Chapter 2003: Overlord

Every single expert, who had gone over to watch the battle, inhaled a cold breath in shock.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and signaled to the three Skull Ancestors. As the three of them flew into the sky, a tacit agreement formed in their minds. Six palms shot out simultaneously, forming massive palm prints in the air. A single palm print was larger than a continent, and when six of them flew out at the same time, one could only marvel at the grandeur of the attack. Corpse qi surged in the area around the palms, and they smashed towards the barrier of light with destructive might.


The instant the six palms landed on the barrier, the heavens and earth shook. Qi waves fluctuated around the area, and even the ancestor-level figures who were hiding in faraway world surfaces to watch the battle felt their eardrums shaking.

Some of them recognized the three figures in the air and gasped in shock.

“Those are the three Skull Ancestors from the Devil World!”

“The three of them can fight against Sovereigns if they join hands!”

As everyone stared at the scene before them in shock, they saw the light barrier caving in. After sinking several hundred miles in, it slowly returned to its original form.

The light barrier remained completely intact, and it stood strong. Rays of light emerged from the surface of the barrier once again.

When the experts who were marveling at the strength of the three Skull Ancestors’ attack saw that they failed to destroy the light barrier, they sucked in a cold breath in disbelief.

Even with the combined strength of the three Skull Ancestors, they failed to break the barrier!

That was the outermost barrier defending the Radiance Divine City!

Even Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and Elan stared at the barrier in shock.

“Jejeje, Huang Xiaolong, how is it? The strength of my Heavenly Ancient Formation isn’t too bad, right?” Creepy laughter resounded in the air as Dun Ei, and the others flew towards Huang Xiaolong from one of the world surfaces in the barrier.

They stood in the air tens of meters before Huang Xiaolong, inside the barrier. 

Of course, the people accompanying Dun Ei were the regular Sovereign Realm experts. The King of Shadows and Lun Zhuan was nowhere to be seen.

“Huang Xiaolong, you finally showed yourself!” Dun Ei raised the divine spear in his hand and pointed the tip at Huang Xiaolong. “Today, you’re definitely going to die! I’m going to take revenge for my son!”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Dun Ei with an expressionless face. “Do you really think that you can win because of this formation?”

“Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong, you have probably never heard of the Ancient Heavenly Formation! Let me tell you that the Ancient Heavenly Formation is comparable to the Array of Origin of the Radiance World! The Ancient Heavenly Formation is formed by fusing the strength of several hundred thousand grand formations, and every single one of them is powerful in its own right! Every single one of them can borrow the power of the world surface they are on to release earth-shattering strength! You should have seen how the barrier remained unaffected even with the combined attack of the three Skull Ancestors.”

“Not to mention that the formation’s main function isn’t defense! With this formation, killing you is easier than flipping my hand! You’re nothing more than a dog that I can kill anytime I want!”

Dun Ei’s maniacal laughter resounded in everyone’s ears.

When they heard what Dun Ei said, Jiang Hong and Elan frowned.

“Junior Brother, let me do it. I’ll shatter the formation in an instant!” Jiang Hong turned around and spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer formed on Dun Ei’s face when he heard what Jiang Hong said. “Jiang Hong, boast all you want. Do you really think that as the number one expert in your Divine World, you’ll be able to do whatever you want? This is the Radiance World! Get lost and go back to your Grandmist Emperor Palace. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving your life behind today!”

A chilly light flashed through Jiang Hong’s eyes. “Why don’t I break your formation right now. We’ll see if I’m the one running away then!” As soon as the words left his mouth, he took a step forward. Purple light surrounded his hands, and the aura around his body rose without any signs of stopping. With the horrifying pressure coming from Jiang Hong’s body, even the spectators hiding in the dark felt like they were suffocating.

A loud roar emerged from Jiang Hong’s lips, and he slammed his palms towards the barrier of light.

As two balls of purple light emerged from his hand, they broke through space as they slammed into the barrier.

“Si si.” “Si si…” Sounds of tearing filled the sky as explosions echoed through the air.

As the barrier tried to stop Jiang Hong’s attack, it caved inwards until it could bend no more. With a loud pop, the barrier exploded.

Countless wails came from a distant world surface.

Dun Ei’s expression changed, and all the Sovereign Realm experts he had brought with him stared at Jiang Hong with a solemn expression.

Jiang Hong’s title as the strongest individual in the Divine World wasn’t given to him for nothing! He deserved his title! When Chiyou saw the attack Jiang Hong used on the barrier, he knew that someone like him wouldn’t be able to survive if Jiang Hong aimed the attack at him.

The two purple lights he sent out not only destroyed the outermost layer of the barrier, it even killed everyone responsible for protecting the formation!

When the experts from the Grandmist Emperor Palace saw Jiang Hong making a move to shatter the barrier, cheers erupted. The Radiance Knights didn’t remain silent as they followed closely behind with the cheering.

Dun Ei eventually recovered from his shock as he chuckled in a low voice, “Huang Xiaolong, it doesn’t matter even if you break the outermost layer of formations. Do you really think that you can destroy every single formation? Jiang Hong, didn’t you waste quite a lot of your godforce previously? How many times can you execute your attack? A hundred times? Several hundred times?” Mocking laughter slowly emerged from Dun Ei’s lips.

Even if Jiang Hong was able to shatter several hundred barriers, he would be doing nothing more than creating a tiny dent in the formation. It wouldn’t affect the Ancient Heavenly Formation at all.

Jiang Hong’s face sank.

However, a yell sounded out all of a sudden. “Be careful!”

Before anyone else could react, a massive explosion sounded out from behind Huang Xiaolong. A figure appeared in the air. It was a middle-aged man covered in blacklight, and he held a massive bone spike in his hand. It was clear that his aim was to assassinate Huang Xiaolong, but another Sovereign Realm expert stopped him.

“King of Shadows!”

“Cang Mutian!”

The two of them stared at each other in shock as their voices traveled through the air at the same time.

“What?! It’s the King of Shadows! He’s a terrifying existence comparable to the previous King of Hell!”

“Cang Mutian! The number one expert in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts! Even the Archdevil Lord had reservations about fighting him!”

The faces of all the ancestor-level figures watching the battle changed. They screamed in terror as soon as the two powerhouses appeared. It was as though a bomb exploded in their minds as they looked at the two legendary figures in front of them. 

One could only call themselves overlords if they had the strength of either the King of Shadows or Cang Mutian. Even though every single Sovereign Realm expert was an existence that reigned supreme, a mid-level Sovereign was someone the likes of Chu Han, Chiyou, and the few other random Sovereigns couldn’t match up to. Even Jiang Hong, who was the number one expert of the Divine World, felt the blood draining from his face.

After blocking the assassination attempt, Cang Mutian disengaged, and he took several steps back. The King of Shadows knew that he wouldn’t get a second attempt, and he retreated.

The world seemed to come to a standstill as the two supreme experts faced off against each other.

“No wonder…” The King of Shadow’s cold voice sounded through the air. “Cang Mutian… Huang Xiaolong’s disappearance had something to do with you! It seemed as though he managed to eliminate all the sinister ghostly creatures inside you…”

Cang Mutian remained expressionless as he replied, “That’s right.”

As space started to ripple, the members of the Dragon Bear Race started to show themselves. Cang Zongyuan emerged from the shadows as well.

Dun Ei’s face sank. That was Cang Mutian he was talking about! Even though he was the ‘leader’ of the Radiance World, he knew that he wouldn’t be a match for an existence as strong as Cang Mutian! He had never expected that Huang Xiaolong would be able to convince someone like Cang Mutian to help him!

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