Chapter 2011: The Buddhist Ancestor’s Assistance

As a giant purple dragon twisted its body in the air, it turned into a humongous word hanging high in space. The word it formed was the ancient text of ‘dragon,’ and a tyrannical dragon’s might pressed down on everyone present.


The purple dragon slammed into the sea of corpse qi without a second thought. The sea shook, and Shi Ming’s attack started to crack.

Due to the purple dragon’s sudden appearance, Shi Ming was sent retreating, and his body shook from the impact.

Everyone looked at the purple dragon in shock.

An old man whose eyes blazed with starlight appeared from the void after Shi Ming retreated. The aura around him was subdued, but he couldn’t hide the majestic air around him. His appearance caused Sovereigns like Chiyou, Chu Han, and the others to feel a sense of oppression.

“King of Grandmist!”

The King of Shadows yelled, and everyone could hear the fear in his voice.

“What?! That’s the King of Grandmist?! The King of Grandmist showed up!” Several experts hiding in the divine planes far away from the battle swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“Both Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong are his disciples. Looking at the number of people on the Radiance Divine City’s side, he has to come to balance the playing field! He won’t allow them to be bullied without raising a finger! The King of Grandmist is the real number one expert in the Divine World. Things are getting heated… Is this going to turn into a battle of the Overlords?” Several ancestor-level figures discussed with each other animatedly.

“How long has it been since we last saw Sovereign Realm experts?! They wouldn’t even appear in the world for several hundred million years at a time… Right now, all the old experts are out! Old Monster Lun Zhuan, the Reverence Moon Old Man, the King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, the King of Shadows… All of them came! This battle will shake the heavens!”

The King of Grandmist didn’t bother wasting time as he took several steps forward to appear before everyone.

Jiang Hong and Huang Xiaolong ignored their opponent as they hastily flew over to meet the King of Grandmist.


The King of Grandmist nodded his head and laughed. “Something happened in the Grandmist Lands, and I was held up. It looks like I made it in time.” After speaking to his disciples, his expression changed as he turned around to glare at Shi Ming. “Shi Ming, you ignored your status as a Sovereign and made a move on my disciple time after time. Do you really think that I’m old and useless?! Let me tell you… I’m definitely going to interfere with this battle. After I return, I’ll head over to the Spirit World and exterminate your tribe.”

Exterminate the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe!

Even though the King of Grandmist spoke about it casually, his words shook the hearts of everyone present.

The number of people who dared to speak about exterminating the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe could be counted on one hand.

Of course, the King of Grandmist was one of them. Even though everyone present heard his declaration, no one doubted his words. That was the King of Grandmist they were talking about! He was the expert who had guarded the Divine World for countless years! Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had to respect him!

If anyone had to rank the Sovereign Realm experts in the Divine World, the number one spot would definitely go to the King of Grandmist! The current Heavenly Emperor, Di Jun, would be ranked second without a doubt! The King of Grandmist’s fame had long surpassed Shi Ming’s…

A purple light flashed in the King of Grandmist’s eyes, and he didn’t bother giving Shi Ming time to reply. The purple light turned into a massive golden dragon that expanded infinitely in everyone’s eyes. A world of grandmist was formed in an instant.

Shi Ming’s expression changed as he circulated the energy in his body to defend against the King of Grandmist’s attack. Death qi surged out from the blade in his hand, and Death Gods appeared one after another. The appearance of the Death Gods caused a tremor to run through the hearts of the spectators.


It was too bad Shi Ming was no match for the King of Grandmist. The purple dragon slammed into the Death Gods created by Shi Ming, and rays of light cut through the death qi like a hot knife through butter. Shi Ming retreated repeatedly.

Even though Shi Ming’s fame shook the world, it was clear that he wasn’t a match for the old man.

His expression sank as he looked at the King of Grandmist standing tall in the space before him.

The blade in his hand was precisely the Blade of Death, but it was a half-completed product. He hadn’t fully refined it, and there was no chance for him to stand up against the King of Grandmist with a half-completed weapon. If he had really managed to refine the Blade of Death, it would have been possible for him to close the distance between him and the old man.

After all, he was at the peak of the late-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm. The King of Grandmist was only at the peak of the early-Fifth Order Sovereign Realm. No matter how strong his Nine Yin Physique and Poisonous Corpse Art was, it wasn’t enough for him to challenge the King of Grandmist.

“Xiaolong, go deal with the others.” The King of Grandmist turned to Huang Xiaolong and said, “I’ll deal with Shi Ming and Qin Fan.”

One versus two!

Even though he was outnumbered, the King of Grandmist was confident in taking them both at once.

Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong nodded and turned their attention back to Lu Kun and Chu Han.

In the Heavenly Court’s main hall, Di Jun’s eyes remained glued to the mysterious mirror. He could see that Dun Ei had already gained the upper hand when Shi Ming and Qin Fan had arrived. He had never expected that the King of Grandmist would appear and suppress both of them at the same time.

If nothing unexpected happened, it was a matter of time before Huang Xiaolong unified the Radiance World.

“Your Majesty, why don’t we invite the Buddhist Ancestor to make a move?” One of the grand marshals suggested when he saw the gloomy look on Di Jun’s face. “The Buddhist Ancestor had something against the King of Hell. He sowed a seed of hatred with the Radiance World when he dealt with the Radiance Ancestor in the past. He should be extremely unwilling to watch on as Huang Xiaolong unifies the Radiance World…”

The eyes of everyone present in the hall sparkled.

“That’s right! Your Majesty, the Buddhist Ancestor will definitely lend a helping hand! With his appearance, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to succeed even if the King of Grandmist and Reverence Moon Old Man stand behind him!”

“The Buddhist Ancestor controls more than half of the Buddhist World. If he makes a move, half of the Buddhist World’s combined strength will move along with him! It will be impossible for Huang Xiaolong to succeed!”

“With the Buddhist Ancestor’s unfathomable strength, he might have already broken through to the Fifth Order Sovereign Realm! He should be able to take on the King of Grandmist if he joins the battle!”

Di Jun nodded his head slowly. The gloominess that he was feeling was swept away as he roared with laughter, “Alright! I shall personally write a letter to him to invite him to join the battle!”

Before long, the letter that Heavenly Emperor Di Jun personally wrote landed in the hands of the Buddhist World’s envoy stationed in the Divine World. It was quickly sent to the Buddhist Ancestor.

The Godly Mt. Xumi stood tall in the middle of the Buddhist World’s core as it emitted endless light.

In the Godly Mt. Xumi’s main hall, the Buddhist Ancestor sat in the middle of his Nine Petaled Golden Lotus Seat. The various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Arhats stood at the two sides of the hall.

When the Buddhist Ancestor received Di Jun’s letter, he read it slowly before opening his mouth to ask the rest. “I feel that Di Jun’s request is actually acceptable. Huang Xiaolong’s unification of the Radiance World isn’t something beneficial to our Buddhist World…”

It was clear that he was leaning towards sending troops to assist Dun Ei in the Radiance Divine World.

Ancient Buddha Nan Ran was the strongest ancient buddha under the Buddhist Ancestor. In fact, he had become a Buddha before the current Buddhist Ancestor had taken his place! He slowly nodded his head.

“I agree as well.” Another Sovereign Realm Ancient Buddha, Wu Liang, agreed with the Buddhist Ancestor.

After the two Ancient Buddhas agreed, everyone slowly agreed with Di Jun’s suggestion. There was only a tiny group of people who objected to the idea.

Pu Ti charged into the hall all of a sudden, and he bowed to the Buddhist Ancestor, “Master, we can’t send troops over! I have a pretty good relationship with the prince of the Dragon World, and in my opinion, we should help Huang Xiaolong deal with his enemies!”

The Buddhist Ancestor stared at Pu Ti, and he seemed to have thought of something. “I know about what happened in the Reverence Moon Divine City. You offered him half a flask of Saint Buddha Water to resolve the grudges between us. Didn’t he already refuse you?”

Pu Ti fell into stunned silence for a moment, but he quickly continued, “Even if he refuses, he will definitely agree if I try again! If that can’t work, I’ll just pester him till it works!”

The Buddhist Ancestor shook his head and failed to reply.

The look on Pu Ti’s face dimmed. It seemed as though his master had set his mind on interfering with the battle.

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