire who didn’t recognize him felt like a bomb going off in their heads when someone mentioned his name.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong had exterminated the Black Killer Sect, Hundred Transformations Sect, and the Lightning Beast Valley. The only people who had escaped were Chiyou, The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, and Zong Chenxie.

Even the sect leader of the Black Killer Sect, Cui Huajie, had died at his hands.

The battle had shaken the entire Devil World and Devil Beast World.

When Huang Xiaolong realized that there was an ancestor from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire who recognized him, he wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, he asked, “Speak. Why are so many experts from your Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire and the Heaven Devouring Empire here?”

A trace of panic flashed through the eyes of the ancestor Huang Xiaolong directed the question to.

The Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert suppressed the fear in his heart and spat, “Huang Xiaolong, don’t think that our Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire will back down because you’re here! This time, we have joined hands with the Heaven Devouring Empire! Our Emperors will be able to rush here in a bit!”

Another Eighth Order Emperor snorted, “That’s right. The Heaven Devouring Emperor is someone many times stronger than Chiyou! He is an expert at the Second Order Sovereign Realm! If you dare to do anything to us, you won’t be able to leave the Devil Abyss in one piece!”

Even though Huang Xiaolong was surprised by the fact that Lan Chong and the Heaven Devouring Emperor had come personally, he couldn’t help but laugh when he heard their threats.

Late Second Order Sovereigns?

Huang Xiaolong’s Emperor’s Will transformed in the tiny chaos ax and slashed out before the Eighth Order Emperor could react. The last thing the Eighth Order Emperor saw was a streak of light before his soul shattered.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, the Eighth Order Emperor fell to the ground, and his body started to shatter.


The ancestors from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous look on their faces.

In the Devil World, Huang Xiaolong had barely broken through to the Emperor Realm after refining both devil steles. How long had it been?! He could kill an Eighth Order Emperor right before their eyes without the slightest bit of resistance!

He killed him with a single move!

“Speak. Why are you here? I wish to hear nothing but the truth. Stop wasting my time.” Huang Xiaolong ignored the shocked expression on their faces and he asked again.

The experts from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire stared at each other, but none of them dared to speak.

The King of Darkness ran out of patience and snorted, “Why are you wasting your time with them? In my opinion, we should just devour their godheads and divine souls. Won’t you learn everything the moment you do that?”

Devouring their godhead and soul before piecing their memories back again; even though it seemed like an impossible task, it was nothing difficult for a Sovereign.

As a Sovereign that excelled in the dark devil arts, doing something like that was as easy as a flick of a finger.

When the members of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire heard what he said, they turned to stare at him with flames erupting in their eyes.

The Tenth Order Emperor snorted with a look of mockery on his face, “Devouring our godheads and divine soul to perform a search… You really know how to boast. Do you think you’re the Heavenless Archdevil Lord?”

The words barely left his mouth when the King of Darkness made a move. A brilliant light flashed through his eyes as he opened his mouth to take a deep breath. In an instant, the Tenth Order Emperor arrived before him. In front of everyone from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, the Tenth Order Emperor had his godhead and soul sucked out from his body. They were swallowed by the King of Darkness and the dried-up body of the Emperor fell to the ground. A look of utter shock was plastered on his face but it was too bad there wasn’t a medicine for regret in the world.

The members of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire stared at the King of Darkness and their bodies froze.

Like spitting out grape seeds, the King of Darkness spat out pieces of godhead from his mouth. 

After spitting out the random pieces of the godhead, a black-colored light swirled around his body. He slowly opened his eyes and a look of joy flashed in them.

When Huang Xiaolong and the little cow saw the excited look on his face, they stared at him with a puzzled expression.

“OId Black, what’s new?” The little cow asked.

The King of Darkness ignored her and immediately sent a voice transmission to Huang Xiaolong.

The moment Huang Xiaolong learned of what had happened, a look of joy appeared on his face.

The reason the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire had joined hands with the Heaven Devouring Empire was because they had received news that the Imperial Beast Devil Stele and the Divine Artifact Devil Stele were located in the Devil Abyss!

The Imperial Beast Devil Stele and the Divine Artifact Devil Stele!

To Huang Xiaolong, it was like buy one get one free!

The reason he had come to the Devil Abyss was to look for the Ancient Heavenly Court. He had never expected that the two devil steles would be located there as well. They weren’t even located in the core of the Devil Abyss! They were somewhere in the middle regions!

When the little cow saw how excited Huang Xiaolong was, she became even more curious.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t hesitate as he told her the good news. Like the King of Darkness and Huang Xiaolong when they first learned about it, a smile appeared on her face.

“The Imperial Beast Devil Stele and the Divine Artifact Devil Stele!” The little cow chuckled. “Xiaolong, as long as you refine them both, you will only be missing the last stele!”

As long as he managed to gather all six great devil steles, he would be able to take over the Heavenless Archdevil Lord’s spot and unify the Devil World. With the combined strength of the Radiance World, Devil World, and the three worlds in Hell, Huang Xiaolong would control an incredible amount of power. The only superpower that could suppress him would probably be the City of All-Heavens…

“What?! He only needs another devil stele after refining these two?!” The King of Darkness stared at the little cow in shock. His eyes widened to the size of saucers as he stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

He had no idea Huang Xiaolong had already refined three devil steles.

The little cow nearly roared with laughter. “That’s right, Xiaolong has already refined three steles!”

The King of Darkness sucked in a cold breath.

It was clear that they were both thinking about how terrifying Huang Xiaolong would be if he controlled the various worlds.

“How are we going to deal with them?” The little cow turned to Huang Xiaolong when she recalled that there was still a huge group of people from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire standing in front of them.

The King of Darkness piped up, “Leaving them alive is a waste. I’ll just devour them all…”

When they heard what he said, the blood drained from their faces. They knew that in the face of a Sovereign Realm expert, there was no running. They could only turn to Huang Xiaolong and beg for mercy.

“Open your soul’s barrier. I will send my grandmist worms into them.” Huang Xiaolong thought about it before deciding not to kill them all. If he could make use of the chance to subdue the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire and Heaven Devouring Empire, it would definitely help out in the war.

Looks of hesitation appeared when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

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