Chapter 1945: Hand Over Another Fold!

In order to arrive at the Fire Stone World as quickly as possible, Huang Xiaolong summoned the four odd beasts, the fourteen radiance angels, one hundred Undead Netherguards, and all seventy-plus Ice Dragons to push the flying ship to its limit.

After using over two hundred Emperor Realm experts to power up the flying ship, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that that was the most luxurious lineup ever used to control a flying ship in the history of the Divine World.

Not to mention the fact that a majority of the Emperors moving the ship were high-level Emperors!

Even though Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao knew that Huang Xiaolong had many subordinates under his command, they were shocked when he summoned all of them at once. Their chests heaved when they saw so many high-level Emperors appearing before them.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t think too much about it. All he could think of were his family members and Shi Xiaofei.

“Shi Xiaofei!” Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong’s mind seemed to have freshened up as he took out the transmission symbol once again. After reading it several times, he realized that something was missing.

His expression turned extremely ugly.

In Bei Xiaomei’s message, she hadn’t mentioned anything about Bei Xiaomei! She had only told him that the other Huang Family members were located at the Fire Stone World.

He had missed the detail due to his eagerness just a moment ago.

“Xiaolong, what’s wrong?” When the two of them noticed his abnormal behavior, they couldn’t help but ask.

Huang Xiaolong sighed before shaking his head. “It’s nothing.” As soon as the words left his lips, he retrieved his transmission symbol and sent a message of his own to Bei Xiaomei. He inquired about Shi Xiaofei.

Her reply came very quickly.

Huang Xiaolong felt the blood draining from his face when he read what she said.

In her reply, Bei Xiaomei mentioned that Shi Xiaofei was never seen together with the members of the Huang Family.

Shi Xiaofei isn’t there!

Could it be that I was right?! Did she ascend to the Buddhist World?! If that really happened, things would be bad!

There was the Silver Fox Commerce, Grandmist Emperor Palace, and the Fortune Emperor Palace located in the Divine World. Huang Xiaolong was confident that he would be able to locate them as long as they were situated in the Divine World. As for the Buddhist World, Huang Xiaolong had no power there! He would be dreaming if he wanted to look for someone there!

“Xiaolong, did something happen?” When they noticed Huang Xiaolong’s pale face, they asked with concern. “Did something happen to aunty and uncle?!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and denied. “No… something happened to Xiaofei…”

“Sister Xiaofei!” The two of them exclaimed in shock.

Huang Xiaolong had told them his stories from the lower realm, and they knew that Shi Xiaofei was Huang Xiaolong’s wife.

After showing them Bei Xiaomei’s message, the two of them sank into silence.

“Xiaolong, Sister Xiaofei wouldn’t have met with any mishaps. She probably must have gotten separated from uncle and aunty. The Silver Fox Commerce will definitely find her!” Fang Xuanxuan consoled Huang Xiaolong.

He sighed in response. “Let’s hope so.”

Huang Xiaolong quickly sent another message to Bei Xiaomei, inquiring about his family member’s situation on the Fire Stone World. Even though she had mentioned something about his family members being on the Fire Stone World, she hadn’t revealed how they were doing.

He soon received a reply. In Bei Xiaomei’s response, she spoke about how all of them were slaves of the Earth Splitting Gang and their suffering at the hands of the Heavenly God Realm disciples from the gang. The Silver Fox Commerce’s members had managed to find Huang Xiaolong’s family because the Heavenly God Ream disciples had whipped Huang Peng when he had claimed that he was Huang Xiaolong’s father.

“Earth Shattering Gang!” Killing intent burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and the temperature on the Netherking Flying Ship dropped below freezing point.

When the two ladies felt the killing intent coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body, they quickly went over and read the report sent by Bei Xiaomei. Traces of rage rose in their hearts.

“The Earth Splitting Gang deserves to be annihilated!” Peng Xiao's resentful voice resounded through the air.

Huang Xiaolong once again returned a message to Bei Xiaomei, requesting her to secretly protect his family members. He didn’t want them to startle the enemy in case anything untoward happened to his parents before his arrival.

Right now, the news of Huang Xiaolong’s parents arriving in the Divine World hadn’t spread. If the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe were to learn of the news, he was afraid that they would be the first ones to make a move against them. Even Di Jun and Di Jing might do something to harm them.

As such, Huang Xiaolong requested for Bei Xiaomei to protect them secretly.

He decided to rescue them himself!

As the Netherking Flying Ship accelerated, they needed at least twenty more days to arrive on the Fire Stone World.

“Twenty days… Father, mother, wait for me!” Huang Xiaolong prayed in his heart.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was rushing towards the Fire Stone World, the Earth Shattering Gang’s main hall was getting lively as the various elders gathered to discuss the recent happenings.

“According to Guan Sect, we need to turn in another fold of gold next month…” The leader of the Earth Shattering Gang, Cheng Guotao, said. “From tomorrow onwards, order the mines to speed up their production! Tell the slaves we want twice the amount from next month onwards.”

A frown appeared on the face of one of the elders. “Even if we force them to hurry, they probably won’t be able to do it. Moreover, they might die of exhaustion if we force them to work any harder.”

After all, they were already working at their limit. They would definitely die if they were pushed even further.

“Who cares about them! They are nothing but slaves! If they die, we’ll head out and capture another batch!” Cheng Guotao chuckled sinisterly. “The things we lack the least are slaves! Tan Shao, go out and capture another batch tomorrow!”

“Yes, Leader.” The elder called Tan Shao nodded his head in reply.

Very quickly, the order from Cheng Guotao arrived at the mines.

“What?! We have to double the production?!” Huang Peng and Su Yan’s expression turned ugly when they heard the order. Rage filled their hearts.

“Are you really trying to work us to death?!” Everyone raged at the bunch of disciples guarding them.

One of the disciples snorted at them, “That’s the order from the leader! It’s no use to grumble here. Why don’t you hurry up and dig?! What are you waiting for?! There will no longer be a one-hour break every day! If you fail to complete the task, wait for us to punish you! We will let you experience a living hell!”

He turned to Huang Peng and chuckled, “You better behave yourself.”

“If you yell, we’ll torture you to death with our whip!”

Guo Xiaofan roared in anger, “My uncle will save us all! You will regret this!”

All of the disciples started laughing as they pointed their whip at Guo Xiaofan. “If Huang Xiaolong really comes to save you, I’ll eat the entire mountain!”

Roaring laughter resounded through the sky.

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