Chapter 2012: The Prestige of Godly Mt. Xumi

When Di Jun received confirmation that the Buddhist Ancestor had agreed to make a move, a look of joy appeared on his face. “Great! That’s great! Huang Xiaolong, you will never succeed in unifying the Radiance World once the Buddhist Ancestor makes his move!”

“Pass down my order! Deploy another five hundred million elite troops!”

Di Jun yelled at the marshals below.

They were going to send another five hundred million elite troops to assist Dun Ei!

When the Grand Marshals and Marshals heard his order, they felt like a bomb had gone off in their heads. 

“Your Majesty, this… We…” Several Marshals started to dissuade Di Jun from making a rash decision.

Di Jun shook his hands to dismiss their concerns. “It doesn’t matter. As long as the Buddhist Ancestor makes a move, Huang Xiaolong is bound to lose. We shall send over another five hundred million elite troops to pressure Huang Xiaolong and the Radiance Knight Corp. The three hundred million elites we sent previously should be arriving in the Radiance World anytime now. Hehe, Huang Xiaolong, I hope you like my gift!”

Di Jun’s maniacal laughter echoed in the hall.

While Di Jun was celebrating, the King of Grandmist was locked in a heated battle against Shi Ming and Qin Fan. The Reverence Moon Old Man pummeled old monster Lun Zhuan. As for the battle between Cang Mutian and the King of Shadows, Cang Mutian was slowly fainting the upper hand over the King of Shadows. Elan’s battle with Chiyou was about to end as Chiyou’s body was riddled with injuries.

Looking at Chu Han from the Massacring Gods Gate, he had already turned into a human sieve under Jiang Hong’s continuous assault.

The Radiance Divine City’s troops were suppressed by the Radiance Knight Corp as they retreated further and further.

The Radiance Divine City’s bishops, who were controlled by Huang Xiaolong, were still going about their killing spree against their own allies. The situation on Dun Ei’s side seemed extremely bleak.

Huang Xiaolong used the combination of the three supreme treasures of the Radiance World to force Lu Kun into a corner.

In fact, the injuries on Lu Kun’s body were worse than those on Chiyou…

As Dun Ei rode on his war mount, his expression sank as he stared at the progress of battle before him. He had never expected for something like that to happen! Everything had long exceeded his scope of control.

If a miracle didn’t happen, he knew that he would lose the war!

Previously, he had played out the situation many times in his head. He felt that as long as he had the Ancient Heavenly Formation, there was no way for Huang Xiaolong to turn the tables and defeat him! However, everything had failed to go according to plan!

He stared at the Radiance Spirits that were destroying his formations one after another, and boundless killing intent erupted in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong! Everything happened because of Huang Xiaolong! He summoned these Radiance Spirit Generals and broke through the barrier! They can’t even be killed…

“Kill Huang Xiaolong, kill him right now!”

“I’ll give the Radiance Divine City’s treasury to whoever kills Huang Xiaolong!”

Dun Ei roared with rage, and his voice echoed through the battlefield.

He could no longer be bothered with the result of the battle. The only thing he wanted to do was to kill Huang Xiaolong. If Huang Xiaolong was victorious, there would no longer be anything else he could do. Rather than allowing Huang Xiaolong to obtain the entire Radiance World, he would rather give the treasury of his city in exchange for Huang Xiaolong’s life.

There was no need to mention that after countless years of accumulation, Dun Ei had managed to collect an uncountable number of priceless treasures in his treasury. The wealth of the Radiance Divine City’s treasury could be imagined. Right now, he planned to give everything away just to kill a single Emperor Realm expert!

It went without saying that Dun Ei managed to stir the hearts of the various experts hiding in the surroundings.

“What?! The treasury of the Radiance Divine City?!”

“That’s the accumulated wealth of the entire city! If any superpower manages to kill Huang Xiaolong, they would be able to increase their strength by several folds after obtaining the treasury!”

A chilly light flashed through the eyes of various old monsters, and they stared at Huang Xiaolong as though they were looking at some sort of priceless treasure.

Huang Xiaolong sneered in response. “I, Huang Xiaolong, will give anyone who brings me Dun Ei’s head ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

Ten billion!

Ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones!

The experts who were planning to make a move on Huang Xiaolong felt a bomb going off in their heads. 

What the f*ck!

Ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones!

Some of them even felt their hearts skipping a beat when they heard the amount Huang Xiaolong was offering.

Huang Xiaolong’s offer was more shocking than the entirety of the Radiance Divine City’s treasury. Ten billion was an astronomical number!

With the number of spirit stones Huang Xiaolong was offering, they would be able to smash a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor to death!

Crushing a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor wasn’t an exaggeration. The weight of a low-grade chaos spirit stone was comparable to a mountain. The combined weight of ten billion low-grade chaos spirit stones wasn’t something to scoff at.

Dun Ei’s face turned blue with rage when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Before he could say anything, a golden light appeared and illuminated the world in a matter of seconds. 

The appearance of the golden light shocked everyone, and Huang Xiaolong felt his eyebrows jumping.

The appearance of a majestic golden mountain emitted boundless golden light, and it was clear it was the source of the change in the atmosphere.

“Godly Mt. Xumi!”

One of the old ancestors exclaimed in shock.

Godly Mt. Xumi, the number one treasure in the Buddha World!

As his yell echoed in the ears of everyone present, Godly Mt. Xumi arrived in the middle of the battlefield and smashed towards Huang Xiaolong with shocking speed.

The faces of all the grand bishops in the Radiance Knight Corp changed. The King of Grandmist and Cang Mutian revealed looks of shock as they yelled, “Be careful!”

That was the Godly Mt. Xumi they were talking about! Even if the King of Grandmist worked with Cang Mutian, they weren’t sure that they could stop an attack at that level!

The sudden attack from the Godly Mt. Xumi was infinitely more terrifying than Shi Ming’s previous sneak attack. If the Godly Mt. Xumi really landed on Huang Xiaolong, there wouldn’t be a Huang Xiaolong anymore!

As the Godly Mt. Xumi possessed astonishing speed, it arrived before Huang Xiaolong before he could react.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t have the luxury of time to think about what to do. A dragon roar left his lips as light covered his entire body. He turned into a divine dragon tens of thousands of feet long as the Undead Netherguards controlled the City of Eternity to receive the attack.

It was too bad the City of Eternity was sent flying without the slightest bit of resistance. As the City of Eternity was sent flying into a nearby world surface, it nearly emerged from the other side!

Everyone looked at the change in the situation in shock.

A hundred Undead Netherguards powered the City of Eternity! It was strong enough to stop an attack from a Sovereign like Lu Kun, but it was still sent flying!

As the Godly Mt. Xumi sent the Radiance Divine Seal, Heavenly Hall, the twelve winged angels, and the ice dragons flying, it eventually arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

The King of Grandmist and Cang Mutian yelled in unison as they tried to fly over to save Huang Xiaolong. Without the slightest hesitation, the King of Shadows and Shi Ming used everything they had to stop the two Sovereigns.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to turn into a mist of blood, a bony arm poked out from the void. The arm emitted an ancient glow as it defended Huang Xiaolong against the Godly Mt. Xumi.


The Radiance World seemed to turn dark for a second when the collision happened.

Even though the bony arm managed to stop the Godly Mt. Xumi for a split second, the Godly Mt. Xumi barely slowed down before flying towards Huang Xiaolong. It brought with it world-ending might as it forced the bony arm back.

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