Chapter 2002: War Erupts

Huang Xiaolong shook his head. “Senior Reverence Moon isn’t a high-level Sovereign.”

“Not yet?” Jiang Hong couldn’t help but feel surprised.

When Huang Xiaolong had entered the Boundary Ancestral Mountain, he had chatted with the old man. He knew that the Reverence Moon Old Man had yet to enter the high-level Sovereign Realm. Despite that, the old man was already at the peak of the late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm. He was half a step away from becoming a high-level Sovereign.

“I hope senior brother can keep the secret that Senior Reverence Moon has yet to enter the high-level Sovereign Realm.”

Jiang Hong nodded his head. “Don’t worry. I won’t say anything.”

Of course, Jiang Hong knew how important it was for others to think that they had a high-level Sovereign on their side.


The light illuminated every inch of Radiance Divine City.

Within the Radiance Divine Hall, Dun Ei, Chu Han, Chiyou, and the others sat facing each other, and the atmosphere was extremely lively. They joked about and cheered as they clinked their wine glasses together.

The person seated at the very front was a middle-aged young man covered in faint black light. His facial features were blurry, and his body seemed a little illusory. He looked as though he belonged to another time and space altogether.

The middle-aged young man was precisely the King of Shadows!

Chu Han, Chiyou, and the others sat in the seats below him.

Beside Chiyou sat an old man who had a sharp gaze and gentle facial features as the diagram of an ancient monster flashed in the space between his eyebrows. The diagram was extremely peculiar as it resembled a ghost, demon, god, and beast all at the same time!

The old man was precisely Lu Kun, the ex-Great Commander of the Netherworld King’s Organization!

That wasn’t all of the experts in the hall. Looking past Lu Kun, there was another weird individual. His body proportions were somewhat off as he had a massive head and two humongous hands but a baby-like face.

His head was five times bigger than the average man, and so were his hands. Despite his weird appearance, the aura he emitted was no weaker than the King of Shadows!

After him was Lin Cheng, the leader of the Fire World. He sat there with a fire attributed divine armor covering his body.

“Come, let’s drink a toast to Senior King of Shadows and Senior Lun Zhuan!” Dun Ei raised his cup and smiled at the others.

Everyone raised their cups to the King of Shadows and the expert with the massive head.

“Brother Dun Ei, I received reports that Huang Xiaolong has reappeared!” Lin Cheng turned to Dun Ei and said after their toast. “The moment he appeared, he passed down the order for Elan to gather the troops. He plans on attacking us tomorrow!”

A chilly light flashed past Dun Ei’s face when he heard the news. The cup in his hands shattered to a million pieces as he ground his teeth in anger. “Huang Xiaolong, you are finally willing to show your face! I’m going to tear you to pieces in order to appease my son’s soul!”

He had great hopes for his son, Dun Hao. He had always placed all his hopes on Dun Hao, but never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that Huang Xiaolong would ruthlessly murder his son in Reverence Moon Divine City! When he heard the news, his blood boiled, and his vision turned red. Killing intent soared into the skies and he wanted nothing more than to carry out a wanton massacre.

All of a sudden, the King of Shadows spoke up, “Even though Huang Xiaolong possesses the shocking talent, he’s not strong enough. He hasn’t matured, and there is no reason for us to be afraid of him. The only people we should be concerned about should be the Reverence Moon Old Man and the King of Grandmist.”

Lun Zhuan, the baby-faced giant head, sneered. “It’s just the King of Grandmist. Don’t tell me Brother Shadow is afraid of him… With your Shadow Physique, you don’t need to be afraid of anyone! Moreover, the King of Grandmist didn’t come. As long as the two of us join hands, we’ll be able to stop the Reverence Moon Old Man with the assistance of the Ancient Heavenly Formation!”

The baby-faced giant head was extremely confident. It seemed as though he wasn’t afraid of the King of Grandmist.

Despite his attitude, no one dared to laugh at him. Everyone knew how strong he was. Even the King of Shadows had no choice but to respect his strength.

“If Senior Shadow and Senior Lun Zhuan join hands, even the Reverence Moon Old Man is nothing to be afraid of! What’s a tiny Huang Xiaolong?” Dun Ei roared with laughter as he continued, “Since Huang Xiaolong is planning to attack us tomorrow, we shall destroy him once and for all. The Radiance World is mine!”

Despite Dun Ei’s confident speech, Chiyou shook his head all of a sudden. “Huang Xiaolong had disappeared for a long time. Now that he has finally reappeared, there has to be something we’re missing. I’m afraid it’s not going to be as simple as it looks!”

“I received news that Jiang Hong led a ton of experts from the Grandmist Emperor Palace over to assist Huang Xiaolong. Also, the three Skull Ancestors from the Devil World brought their experts over to assist Huang Xiaolong…” It was Lin Cheng’s turn to make another report.

A twisted smile slowly formed on Lun Zhuan’s face. “Who cares about Jiang Hong and the three Skull Ancestors? They are nothing more than tiny shrimps. Even if Huang Xiaolong brings over an endless army of them, I’ll kill them all!”

Chu Han opened his mouth as he wanted to say something. However, he eventually swallowed his words.

Both Chiyou and himself had experienced the terrors of going up against Huang Xiaolong. If they failed to kill him, he would only become stronger! The more they tried to kill him, the more terrifying he became.

In the past, he had tried all he could, but he had still failed to kill Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong was just a mere Heavenly Monarch then! He wasn’t even a high-level Heavenly Monarch, but he had managed to escape from Chu Han, who was already in the Sovereign Realm! Now that he was in the Emperor Realm, Chu Han knew that he was more terrifying than ever.

“When we crush the Radiance Knight Corp and capture Huang Xiaolong, I hope all of you can pass him over to me.” Killing intent burst out from Dun Ei’s eyes as he addressed everyone present. 

“I don’t care who kills Huang Xiaolong. However, I’m taking the Radiance Ancestor’s treasures.” The baby-faced giant head spoke up all of a sudden.

“I want the Radiance Divine Scepter. Throw in the City of Eternity as well.” The King of Shadows wasn’t slow in making his demand.

A night passed just like that. 

As the first rays of light fell on the land, a horrifying amount of killing intent gathered around Myriad Spirits City. 

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present in the city, a silver river rose into the sky from the city. The silver river’s width was already several hundred thousand miles long, and it seemed to stretch on endlessly.

Everyone only managed to see the river’s true form when it soared in the skies above them. The river was formed by the army of the Radiance Knight Corp!

As they stared at the majestic river of knights soaring in the skies, they realized a shocking fact. Every single one of them was protected by a high-grade chaos spiritual artifact! The Radiance Divine Armor on their body was extremely sturdy and had the exact same appearance! The Divine Spears in their hands were also high-grade chaos spiritual artifacts. The glow from the inscription runes on them caused everyone’s hearts who laid eyes on them to palpitate.

Huang Xiaolong flew at the very front of the silver river as he led the Radiance Knight Corp into battle!

He was riding on his Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, and half a step behind him were Jiang Hong and Elan. The three Skull Ancestors and the bishops from the Radiance Knight Corp followed closely behind them.

They didn’t bother hiding their killing intent as they charged into battle, and the faces of everyone who saw them changed.

Under the lead of Huang Xiaolong, the silver river swept through world surfaces after world surfaces, galaxy after galaxy.

They eventually stopped when they arrived at the border of the massive formation set up by Radiance Divine City.

Dun Ei didn’t remain idle as Huang Xiaolong killed his way to his doorsteps. The formations started to emit endless light, and they formed a screen that blocked off the outside world. No matter how Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and Elan focused their killing intent on the barrier, it refused to budge. It didn’t so much as tremble...

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